How to Use the New Photoshop Elements 2019 Guided Edits and Take Them Further in the Editor

Hi I’m George Peirson and in this video we’ll be looking at the four new Photoshop Elements 2019 Guided Edits and also how you can go beyond the guided edit and make these even better using the Photoshop Elements Editor. Now if you liked this video make sure you click that Like button and always Share with your friends through social media just go down there and click on that Share button, don’t forget to Subscribe as well just click on that Subscribe button. And if you want to really learn how to use Photoshop Elements the best way to do that is with my complete training course and you’ll find a link right down there in the description. Okay, let’s get to it. [Music] In Photoshop Elements 2019 they’ve added four new Guided Edits, three of those are in the Fun Edits. Here’s your first one, right here is this meme maker. There it is. I’ll scroll down just a little bit, the second one is right here, the Multi-Photo text, there you go. We’ll scroll down a little bit further, the third one’s right here, the Partial Sketch, giving it kind of a partial sketch effect. The last of these new Guided Edits is over on the Special Edits section, scroll down here a little bit and it’s right here, the Text and Border Overlay which is just a little kind of a thin border and some text over one of your pictures. Now all of these will give you a nice quality effect when you finish we’ll start off here with the meme maker now on all of these you need to have pictures opened up a hitter types I have a bunch of pictures down here below as you can see across the bottom some butterflies some mushrooms lady in a forest and a couple people with fairy wings on there’s a few things down below here so you need to have some pictures open when you’re ready to work on one of these simply choose one picture I have one chosen right down here as you can see that quite outline and I’m in the photo bin there’s a little floating button right there so we’re in the photo bin I have one selected and then simply click on the guided edit tool you want to use this is the meme maker it then takes that picture over into that guided edit you can zoom in and out right here you can close it down if you want to right there you can choose to look at the before only after only or before and after a vertical or horizontal layout what are sort of the after all in this all we need to be worrying about here and then simply work through the guide over here on the right hand side is working from the top down to the bottom our first step here is to create the meme template so go ahead and click on that this then applies the template and gives you a basic settings with the template next down here we have the type tool and you can modify your top and your bottom texts but first let’s change what the text says see how it says double click here to add text it’s a double click it gives you an insertion tool with the text selected so let’s go ahead and put something in here so it cut something in click on that green checkmark do the same for the bottom what’s on the bottom already is pre-selected here make sure get all my letters there we go a little quote there from Peter Pan so just go ahead and type in your text once you’ve done that you then can go to the type tool which is our next option option number two click on this we can now change the text those we’re looking at the top text right now you can change your font your size you’re letting your tracking the center bold and so forth you even have the type warping tool available right down here if we take some real fancy type let’s just change our typeface to something a little bit wider I’ll go up to Arial black which I have up here someplace it’s a extra bold version of Arial there it is just a little wider than what they selected click on the green check mark bottom becomes selected let’s go ahead change this one as well and I’m gonna go back up to that Arial black kind of like an Arial extra bold and it’s just a whiter type it’s a little bit wider on the page so we now change the typeface in here again you can use any type phase on your system if you still want to change it some more just double click and you can then come in and change it again and then click on the green check mark so you can go back and forth on that day it’s just what you want next over here on our tool we have the resize tool simply move this slider back and forth to zoom in or zoom out on your picture all evil word is we’re gonna see what happens so you can zoom out like that you can zoom in I’ll put it back to that hundred percent right in the center and you’re gonna flip it left or right or up or down you can fit photo to the canvas what that does is it takes a photo clear out to the outer edge right there so you wouldn’t see any background now you’re not stuck with this background down here we have a choice of two different ways of putting your back when the first one is patterns and the second one is a color just choose from the color picker patterns first click on that you have a selection of some basic patterns and here they were pretty well I’ll just choose this from the bit more colorful than that one over there choose okay if you want to stay solid color just click over on this icon and you can choose a color and here choose your main color range over here and then the values of that color over here on the left hand side to apply a solid background color okay next well scroll in a distal little bit further and we have effects which are applied to the photograph in here click on a fix and you have just some fast effects this undoes the effects right there but we have our first one here which is kind of a an edge definition drawing puts contrast on the edges or we have a black and white old-fashioned look we have this thing which may work out sometimes doesn’t on this picture obviously and we have this effect kind of a zoom effect hard to see it in this picture the thumbnail isn’t what this is this is more kind of a zoom effect not a sepia tone old-fashioned look so they’re thumbnails wrong there I don’t know why and finally we have the actual sepia tone look over here we’ll use this effect right there