HTC Incredible S – A Closer Look

if you’re looking for a phone that dares to be different watch this! And look at this! And listen to this! Introducing the new HTC Incredible S a phone that’s anything but ordinary. On the front a brilliant four-inch Super LCD display with color enhancement for a truly cinematic movie experience. On the back, a unique contoured design and a 720p high definition camera for the very best in home video. And with Immersive SRS surround sound you’ll not only see the difference but hear it too Want to share your masterpiece? Simple! Direct links to YouTube Facebook and other social networking sites are built right in. And with a DLNA-enabled TV you can easily browse and play any photo or video content from your big screen to an even bigger screen! Offline or online HTC Incredible S is designed to do things differently with a little help from HTC Sense. With a 1GHz Snapdragon processor it makes loading pages jumping between sites and watching Flash video well, a snap! Browsing or reading you can view each page the way that works best for you Zoom in a little or zoom in a lot with HTC Sense, it’s always a perfect fit. And when something really grabs your interest a quick tap will let you dive deep on any topic via Google, Wikipedia, YouTube or the dictionary. Slow data connection? No problem! HTC Incredible S can still help you get things done. With pre-loaded maps you won’t have to wait for a signal to find out where you’re heading Just fire up the locations widget to find what you’re looking for and the built-in compass will point you in the right direction No delay, no data charges, just tap and go! Dare to be different! The new HTC Incredible S, with HTC Sense.

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  1. @drakeknowstechnology

    I couldn't agree more.

    My HTC Desire HD is great but the camera and video are an incredible disappointment. In fact, I'd say that they are almost unusable.

    My old Nokia N95 8Gb 5mb camera was absolutely amazing as was the video – the HD camera is utterly crap because it has so much noise in the image under, literally any condition.

    Yes, I'm glad I have the HTC rather than the iPhone, but if Nokia made an Android phone, I'd be looking there.

  2. I'd like with these phones for them to be more 'location' specific.

    What I mean by that is, I'm based in the UK, but the defaults for domain name and currency are .com and $.

    For wherever you are, it should be location specific, so in my case, my defaults should be and £

  3. sorry, with the front facing camera u can't make video calls like Desire S? I don't see to advertize it to Incredible S

  4. @skystealth11

    I'm not sure they will be – I believe they're backing Windows 7 all the way….

    Man, I miss my N95 camera, it was unbelievably good (so good, I sold my digital camera).

  5. @Staint12 …Seem that u didn't see a single review for Incredible. The back is very solid and comfortable and it's not that fat as it seems in the video…

  6. @mcspikesky only rich people buy it with full price. im poor, i can only use the upgrade option or new contract option.

  7. They make great looking smartphones but I'm sure the phone's battery life is very low and how can I install many apps with 1GB of internal memory?!

  8. @Black8035 yes i know. it's just strangely don't mentioned it at all on Incredible ads. And i read on some blogs that it couldn't (maybe cause 2.2 froyo ? before the update)

  9. @Black8035 Not every apps can be moved to SD card and not the entire app allowed to be moved on it gets on the card. I prefer Samsung with most of their smartphones having 16GB of ROM. And my Desire runs an entire day without a charge… if I DON'T use it. The Sensation rocks a 1520 mAh battery and the Galaxy S II has a 1650 mAh one.

    I could tell about other features I like/dislike but anyways… HTC's disappointing me.

  10. @Jez2008UK i know HTC is the only person that i trust with android but the camera is vibrant once in a while but they are barely usably then add the flash and you got a noisy yellow piece of crap.

  11. @drakeknowstechnology

    Again, I can't stop agreeing with you and I also agree with another poster that HTC seem to bring out one similar phone after another. It's incredibly hard to spot the difference !

    But, back to the HD crap camera, they made a big mistake in making it 8mega pixels, if they made it 5mega pixels, instantly you'd have much less noise. But seriously, it's unusable unless it's in VERY bright conditions and then it's bland-ish.

