Huawei Y9 Prime Durability Review – Not the most durable?! Pop-Up Camera Durability Test

Huawei has come-up with its version of a Full
Screen Notch less Display in the Budget Segment with the Huawei Y9 Prime, made possible by
the inclusion of a Pop-Up Camera. So, in this Video letz Unbox the Y9 prime and checkout
the Structural Strength of the Pop-Up Camera and its plastic Body
Apart from the No-Notch Design on the Huawei Y9 prime, other Positives are the inclusion
of the Type-C Port, 4000mAh battery and a huge 4+128Gb Storage on the base Variant.
Though the lack of face Unlock is a definite negative since it is common with all other
brands with Pop-Up Selfie Camera’s The provided soft case in the box seems to
be pretty flimsy and is definitely not recommended for Accidental Drop Protection. It weighs-in
at 196.8 gms, pretty common these days but it does feel much lighter in the Handz though
the plastic body does not feel Strong in my usual Trial Bend compared to Polycarbonate
Builds of other Brands. Huawei and Honor have not been the best in this area and we’ll find-out
the truth later in the Bend Test Before the Drop Test, a Quick word for those
who want to know about the Heavy Gaming Performance of the Y9 Prime which has the Kirin 710F processor
in combination with the Mali-G51 GPU. The 710F processor is similar in AnTuTu Scores
to the Mediatek P70 on Realme 3 but lower than the Snapdragon 660 on Redmi Note 7. But
it does a good job in normal day to day operations with minimal lag as well as play Heavy Graphics
Intensive games like PUBG or Asphalt 9 Pre-Applied plastic screen protectors are
present on some devices like Oppo, Vivo and Realme to hide poor quality scratch-prone
glass. So, is it the same story on the Y9 Prime, we’ll soon find out in the Scratch
Test In the Drop Test on hard concrete, letz Drop
the Y9 Prime from Pocket and Head Height, from different angles with a soft case and
ordinary tempered glass The 6th and final Pocket Height Drop has managed
to shatter the Glass towards the middle of the Screen and at the Bottom Right
Continuing the Drop Test, this time from 6-Feet Head Height
Apart from the Glass shattering all over the place, the Y9 Pro passes the Test with no
cracks to the main display which would have ended up the same without the glass, no internal
damage to device functions, or physical damage to the plastic body or camera As you can see the Pop-Up Selfie Camera is
pretty Strong and can easily support the whole weight of the phone by itself. Although when
pressure is applied from the back, it does tend to push back to a certain degree but
fortunately does not suffer any damage. Besides that, the Automatic Camera Retraction feature
works as advertised, when the phone detects a fall or when it is forcibly obstructed,
to prevent damage. At the most the screen may go black but that doesn’t seem to cause
any major issues Next, moving onto the Sound Test to check
the Audio Quality of the bottom firing External Speaker. The Audio Quality of the Y9 Prime is good in terms
of Clarity and sharpness though it falls short in loudness when compared to other single
firing speakers on Realme or Xiaomi devices Next, starting with the Scratch Test, to know
the Quality of this unnamed Tempered Glass Protection you’re paying for, by rubbing it
with common items and a Heavy Duty Box Cutter. As you had seen earlier, some Oppo & Vivo
devices and every Realme Device with the exception of Realme X, have Pre-Applied Plastic Screen
Protectors to cover up poor Quality Glass Protection which had no Oleophobic Coating
and are not able to survive the blade with Ugly Scratch marks. On the other hand, the
blade is not able to damage higher Quality Corning Glasses found even on cheaper budget
devices The Unnamed Glass Protection on the Huawei
Y9 Prime is actually of good Quality, suffers no major scratches or damage and passes my
Scratch Test Now moving onto fun Stuff with Value, the
Bend Test, does the Y9 Prime really have a Structural flaw which you should be aware
of? The unpleasant cracking sound after the 1st bend with a large degree of flex signifies
a weaker plastic build as compared to other “SILENT” devices. Though it does lockout on
the 2nd Bend from the back and doesn’t Bend any further. The final Bend from the Display
Side is similar to the 1st with a significant degree of Bend and cracking Sound. Certainly
not the Strongest device to be tested on the Channel, it passes my Bend Test but may not
survive Accidental pressure with higher amounts of force

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  1. I bought this phone without checking the durability. Luckily i made the best choice. The battery is draining so much i don't know why

  2. Great video
    Please suggest me which phone should I go for! Y9 prime or p30 lite?? Both are pretty good but feeling like y9 is better for battery but lacking in camera.. P30 lite is awesome for camera.. Still suggest me a good phone

  3. How to open huawei y nine whatsaap video call direct not opening camera
    can anyone tell me you have to back up to open the camera or pause the video when the camera open

  4. Imagine being a smartphone happy to have an owner at least until you are replaced and the first thing they do when they take you out of your bow is throw you and test your durability…

  5. Yeah, continually dropping 1 unit of y9 prime can really show you how tough it is, don't you know that if you drop it continuously like that the other test drop is nonsense because the first few drops already weakened the screen. Try using 3 phones in 3 different heights to really show how tought the phone is.

  6. Instead of destroying it can you just give that phone to me…you can make other people happy you may not waste it nor giving joy to others…pls

  7. I got it today and why do I feel a tiny bit of regret buying this phone? I actually want to buy Redmi Note 8 instead but I didn't find this earlier😭

  8. Got my y9 prime last dec 19 and dec 24 my y9 dropped and it has a hairline in glass screen sad my y9 got replacement yesterday and it cost 2655php 20% discount. 😭😭

  9. got my y9 prime a week ago watching this make my heart ache lol, now im so anxious not to drop my freaking phone rn

  10. Lol and I am still using broken Samsung galaxy s2

    Just joking have huawei y9 prime but it ia facing battery drain too much it drains tbe battery in 4 hours and my charging port has become too much loose

    I use both

  11. I just ordered one. For the amount of memory storage, (RAM and ROM) the many cameras, midrange durability great scratch resistant for 200 bucks it sounds like an excellent deal.

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