the one that has the wrong picture on it so there you go once you’re done come down here down to the bottom right hand corner click on next you can then choose what you want to do with this guided edit you can save it or do a save as which allows you to change the different file format if you want to change the name whatever or you can continue editing either in quick mode or in expert mode or you can share to Flickr or Twitter we’ll go ahead and go to expert mode with this there it is and here’s that file in expert mode you can see we now have all these layers over here here’s our two text layers here’s a special frame setup in here this controls what is happening inside the image here is actually a layer group so we have layer groups here these came in back in version 15 so every nice little layer groups right there and then right down here is the background we’ll come back to this and see how you can make changes on this just a little bit further now before we go back and take a look at our next and got it edit let’s go ahead and save this one you know it was originally a JPEG file right here little jpg can see that right there it now has layers and since the JPEG doesn’t support layers yes going to want to automatically say this in the Photoshop Elements file format that’s fine so file save notice how it has kept the file and name but change the extension to the Photoshop extension that PSD extension and choose save and there we go that one’s now saved okay let’s go back here to our guided edit and you’ll see down here there’s that saved file but I’ve lost the other file it’s been converted over to this so let me reopen that one again go up to the file menu come down to recent and it’ll be the top one right here or second to top anyways there’s our image again we’ll bring that back up again in here and we scroll down there she is right down there okay so they have our pictures again I’ll go back to that one as our main picture scroll down a little bit for our second this is the multi photo text right here let’s click on this one now for this you only need to have just one picture select it you’ll add in your additional pictures in here after you get this basically set up just a few steps here the type tool optional tool in here for adjusting the type this creates the frames out of your text you can also choose a new background as well if you want to not use this as your background and there’s an optional step down here for your text let’s go ahead and see how all this stuff works let’s start off with our type tool you see there’s the type tool right there just kind of on the page they always default to the impact regular that’s fine for right now let’s click in here and this is type in fairies choose okay and that sets it in place now once this is in place we actually grabbed these control handles here and you can change the size and the shape just by pulling these out so you can come in here and really adjust the size now for this to work the bigger your letters are the better it’s going to work there’s more space you need as much space inside of these as you can this will work out well and I’ll do what they’ve done over there I’ll basically match their layout and I’ll put this right down just about there that’s pretty good okay so there’s the basic type that’s our text that’s where it’s going to be sitting on our picture that’s step one let’s now come down to step two now this is optional you can automatically fit to your page or you can fill the whole page up with your text we’ve already addressed at our size where we want us we don’t need to use this one again it’s an optional step I’ll just go ahead and skip that the next step converts this into picture frames so click on create frames and there is a conversion process now each one of these is a separate image frame and if we click into it right where the text is don’t click out here anywhere I click on the text itself if you click in there you can then put or choose a new picture to go inside of those text frames now might help if you want to zoom in a bit at this point just grab a resume control right there it can zoom up and once you’re here if you hold the space bar down give this hand tool or choose a hand tool up there I’ll still this way spacebar and you can then pull your image around so right where it says click here to add photo it means click on this line of text to add a new photo so let’s go ahead and do that and begin putting our pictures in so it’s our first one right here again click right on that text you may need to navigate to the right folder on your hard drive I’m already where I want to be that’s fine so I’ll just choose this butterfly picture as my first picture cheese place and that picture comes in now once it’s here you can move the picture around inside of this window that’s out of that frame you up down move an inner and out you also can zoom in on your picture or zoom out on your picture right there if you zoom out too far it’s going to be cut off obviously on your letter so don’t go out too far what does oom in a little bit here look that looks like a pretty good spot right about there choose okay same thing for your next photo just see and click where it says click here on this one I’m going to come down a little bit let’s just grab oh maybe this kind of mushroomy thing right here that’s flying click on place there it is now looks like I’ll leave that as is our next one real thin txt arrows so you know thin letter let’s click on that and it’s find our next image in here scroll down then I’ll grab this girl right there choose place and it’s move around just a little bit for the see her there we go next letter same thing you just work your way across click right here let’s go back to our butterflies I’ll choose that one and place there’s a butterfly it’s just like a bit larger in here so it fills our litter up that looks fine now on these you can also change your image just by clicking on this little icon right there you can go back and choose a different image go ahead and choose ok back to our letters there we go and let’s go for this mushroom this time choose place a little different mushroom let’s move to the side is a little bit I think that’s okay and I’ll hold the spacebar