I Made a Jet Pack! (ONE DAY BUILD)

Let’s Jet going. Hey guys, I’m the Hacksmith and this is
Make It Real. Google just says the new pixel 3A, which is an amazing new phone
at a wallet-friendly price. And they sponsored this video to challenge us to
see if we can use a pixel 3a as a replacement for our expensive camera
setups during the filming of one of our epic projects. So for the occasion
we got a second jet engine to play with. Let’s make a jet belt real-life double
jump anyone. We’re gonna film the first half of the video as usual then for the
test we’ll be switching over to these pixel 3a excels shooting in 4k with
built-in stabilization. See if you can spot the difference. Alright so we have
two of the King Tech 3-10 jet engines now. So now we can do some kind of jet
pack, like that kind of evenly off each hip. So that was a handle you can aim it
down. Me and you should be able to jump like really high. We can mount that off
the hip quite nicely. We should probably start in CAD but there is some
mechanical workings we start with. We’re going to need to make a few shafts to
actually attach them to here that we’re gonna then weld to whatever we design
in Solidworks. Alright let’s do it. Alright to start we’re going to throw
everything into SolidWorks and start trying to figure out what this is
actually going to look like. So the part I’m designing a cab right now is what JT
is actually making on the Lathe. A few of the questions we have is how are we going to
mount this to the actual harness in a way that it’s actually nice and strong
but still comfortable for the person to wear. JT: Two, or maybe that’s the same three flat plates. Then it’s just a matter of weld, weld, weld, your done. James: So more like the how we’ve mounted the jet
engine in the past? James: Alright folders done, you can start plasma
cutting. James: I’d like to almost hammer this in so
it’s more conical. JT: See James knows what he’s doing,
he doesn’t need a vice. As I start to use the vice. James: Feels pretty good
alright and I’m pretty happy with this mount so let’s do it again on the other
side. James: Feels good. Feels strong. Installing Jet Engine. JT: That’s actually almost when you
want to handle. Ff we could get it closer that would actually be pretty
good. Cut that in half and cut that in half and bring it much closer. So we’re gonna
make this half blank so we get a bit closer to the hip. Jet engine! JT: Alright, that does look closer. James: We don’t want it too close to our body. Because we want a nice
comfortable handles for our jet pack we bought some cheap drills. JT: No we need
to do the Colin Furze thing and disassemble one drill with the other drill. James: Genius. I already attached one handle on
the trigger and this one’s the actual trigger got the wires. I control the
speed the jet engines. Some high-tech ski poles. James: To see how we’re controlling the
jet engines check out the circuit diagram at maker.io. There are links in
the description below. So we’ve got all the components here and we’re just going
to plunk them all onto the harness. And we’ll be good to go. It is a lot easier to straight up. James: Ohh it fits. Guys be my jet
engines. And forwards. And death spin. James: Alright so now that we have the
suit assembled Riley my ward will be doing the first initial test you know
for safety reasons. Man this is actually terrifying I didn’t do full throttle but I’d be
willing to next time. We need a bracket. Where I can put
my hand there because you need to force it down with your forearm or else it’s
not it’s not good. Dave: Apparently you can mow the lawn with this. Alright so as a
result of propping my arms up on the starter motors the jet engines kind of
tried to suck my arms in and it damaged the skin on my arms so we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna make a bracket that mounts on top of the jet engine so that we can
actually have some comfort and safety Ben: Let’s try it on and see how it works. Riley: It’s a lot more comfortable. Oh that’s so comfy. James: Next up JT
our intern from South Africa will be trying out the jet belt. It’s his last
day here until next term. Evan: all right Neil you ready to take flight? I am. Let’s Jet going! You ready? JT: It doubles as a leaf blower. Alright that was freaking awesome it’s actually working way better than I
initially thought it would. We’ve made some minor adjustments but the biggest
issue we had was the Jets were sucking up dirt and grass so before we test
again we’re gonna have to build our very own video game set or as I like to call
it the ultimate jet belt part. James: Once again a huge thank you goes out to
Google for sponsoring this video which let us set up this ultimate testing
ground to make this video and like I mentioned earlier this next test will be
exclusively filmed using the pixel 3A’s in 4k resolution with built-in
stabilization. See if you can spot the difference in the quality. This is the
pixel 3A. It has everything you need in a phone for much less It’s got an amazing
camera with awesome features like hdr+ portrait mode and night sight. Just look at
this photo I took with night sight. The pixel 3A charges super fast and it lasts all day. With 15 minutes of charge you’ll get make for seven hours of battery life on the phone. One of my favorite features of the pixel 3A is that it has a headphone jack that allows me to plug in my music and listen to it wherever I want. My favorite part about
the Pixel 3A is just how fantastic this phone is. Alright so we’ve got the
jet belt all upgraded it’s time to do the big test but first I’m gonna put on
some safety gear because you should try this at home. Got my pixel mounted as my action cam. Ian: So we think the wires are
disconnecting slightly and then it causes it to cut out. Dave: We got that wire to
repair right here the wires for the fuel solenoid have been strained they haven’t
broken yet but that’s going to be a problem very shortly if we don’t deal
with that. Staring to get a bit more comfortable
with it. Still kind of terrifying, it’s literally two jet engines strapped to my arms. Owen: Yeah you almost
killed Evan you do realize. That was fun. Ian: That looks amazing! I even tried doing the sidestep. That’s awesome! So what happened was we actually ran out
of fuel it’s the one the jet engines flamed out basically and that’s why there’s
all that smoke. Alright we got a really dumb idea. Can I jump
on to this table wearing the jet belt and can I jump off
of it again. So I’ll just show you I can’t jump on do it without the jet belt. But let’s see if I can float on top. Your just so floaty down. James: Yeah it feels really cool and it’s just like whoop. Alright that was freaking awesome. Definitely getting a bit more comfortable with it so time to take some
bigger risks. I feet are burning. Black leather plus heat. Getting the
hang of it we did just get a noise complaint from the neighbors though so
we’re gonna have to cut filming. All right that’s all been fun and games
but let’s up the ante. In video games there’s always obstacles to jump off of
and jump on to so let’s add some more things to our little playground and see
what I can do these jets. All right we’ve made some improvements
and I want to welcome you to the ultimate jet park! Alright that was freaking awesome but
we’re running into some technical difficulties with the jetpack the the
kill switch seems to randomly be going off. Luckily both times that happened
during that test run I was standing on something if that happened mid jump
you’d see my initial crash where I just kind of tipped off the side because
literally when one engine dies the whole thing just goes foop. So we’ve got a bit more
work to do to get these back up and running but we have ordered a third jet
engine so make sure you subscribe and hit that notification bell this is just
the start. And a huge thing to Google for sponsoring this video check out the
pixel 3A links in the description below it’s an amazing phone and an incredible
price my team loves it I think you will too. it’ll help you get more done for
less with only 15 minutes of charge you have seven hours of battery life and the
camera is fantastic

