I think we should make a rocket-powered slap. All right, who else wants to make 50 bucks you slap with rocket? James: There’s the money shot. Riley: Look at all those rockets! This video is sponsored by War Dragons download for free on your mobile device. What, you’re about to see is incredibly dangerous and should not be attempted by anyone at home. We’ve done it so you don’t have to. This is a really really stupid idea. Just don’t do it. All right. So we’ve got a little bit of a different episode today on the Hacksmith channel. Recently I won a slap bet against Riley. Basically We made a little wager you’re gonna have to guess what that wager was on. And I won which means I get to slap Riley but slapping Riley That sounds that sounds too easy. We got to make it a bit more of a Hacksmith video. So I think we should make a rocket-powered slap. So I’m gonna get Riley To design a glove that I can wear that has Rockets on it so I can slap him with a full force of Rockets and if he does a bad job, I’m gonna design a better one. I lose every way there’s no winning. What who do I do? We’re able to make these videos thanks to our awesome sponsors like this video sponsored War Dragons. It’s a mobile real-time strategy game where players control dragons to attack and destroy enemy bases. The game is absolutely massive with over 150 different dragons to breed and collect and they’re all unique with their classes abilities and different attack styles. I’ve had a ton of fun playing it and I think you will too. It’s unlike any other mobile game I’ve ever played. There are literally hundreds of hours of enjoyment to be had. The war dragons team provided me with some in-game currency to help me level up a bit faster so I can show you these epic Dragons. plus with tons of in-game events. There’s always something new to try And one of the coolest parts is War Dragons has partnered with stack-up which is an organization Dedicated to bringing both veterans and civilian supporters together through a shared love of video gaming. They’re matching every donation dollar for dollar up to $10,000. There’s more information about this in the game. Download war dragons on your phone or tablet today by hitting that install button below and find out how breeding your first dragon helps donate to stack ups cause You can also find more details about how to contribute in the description box below. Big THANK YOU to War Dragons for sponsoring this video and now back to our rockets slap. Alright, so to make the rocket slap, we’re gonna have to have a bracket on the back of my hand that supports the rockets and the igniter. To do that We’re gonna use the Ein-Scan Pro Plus 3d scanner to scan my arms. So that we can make a perfect mold of my arm And then attach the Rockets and the igniter to the back. Pick your poison Riley. We’ll go with this one then That’s not shaven enough. Back there So I’m just putting these little markers on my hand and that should help with the 3d scanning. Okay. So now that we have our 3d scan I’ve got to take this into SolidWorks and make it into a 3d printable bracket. This video is gonna get a lot stupider as it goes on. Just gotta clean this up so that we can vacuum form it and it’ll be ready to make into a bracket. So now that it’s all cleaned up we’re gonna put it into the Mayku Form Box, which is just heating up right now. And we’re gonna make a nice vacuum form of my hand without sticking my hand into a burning hot vacuum former. So that’s like a pretty cool advantage. And extract our vacuum form. I could have cleaned that up a bit better. But for what it is You going to fit my hand, good. Fits pretty well. So a single layer of vacuum-form plastic isn’t strong enough. So I had to layer multiple together and then wrap it all in carbon fiber to make sure that it’ll actually protect my hand. So now let’s get the ignition box ready for testing. All we need for this is a switch a battery and a couple connectors. The test you want to slap some jello. So let’s just go get some jello for the grocery store. I think we’re good. That’s how you boil water here at Hacksmith Industries. Turning into Thanos. Chug, Chug, Chug. That was so unpleasant. Alright, so all the jello is made it should cure up overnight and we can get to slapping some stuff tomorrow. So now that we’ve got all of the parts for the rocket slap, it’s time to assemble it. So this is the igniter. It’s gonna go around my neck down my sleeve and it’s going to activate the Rockets. Look at that beautiful thing. So if I press this button it’ll go off I have no idea how much force there is behind this. Alright, so now that we know that everything is somewhat relatively safe. We’re gonna start smacking stuff and testing out the rocket slap. So we’ll just start with this blob of jello in three two one. Jello is gross. All three went off successfully. I’m gonna smack water now because I don’t know we want to smack water. Firing in three two one Okay, so this was one of the exhaust blowing out at the end when I dumped it into the water. I don’t know why that happened but it did and it was terrifying and very loud. Okay ready throw in three two one. Ahh, it got my pants. Like dude, I destroyed it My hand stings. Alright, so Riley’s finished the rock slap. But before I test on Riley, we need to make sure it’s safe So Riley is gonna test it on Ian. What is this doesn’t prove anything? Firing in 3 2 1 James: Yes, there’s the money shot. Riley you’ve successfully made me a rocket slap hand. Which means it’s time for the slap bet to be concluded and I get to slap you with a rocket slap. All right, firing in three two, one. That was cool, I like that one. I feel weird Ian: It took off the safety glasses. Riley: Hey, Evan. Watch out! Riley: look at the rockets. James: Oh my god that was so dangerous. Okay firing in three two one James: Is that the hottest five-star you’ve ever received? Evan: Man the high school bullies didn’t have that Evan: Is there any mark? Owen: Oh yeah. Jordie: It’s all red. Evan: That didn’t hurt as much until he came back in the rocket hit me. James: Alright who else wants to make 50 bucks you a slap the rocket? Firing in 3 2 1 That works pretty good, but so I feel like we’d slap people it’s harder if we just used a bigger rocket. What do you think? Those are the smallest rockets? I could actually buy because I was kind of worried about safety but there’s one that’s like a hundred times more powerful. Let’s do it. Sweet Alright, so those small rocket motors were fun and all but it’s time to amp up the power. We’re gonna use the g-class rocket motor and see what It can do Say hello to my little friend. Three, two one go. Take two three two one go. All right, so I kind of totally missed it but even though I missed I still ripped the face wide open. which is Giant head. It’s a powerful rocket. It’s hard to hold on to. Off to the next step. All right. Firing in Thee, Two, One. Team: Oh my god! James; There goes the arm! James: looks like he’s gonna become left-handed. We fixed the mannequin, so let’s test it again. firing in three, two, one. James: His arm is ripped off. So it’s time to answer the question that man has been asking since the dawn of time. Can you cook a chicken by rocket slapping it? Let’s find out. All right. Slapping a chicken in three two one. Ouch. oh my god. James: It’s cooked! James: Kyle Hill you were wrong! Look you can cook a chicken! Do it. Eat it, eat it. It’s cooked Come’on. Riley: It’s even seasoned. James: How is it? It’s a bit dry there’s not no it’s a bit dry. I think that you got a slow cooker chicken for it to stay like tender and stuff. Rocket cooking it, was fast it though. James: Instantaneous cooking. That was way faster than microwave. Microwaves have nothing on rocket slaps. Alright that was a ton of fun despite getting slapped in the face. It was worth it Not exactly a normal make a real video But where else he gonna see crazy stuff like this on The Hacksmith channel, of course, make sure you’re subscribed We’ve got more crazy where that came from.

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