down again gets my grabber hand I’m not gonna push this to this side click here to add photo I’ll scroll down a little bit just put our secondary go here with wings and place I think she should be up here someplace well let’s see may have to burns a little bit there we go only bill see her face obviously we’ll put it right there that’s okay she’s okay last letter and again we’ll do a butterfly on that one just choose okay here’s our final butterfly all right that’s good let’s now zoom out a little bit you see our whole picture there’s the whole image that’s placing our frames now we’ve already gone past this step so we can ignore that right here replace a photo by double-clicking its character that means the letter double-click on your letter and that brings this up again you can replace your photo just by clicking on that and choosing a different picture and then you can choose a different background if you want to we already have our backgrounds selected in there that’s fine we’ll leave that alone we can go clear or white or black or a color from the color picker and finally we can add in a little bit all drop shadow and Stroke there’s a small one there’s a medium-sized and there’s a large that’s kind of the small on that a little bit of a stroke and drop shadow helps you separate this out from the image in the background once you’re done with all that all you have to do is just click the next button and choose how you want to finish this up again same thing save save as can you editing and quick going to the expert mode or share we’ll go to the expert mode of this one as well and it’s hiding the backgrounds I’m just going to minimize all these images and get those out of the way so I can see it these came in all floating windows here we go there it is in the background and again lots and lots of layers as you can see in here they’re these special mask layers each one of these is for one of the letters and photos you can click them a little arrow to collapse that set or expand the set you’re working at this point you may want to just collapse these make it as easy as possible little arrow right there is click that down to collapse all those sets easier to see what’s going on here’s your original text and you can see what’s letter you’re working with over here by hiding or showing a little eye icon right there so that one is the s don’t change the name on these leave the names as is we can go ahead and you can and then you see which one you’re looking at just by double clicking in there okay so much for this let’s go ahead and save this one out so file will save I’ll leave it at the default name with the extension changed of course just like last time click on save and there we go alright let’s go back to the guided edit notice how we’re just showing our last project down here in the photo bin but if you go to the right hand side a little scroll bar here you can scroll back up and see everything else is right up in there okay the next tool here I’ll just scroll down it’s this one the partial sketch tool it allows you to place kind of a pencil sketch effect or different versions of that in just parts of an image will use this butterfly right here for this one click on our butterfly click on the partial sketch this loads that image into this partial sketch now I have different options down here we have a pencil sketch look a colored pencil sketch look an old photo look and an old paper look so you can choose any of these you also can change between these once you have your basic effect drawn let’s scroll down a little bit here those are there are a few options you can add or subtract adjust your brush size and detail brush will be giving a little fine detail it’s a smaller brush in here you can soften hard edges using an soften edge option as well and you’re gonna flip that let’s go ahead and see how this works we’ll use the pencil sketch so you choose a style and then going here you’ll see a little brush real small brush kind of see it right there very very small on that you can adjust your brush size right here see there’s the actual brush size 69 bit bigger okay and then it’s begin painting and notice how it comes in and tries to find the area you’re painting into so it kind of the quick select tool comes in here and just finds those spots making actually very easy to do this just kind of scroll in there and make your selection again you can change the size of your brush larger or smaller you can choose to subtract any erase out and click on subtract a little smaller brush size here I’m going to subtract that little bit right in there kind of missed that bit and it missed right there I’ll just adjust that so add or subtract you’re also can adjust your opacity at this point which gives you again kind of a partial sketch that’s what this is all about doing a sketch technique but either on a partial part of your image or partial opacity now once you have your sketch done you can change just by clicking these different modes over here and see the different effects old-fashioned look old photo look has some texture in there as well maybe I’ll stick with that one scroll it down detail brush just a versus a smaller brush for adjusting your edges on that they can soften the edges up right here it kind of blurs the edges down sometimes a blurred edge helps to make an effect more realistic notice as I blur this too far I begin to lose the quality of the effect in there it’s actually blurring out the layer mask on this there’s a little bit oftentimes helps these things to blend into your picture a bit better you can flip the effect that does that it just reverses where the effect is applied when you’re done with that come down to the next button again click on that and once again choose what you want to do we’ll just send this over into expert mode again and there we go there’s that effect and extra mode to save this one out file and save I’ll leave that with the default name choose save and thereᅢ내ᄡs go ahead we’ll go back to the guided mode one more time there we are now the last of these guided edits is over here on these special edits scroll down a little bit and we’re right down here text and border overlay just like with the other edits click on a picture like that