I capture every moment – Photography at UWE

I am Sarah Connolly and I am in the second
year of a photography degree at the University West of England.
Today, we are taking some photos for Radio 4s “More Than Words” festival.
We have been taking photos of people in different places around Bristol, listening to sounds
and trying to capture their reactions. In our photography degree, we get lots of
opportunities to get involved in different projects. It just sounded like fun. There’s
something about working with Radio 4 which is fantastic of course. And also, just practicing
getting our skills up, erm, impromptu portraits, dealing with the public, all sorts of things
like that. What’s been fascinating for us is basically
working with people at the start of their careers so we have given people basically
bits of inspiration and they have come up with some amazing stuff. And I also think
it is that “can do” attitude that for students is really apparent with the UWE students
that we have been working with. It has been really good. It has been really
exciting being able to use all the equipment, all the facilities. The staff have been fantastic.
And it has just really been a good four years. We have quite a few UWE graduates working
with the BBC here but I have also met them elsewhere and I think that the training that
you get in Bristol and because of the connections with animation, because of the connections
with the media, because of the connections with the art world as well. This is a really
brilliant place to start your career.

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