How to use Lightroom Classic Presets in Lightroom CC

what up guys welcome back to another
episode my name is AttiBear and I know it’s been a while since I last talked to
you but I had to sort out a lot of stuff surrounding my business like my home
page and gdpr and whatnot so I finally have the time to focus on YouTube again
and even though I didn’t post anything I have prepared a ton of content and
there will be also a big wave of new content coming the next few weeks cuz I
will attend to IFA 2018 in Berlin this year so I wanted to get back into the
game with a little tutorial that actually helps me to use my Lightroom
presets also in Lightroom Classic CC and in Lightroom cc and also in Lightroom cc
Mobile cuz let’s face it if you are on the go and out and about you sometimes
want your presets available and you don’t want to fiddle around with all the
little settings you have to put in there in order to replicate your special look
so this tutorial will help you to make those presets you love available
throughout all the platforms you are using but before we get into all the
Lightroom madness don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and also check
out the written article under and with that said let’s begin
by going into your Lightroom classic CC preferences under your preferences you
will find a tab called presets in this tab you will find different kind of
options how you can handle your presets but there is a very important checkbox I
highly recommend you to check by checking the store with catalogue
checkbox you give Lightroom the permission to collect all the presets
you’ve collected throughout time and store them with your Lightroom settings
folder and this will make your life way easier in the next few steps so I highly
recommend you to consolidate all your presets in one
position after doing so make sure to restart your Lightroom so it can work
all its magic and collect all your presets and here’s a little side note
adobe changed the way how they handle presets in the past so you had LR
template files for your presets now those LR template files are going to
be converted into XMP files so don’t be surprised if you find XMP files mixed
with LR template files this means that Adobe somehow in the
background already converted some of your presets but you will be fine it is
still possible to mix those two file types and Lightroom will do its magic
and convert them all over to XMP so don’t overthink it just take the files
and also dump them into our new settings folder when you’re finished now let’s
head over to Lightroom cc in the top right corner you will see a little icon
with sliders you click on it and then you get on the right side all the slider
options you know in Lightroom cc and some of them from Lightroom cc classic
if you now click on the presets button on the bottom you get access to all the
Adobe stock presets but unfortunately you are missing all your custom presets
that you’re used to from Lightroom classic cc in order to get access to
your custom presets click on the three dots and select import presets
now head over to your Lightroom classic CC settings folder select your presets
and hit import so all the presets you have in your settings folder are now
going to be imported into Lightroom cc you also can manage the imported presets
by clicking again on the three dots and selecting manage presets and there you
can select or deselect the presets you want to be shown within your Lightroom
cc now you have access to your presets also in lightroom classic CC and also in
Lightroom cc but wouldn’t it be nice to also have access to your presets
on your mobile when you’re out and about so in the next step I’m going to show
you what is needed in order to get all the presets synced to your mobile phone
first up you have to make sure that you are logged into Lightroom cc and also
that the synchronization is enabled in order to do so click on the cloud in the
top right corner and make sure that the sync is actually enabled if the
synchronization is enabled go over to mobile phone and fire up Lightroom cc
Mobile here make also sure that your synchronization is activated and you’re
locked in with the right account on your phone now select any kind of image
within your library and go all the way to the right on the bottom and at the
end you will find a little button called presets click on it and there you have
it boom magic is happening Lightroom cc synced all the presets you have imported
from Lightroom classic CC also to your mobile phone so this way you can use all
the presets also on your phone and the cool thing is every image you edit on
your phone will get synced back to your desktop and you also can adjust any kind
of settings on your desktop and it will sync back to your phone boom this is it
this is all you have to do to get your Lightroom classic presets in Lightroom
cc and also Lightroom cc Mobile if you need
any additional help on how to import your presets hit me up in the comments
and also let me know what you think about this tutorial whether I should do
more content like this so with that said thank you for watching and I see you in
the next one

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  1. Great! Clear explanation. Too bad that once imported, the presets aren't kept in sync with LR Classic.

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