and then click on the guided edit it’s going to walk you through the process so we have a few steps here it’s lifting a border add text use the type tool we’ll scroll down a little bit here select position of the text and then choose a text style let’s start off with select a border they’ve given you just a few here to choose from this click on take a look at these one at a time and see which one you like you can resize your border right here keep in mind that your text is going to be overlapping the border so you want to have some space around this for this to work let’s just see which ones we have in here that’s ok that’s alright that’s what they use in their example you need that one and that let’s see I think I’ll go with this one here since we’re still talking about fairies and things you also can change the color of your board click on this little thing here can choose a different color before your border let’s do it as a bright red shoes okay there it is doesn’t work as a bright red as you like it as while ago got compared to height and shoes okay so you decide on your border again we’ll leave some space out here on your border for the text to be able to fit improperly come down to our text overlay click on that there’s the text overlay and we can then type in we want to have here on our tip so I can also can choose a different place here once we have our text overlay in position this is type something in although our Sam I do I do believe in fairies bit there we go and there is the text again you can change your position on this thing there is centered there’s right corner I think this one works out well right down here in the bottom right hand corner so we’ll go ahead we’ll use the out spot for that it’s the best background for our text and then come down to text styles and here we can make this just a bit more legible there we go let’s try that one let’s take a look at this one and in here I’m just looking for a nice little typeface on this and see what it looks good I think that’s the easiest to see so there we go there’s our type styles notice how you can’t back up in this thing once you have gotten out of that point you can’t back up on this so get to work through it in sequence alright there’s our basic text frame let’s go ahead now and click Next now I could undo this by clicking on this and then redoing that at that point as I’m doing that we’ll just leave it right here click on next again choose how you want to handle this let’s go to expert mode and there’s our final project here over in expert mode and once again the last thing I want to do at this point is to save this out before do anything else let’s go ahead and choose save leave it at its default shoes save down there and there we go it’s down to a PSD file now at this point on all of these we can come in here and we can change our images our projects very easily using expert mode I’m just getting rid of the stuff that we’re not using in there and just leaving up just our projects get rid of that one and these elements that we used and there we go okay to work with your project in the expert mode look at your layers and the right-hand side if you’re not seeing your layers make sure you’re on the layers tab those button right down there the background in this case is our picture above that this thing here says GE let’s just show and hide that that’s our frame right there there’s your frame you can see where the lettering is being blocked out in here there’s a layer mask right there Y shows and black hides so this little black rectangle right there on the layer mask is what is blocking out that corner so we can change the size of the block out just by changing the size of this bin here so if we drag in a new rectangle using your rectangular marquee tool appear fill that with black and that will then change that size to get rid of that block out just paint over that with white on the layer mask click on the layer mask side make sure that you see the light blue outline on the layer mask you give them paint onto that layer mask double click on the left-hand side to work with the actual image that is that bit above that this is a fill layer it’s a color fill layer right here and we’re filling this with white so we’re feeling our border here with white you can change the color just by double clicking on that you can then change your color right in here to any color that you want above that is our text layer there’s your text this is just straight text at this point so you can just grab your type tool over here double click our triple click to select your text and then we have all of our standard type options right down below here and the options panel again there’s your color right there there’s your typefaces everything is adjustable at this point including of course the type warping as well so you can do anything about with your type so it gives you complete control at this point to change it much further than the guided edit set it out so I could choose any type face and walked in here instead of just thought 5 that they give me the options on I can change my border anything you want once you’re at this point just working with our layers okay let’s just get that out of the way look at our ferries this is the most complicated of all of these because each one of these is a separate set up here separate layer group now we can take a look at these to see what we have here’s our photo let’s first show and hide the whole thing this is the s so the bottom layer in here that looks like that’s the bevel effect in there our next one here is the layer mask that’s the shape here containing that and the top one is the actual picture no real way to change these things around at this point it’s kind of locked in place so these aren’t as customizable as we have in these other options down below other their techniques such as our little color change right there but you still can do a few things for instance if I right-click on this and if I release clipping masks there’s our picture right there so the picture just sitting on top of that letter the mask actually is your letter shape right in here if you right-click on this side you can see it says photo right there right click on that create clipping mask and it