100 Replies to “I Made a Jet Pack! (ONE DAY BUILD)”

  1. Might have been a little more comfy to keep the hip mounts the original length, or longer, and mount the handles to the inside of the engines rather than the outside.

  2. Can you guys try to make a jetpack that could hold a person upp in the air for 5-10 seconds? It would be AWESOME! (The jetpack in this video was also awesome but a jetpack like I
    explained would be more awesome!)

  3. NOT IMPRESSED ! This build was a failure. In my book. I understand it was more of a jump assist. But it just doesn't have the power ! That it really needs. To properly work. Now maybe some of the problems could be in the way you control the jets. But either way. This build needs alot more work. Before I call it a success. But I believe that you can fix it. Keep trying !

  4. You really needed a 'solid point' harness so they would be forced to be in parallel there was too much flex in the mounting system to be stable.

  5. He only had one goal in life and it was to change the world with a snap of his fingers. His name is the HACKSMITH

  6. Eh, other than the audio quality and a bit of white balance issues, switching to the pixel 3 wasnt bad at all. Then again I'm watching on a phone so…

  7. You should make it similar to the jet pack in GTA San andreas. And you should be able to change the direction of the jet propelers like in 360 degrees

  8. 7:48 they couldn’t think of Jack Sh** 😂 “Myfavourite feature about the new Pixel 3A is that it has a headphone Jack…”🤣🤣🤣 Yes thats my favourite feature too- that a $400 dollar phone’s best feature is what a $100-200 phone built 5 years ago has

  9. So, whenever these become super small and just as if not more powerful, we can expect to see jet-powered parkour videos?

  10. I think they should make the expo skeleton from Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare.
    Or invent the first nano tech Item… But you will have to win a trillion lotteries for that

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