How to use the Radial Filter in Lightroom with Dogs

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  1. Thank you so much, Claudio!!! :0) Thank you, Leep, for motivating Claudio to create such wonderful shots and so great editing! ;0)

  2. Interessante! Non ci avevo mai pensato ad usare il meno per non modificare il soggetto con il gradiente rotondo hahaha

  3. Wow, it is really amazing transformation 😍
    Thanks a lot for you videos 🤗
    P.S. lovely dog
    P.P.S. I hope I'll be able to take part in your workshop in future 😊

  4. How were you able to increase the sharpening amount and radius to the maximum without affecting the overall picture? I didn't catch the reason. Thanks for sharing your LR knowledge. Much appreciated!!

  5. I got a bit behind, but I'm finally catching up on the videos! This is awesome. 🙂 Very informative. I love seeing your process, and I feel like I'm learning a lot. I'll definitely be putting what I've learned into action soon. Thanks so much for all these tutorials, and great photos!

  6. Holy Cow! Incredible transformation yet so simple. And so nice to see editing done for dog photos instead of mountains, lakes, people. 🙂 When you shoot these action shots — do you focus on the dog itself or do you have a prefocused area? Thanks for the vid, have subscribed!

  7. Amazing Claudio… i try it on a photo from my dog, but i can't find the range mask in Lightroom 5. Where can i find it? or is it not possible with this Lightroom?

  8. What an amazing transformation Claudio – I now see more uses for radial filters. Thanks you as always for your time – you are so generous with us!

  9. Thank you for sharing, Claudio. I've got a black she-dog and it's always difficult to edit her photos. Sometimes her fur looks blue and I don't know how to deal with it, any advice?

  10. Thank you Claudio, another super tutorial. It is incredible how is possible to edit and transform pictures. Thanks a lot.

  11. Fab! these videos are giving me more confidence in my photography and what I give to clients! Good stuff! ;o)

  12. Great video again, Claudio! My passion for dogs motivated me to grow a passion for photography and now i'm developing them together! Would love if you took a look on my work on @rio40aus on Instagram! Also, I ask you: please, bring your workshop to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

  13. Excellent! It gives a very special highlight to the eyes of this edition, is exactly what I wanted to learn.

  14. Wooow, this is an Incredible transformation..I have learned sooooo much in this video! Thank you, Claudio.

  15. I really like your lesson. Can't wait for another one !! Best Regards from Poland 🙂

  16. This is amazing but for the bloody life of me I can’t tell what you’re saying when you change the settings

  17. Questo video mi è piaciuto molto, effetti basici di lightroom come i filtri radiali possono rendere così bene se ben utilizzati! Tra l'altro sei uno dei miei fotografi preferiti, e una delle mie ispirazioni per i miei scatti! Ho appena scoperto il tuo canale, grazie per condividere questi video con noi!

  18. Woooow I´m so exited about your tutorials Claudio!!! It´s great and incredible to see the transformation. I learned sooo much for my dog photography and I can hardly wait for your another lessons.
    Thank you so much and please, please share more viedos with us . Best wishes from Hamburg

  19. I don't know if it's my monitor, but I'm surprised as to how not in focus the eye are. It's not bad, but surprised as to how many photos I have trashed because they are not as sharp as his end product.

  20. Thank you so much for showing us how to edit and the "before" image! I saw one of your pictures on Facebook and I was amazed. I then reminded myself as a photographer, you must be an amazing editor as well. It helps me and other photographers feel better knowing you need to edit too. Can you mention in your tutorials that we need to shoot in RAW in order to be able to edit everything this way? Thanks! 😊

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