How to use the different camera views of Surround View – BMW How-To

with the BMW surround view several
cameras capture the area from various selectable perspectives by default the
automatic camera perspective shows the appropriate camera perspective depending
on the particular driving situation activate the rear view camera to show
the area behind the vehicle press the flank view right or left to
show the areas to the side of the vehicle you can also select 3d view a
movable perspective using the iDrive controller touch or if equipped with
gesture control with the washing Bay view the camera view is optimized for
driving into the carwash in the center console a camera button can be found
which will activate panorama view also in panorama view the image shows
crossing traffic for example at junctions and exits panorama view is
available at the front or back of the vehicle depending on which direction the
vehicle is going continue watching our how-to series to
get the most out of your BMW

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