How to use Lightroom Mobile without paying a subscription

(speaks in foreign language) – In this episode I’m
going to show you how to use Lightroom Mobile without being a Creative Cloud member. (dramatic music) (speaks in foreign language) my name is Serge Ramelli. I am a french photographer
from the amazing, the incredible city of Paris, France. But right now, in Los Angeles, California. And in this episode I wanna answer a question I’ve been
getting a lot, which is, how can I use Lightroom Mobile if I’m not a Creative Cloud member? I don’t want to pay $10 per month to have Lightroom and Photoshop, but I hear Lightroom Mobile is amazing. How can I use it? Well the answer, you can. You can just create a
free account on or on the app itself. You don’t have to pay the $10 per month, and not only the whole app is working, and you can shoot raw
and you can shoot HDR, and you can do a lot of things, but also, you can install presets. And I’m going to show you how, and I’m going to give you some
of my most awesome presets. All you have to do to
click the source files is click the link below this video. Also don’t forget to subscribe
to my YouTube channel. So, follow me in Santa Monica, I’m going to show you how I take photos with Lightroom Mobile, and how I install presets and everything. Let’s go. (ambient techno music) So the app is open. I’m gonna click on the
little photo symbol there, to get into shooting the camera, and I’m gonna pick the
high dynamic range mode, which is the one I use the most, especially this is a sunset, and all you do is fire
away and take a photo, it’s a raw file, it’s amazing, boom. And there’s a photo. Now if you wanna go pro, and really, you know, do everything, go to the Professional mode, and there you can change
different settings. For example, I’m gonna change the ISO, making sure the ISO is
the lowest possible, very important with an iPhone. Then I’m gonna go and
check the white balance and check out different white balances, see what I like the most. And I’m going to use cloudy, ’cause I think cloudy makes
it a little warmer, yes. Cloudy is the way to go. And now I’m gonna choose a speed to make sure I have the
exact exposure, and boom. I’m done. Alright guys, now that
we took a few photo, let me show you how to retouch
them using Lightroom Mobile and how to install presets without being a Creative Cloud member. It’s a bit of a work-around
but it can be done. Right so, now let me show
you how to retouch a photo. You have to understand
that this is a raw file, and it makes a huge difference, because you can change the white balance, you can do everything
that a raw file can do. So usually when I start
retouching my photo, I go to the Light button
first, and you know, my classic workflow where
I open up the shadows, I bring down the highlights. You know, just like I would
do with a regular raw file, I would do my Black
point and my White point, and you just can press
the finger on the photo to see the before and the after. Before, after. And, you know, the exposure,
I mean what you can do, you can even use Curve if you want to. I don’t use Curve that much. Color, I can pick here, and I’ve got all the settings for the different White Balance, which is really cool. I like to give them Shade, for example, and add a little bit of magenta, you know that’s my go-to thing. Maybe add a bit of Vibrant, add a bit of Saturation. I can go to Effects and I can add Clarity, I can take out Clarity. I like to take out Clarity, personally. I can Dehaze, add some
haze or Dehaze the photo, maybe I wanna Dehaze
the photo a little bit. Add some Vignette, a little
bit of Vignette effect, again, I put my finger to see before and after. Once you’re happy with it, you can click the little arrow up there, and you can just, you
know, save to Camera Roll, and, or even open up in
any app that you want. Okay, I’m gonna take
this photo for example, that I shot in Cape Town not so long ago, in Africa, it was amazing. So I’m gonna go to Light, and I’m gonna go, open Shadows, bring down the Highlights, do my White point, my Black point, add some Contrast, the
Exposure a little bit. Now the only thing that
the app does not have, and it is a big limitation, that if you want to add
some Healing Brush to, you know, erase something, or if you want to use a
Selective tool, for example, it’s gonna ask you to subscribe. These two tools were taken out. But everything else is there. And it’s completely free, so
it’s a good bargain, I think. You know and I can go, you know, there are tools which I use a lot. I can go to Clarity, add a bit of Clarity, on this one I can go
and maybe add a bit of yellow, and a bit of Temp. Now this one was not a raw file, so if I go to the White Balance, I won’t have the option like
I did with the raw files because I didn’t shoot it with the app. I shot it with the iPhone. But you can also retouch what
you shot with your iPhone, you know and you can put your finger on it to see the before and
after, before and after. But you can still change the
White Balance if it’s not, you know even if it’s not an iPhone photo. So, you know, it’s very
much like Lightroom. It’s very the same thing. If you follow my tutorials on Lightroom you will know how to use Lightroom Mobile. It’s really cool. And when I’m done I can just click here and save to Camera Roll. Now let me show you how to install preset that’s gonna help you to
do all that much faster. Before installing the
presets on your phone, you need to install an app so go to the App Store on your iPhone, and look for Unzip, and what you’re looking
for is this one, the Unzip. I think it exists for Android. I already have it installed but that, you need to install that first. To download the preset, you just have to click the
link that’s under the video, right here for example, I’m gonna open it in Chrome. So here I am, and you first need to create an account to be able to get access to the preset, so you can just go to, you
just put in your email address. Once you put in the email
address you click on Next and you click Signup for free and boom it creates an account. So you have to now give your name, so I’m gonna put my name, and you have to create a password. And boom, it says you have been successfully granted to this offer. So it’s completely free. You click on View to download the, this is not the preset I’m talking about, these are presets I did earlier. And you click here on
Download Source Files. Now on an iPhone, because it’s a zip file, I’m gonna click on open in, and I’m gonna click Copy to Unzip. The file you’re actually gonna get is gonna be called Mobile
Presets Serge Ramelli .zip. You click on it, with this
beautiful Unzip program, it creates a folder. You click on the folder
and you got two preset, Black and White Preset, Color Preset. I’m going to click on Color Preset. You see this beautiful photo
that’s already retouched, because the preset is applied. You click here on the little
arrow that’s up there, and then you go into Copy to Lightroom CC. That’s gonna open Lightroom. See now this preset’s got
27 different sliders active, so it takes a lot of work to create, so it’s kind of cool
to be able to do that. And now you just click the
three dots here up there, and you click Create Preset. You choose User Preset, for example. Give it a good name, like I’m
gonna call it Serge Color. You don’t have to call it Serge Color, but I would love it, be an honor. And then you click the little
check mark here and boom. That preset is installed. Let’s do the next one. So I’m gonna go back to Unzip, take the Color, the Black
and White Preset, same idea. I’m gonna open this into Lightroom CC and I’m gonna click the three dots. I’m gonna click on Create Presets. I’m gonna give it, I’m gonna
call it Serge black and white. Voila, and now, what I can do, is I can take one of my photos. So this one for example. And then I can go to Presets, Presets. And I got Serge Color,
Serge Black and White. This is one I created earlier. So Serge Color, Serge Black and White. Serge Color, Serge Black and White. And you know this will work
different on different photos, but you should give them a shot. They are very advanced presets, and this preset use different
circles around that, as I told you, cannot be used not only in this version, but it’s kind of a work-around. So give it a shot on your photos, and I hope you will love it. Alright guys, I hope
you learned something. I hope this give you the inspiration to install Lightroom Mobile and go out there and take some photos. Shoot raw, retouch using my presets, retouch using the tools
in Lightroom Mobile. Don’t forget to download the presets, and I will see you in another video. (speaks in foreign language) (upbeat techno music)

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