Image Editing in Capture One with Fine Art Photographer Bernd Radtke | Phase One

Capture One 7 is the perfect tool for me to give
my pictures the look that I want them to have. The RAW file for me is like a score and Capture
One is the instrument to make it ring true. My way to select the images is
to have the browser on the right. Then I give them flags like the green one. If I choose in the filter box only
to show me the green flagged images, I will see my chosen pictures only. Normally, I start with the standard curve. I prefer to use the curves
to set my lights and shadows. With the HDR tool I correct
highlights and shadows. To control my adjustment, I switch
on highlight and shadow alarm. A little vignetting leads
the viewer into the picture. I continue by selecting
my lens correction. In this case I used the
Schneider Kreuznach 55mm lens. Very interesting in this case
is the keystone correction tool. Although I don’t use a technical camera,
I can have a perfect perspectively corrected image. But in this picture I would
like to keep the dynamics. Therefore, I only correct
the horizontal lines. Finally, I do some sharpness correction. Start the developing and then
I send the file to the printer. Look at these perfect details. Isn’t that unbelievable? This is really the very best digital
black and white photos I have ever made.

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  1. An awesome bit of software but just to slow for me. Capture Pro 7 is very slow so I will have to stick with LR4 for now.

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