  12. More RAM in the sequel (do phones have sequels? Successor is so boring :[) please, I have to admit that you do have to give it a second and a light tap. Admittedly, I do run a silly amount of processes. Also, we honestly wouldn't mind if you guys made it a little thicker and doubled battery capacity, even if you did each phones in two width versions to get them sold. Other that that, I'm really happy with the camera except in low light (steal the samsung flash while they're not looking).

  13. @Staint12 I love it – I thought the original Incredible would be weird but I got this the other day and it feels great

  14. @Black8035 Yes i understand. It just i read in some blogs that it couldn't do video calls through 3g networks when it was released no matter if u install apps as u say. Probably the problem solved with gingerbread

  15. @DrShotgunSurgeon They look all the same, but the screen sizes differ, from 3.2 to 4.3" and the built quality is different. I can admit people can be original and not just always have the same phone, they have choice, not like the iPhone.

  16. @Staint12 That's what I thought, but in the end I didn't care and took the Incredible S. Very happy with my purchase and the back, despite being a bit ugly, it has a good grip

  17. HTC Sense used to be the best overlay, some of you may still think that but it is getting old. Same ol ass thing for every damn phone. Probaly my touch custom version of sense is the best

  18. @Staint12 I got it for free on a 49$ per month with Virgin Australia. Anyway, its price it's half price of iPhone 4 and it has much more stuff than iPhone (8MegaPixel camera, REAL GPS -not a 3G-based GPS like iPhone- awesome screen, and, hear hear, a battery life that beats most smartphone in commerce -my battery, without any call, but playing games and txting, lasted 2 days and half) so when I was deciding between iPhone 4 and HTC I decided to rely on better technical specifications. Very happy

  19. @drakeknowstechnology

    I recently learned about the Nokia N8 – now if that camera, erm, I mean phone, had Android……….

  20. Is this phone worth getting then because I'm due for an upgrade and it seems better than an iPhone to me.

  21. I've got both an iPhone 4 & HTC Sensation (Flagship). It's a close battle. Some serious software is going to be needed to challenge iOS 5 come September though.! (Even if Apple have copied some ideas from HTC & Google). With iPhone 5 on the horizon, things are heating up.!

  22. @aLiShikari it is better than an iphone4 for the most part. it has adual processor and against the iphone4, it beats it in every speed test ive seen. so yeah im getting this one too

  23. I'm using this phone and I'm loving it everyday.Sense UI is the best compared to anything else out there.But that's not only the best thing abt this phone 🙂

  24. @JayBomb999 thats true, but think about it, thats as much as they can change cauze any further will change what HTC is…

  25. @VikkInTheMix69 It is famous. It is listed one of the most popular htc phones on official site, along with Sensation and Chacha this moment

  26. @Banshee177 the incredible S is a European phone (doesnt use verizon, of course) & since it's not verizon the incredible S has "HTC hub" unlike the incredible 2 were verizon locked that down 🙁 but on the plus side for the incredible 2, it's a droid so that means, cooler boot animation with the droid eye & the additional "droid" sound, an extra wallpaper (the red black mix) & a bunch of other stuff, which I can not remember. other then that they are the same design & other specs are exact.

  27. what agency or producer made this videos for HTC? I think the animations are great and want to see some of their work

  28. Good phone but i need help, every call i receive comes up as unknown even if the person is in my contacts. Please help.

  29. guys need help .i'm plannin to get this phone now ….especiallly after hearin of the 4.0 update!!
    but i got 1QUESTION TO ALL YA OWNERS 1.1GB of internal memory causin problems??
    and is it laggy ??i found the desire to b a bit laggy at times!!
    help much appreciated!! 😀

  30. @evilgenius234 I'm writing this reply on my HTC incredible s and its brilliant, and it doesn't lag at all, personally 1.1gb is no where near enough however the phone came with a 8gb sd card with it for free so its okay.

  31. @roykeane110
    Nothing to deal with the phone. You need to contact Optus. It come from one of the options when you applied for the phone.

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