#htchelp Photo Editor: Create more with photo effects

Unleash your creativity with Photo Editor effects. Let’s try out Double Exposure. First, open the Photo Editor app. Swipe right to open the menu, and choose Effects. Select the first photo you want to use for Double Exposure. Tap Double Exposure and then select the second
photo you want to use. Tap here to switch the layer position of the images. Reposition and resize the image by dragging
and pinching it. Set how to merge the foreground and background
images by tapping here. Try out the different options to get the best effect. Tap here to adjust the settings for the foreground
and background photos’ color properties. To switch between adjusting the foreground
and background images, tap here. When you’re happy with how the photo looks, save it. Try the other Photo Editor effects to jazz up your photos. With Photo Shapes, apply a predetermined mask
on a photo and then add it to your image. Use Shapes to add a shape or pattern to your photos. Apply Prismatic to use patterns to create a prism-like effect. While using Prismatic, adjust the image inside
the prism to get the effect you want. Add seasonal and other different effects such
as falling snow or moving shapes to your photos with Elements. With the Photo Editor effects at your disposal,
you can create unique and mind-blowing images.

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