puts it back inside of the letter so you can change your images that easily just by changing this layer to a different layer let me just demonstrate that quickly here let’s hide that out of the way just grab a new image here let’s just do it open and so you have anything else we haven’t used though maybe these mushrooms over there they’re kind of fun as for mushrooms in here there’s some mushrooms it’s pull those in close that I just drag that from that one file to this file they’re too big so I’ll grab the corners up here let’s shrink this down so it fits properly into that s about like that looks pretty good right click on the name and create the mask and that puts it inside of that letter there you go so you can change your images at this point any way you want to and the final background picture back there that’s just this background here copied up to this position and this is simply a fill of this layer and it’s being filled with white so this layer is white I can sure hide that right there you see that it’s just filling out there with white and then this layer here it’s locked right now but has an opacity of 30% if you want to unlock this layer so it can change your app asset II just go up here to the top uncheck that lock there it is now no longer lock and I can then change my opacity to get just the effect that I want or do anything else I want with that layer as well nothing for my tastes about 40% is better than 30% you see it a little better in the background there if you want to lock it again it’s go back up here click on that little lock and it locks that back in place so again easily customizable okay let’s move over here look at our photo bin again so you’ve done that that that let’s look at our final picture here this was our first one that we did again same thing over here we have a group for the effects for the center photograph there’s a top picture on top this is one that has that effect in there that kind of a zoom effect that was actually done with a zoom layer up here or zoom filter up here and below that we have the regular image which is inside of the mask the mask is controlling that basic frame thing so I hide that you can see there’s the image and there’s the mask which is showing it at that point that’s just on our background so you could change your picture in here by changing this I’m going to apply different effects just using your all your different filters up here in the filter gallery or any of these filters as well now the text easy enough our top text right there there it is there’s your top text there’s your bottom text those are just type layers so you can change your text just by grabbing your text tool clicking on that you can move it around change it change what it says anything you feel like doing just by using your standard all using our type tools right down below here also the outline and silver that’s right here little little FX double-click on that and here is that outline effect there’s your stroke right there you can adjust the stroke there it is you can change the position to inside the letter or outside the letter you can change the opacity of the stroke you can also change the color click on the color picker right there choose a different picker you can even I drop right off the image itself and choose a color right from the image and then use a modified version of that if you want to and choose okay now this comes in as a layer style which means you can come in here and right click on this text layer right click come down to copy layer style go to your other layer text here right click on that and paste layer style and copy those changes see they’re on both of your layers are real easy to fix lastly on this is that background you can change this background very easily to any different background that comes with Photoshop Elements I would recommend doing one thing that before you do that let’s just save this background you can do that by dragging this up to the new layer button makes a copy of it right there let’s now just hide that it’s not saved as a copy come back down to our background go over here to graphics and in graphics has changed this to by type and backgrounds we can then use any background in here off of this background list and there are you know loads and loads of different backgrounds in here to choose from see what else we have that might be interesting on this one just click on on the background it will then change it to that background let’s check our layers you need to hide that there we go so there’s that new background right there I said to hide that one they actually say that out for us but there’s a nice of it so there’s our background let’s go back to our graphics again I’m just using the wheel right now my mouse just to scroll down and see what else looks interesting in here as a different kind of a background you can sue the option stars as you can see just loads and loads and loads of backgrounds to choose from here once you get outside of that initial and guided edit let’s see what this one looks like take a look nope don’t like that one at all let’s find something else in here again loads and loads of things you can choose from nothing that I’m really happy with in here let’s now go back to our original background that’s easy to do go back to layers since it was saved out as a copy just reshow that and there’s that original background I’m back in again so you can get many backgrounds in here all you have to do is just pick your background make a copy of it like the vet hide it and then change your background using the background tool in graphics you can then switch back and forth very quickly just like that okay there you go that’s a look at those four new guided edits in Photoshop Elements 2019 and also how you can modify them afterwards inside of expert mode if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to share this with your friends on social media just go right down there below the video hit that share button and share that out also don’t forget to take a look at my complete training course for Photoshop Elements and again a link right down there right in the description thank you for watching my video I hope you found 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