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  1. Excellent video – very informative and you explained everything very well. Helped me better understand the theory behind the former fixed pixelpipe and the ability to reorder it. I assume when darktable 3.0 stable version is released, will it have the order of the modules set in the best recommended order. I'm not sure I understand what reordering them might accomplish.

  2. Great video…felt like being in undergrad physics again….I think your series will be very helpful and necessary given the change in the pipe and display of the history stack. I did notice 2 things ..one I see a module called image doctor…are you working on something new?? Secondly when you cleared the history you look like you have a custom module sequence as a default that included local contrast, the image doctor and filmic …was that correct or did I see the video at a different stage from that point in your demonstration…thanks again….I think this will be shared a lot..

  3. Thanks, Aurélien, that was very helpful for understanding pixel pipe theory. From the Darktable-dev list, your earlier video, as well as this one it's clear that you don't use both Filmic and Base Curve on a given image. But what about the Tone Curve, should it, or can it, be used with Filmic? It seems like Filmic would make the Tone Curve unnecessary as well. I've been having some success with your Filmic module, but have yet to migrate entirely over to it. It's a bit more complex and slows my workflow. But when DT3.0 is released I hope to use Filmic exclusively.

  4. Dark table graduate level class. I thought demosaic was the first step. I will have to experiment around with denoise first. I hope DT3 will have a suggested pipe line order so I can relearn an approach. Thank you for all your work.

  5. Thanks for taking the time to discuss and educate us on the theory and practice with imaging. I've been editing raw images for years and mostly just used various modules to get a look I like. I'm looking forward to the next video on filmic.

  6. Hey Aurelien, can you set up a Tipeee account for yourself? It's already a way for me to support GIMP devs 😉 Or subscribe star? Anything that would be easy for me to create recurring payments, that's better than paypal 😉

  7. Currently, with dt2.6.3, I use a Base Curve preset for my Olympus. If in 3.0, I choose to use filmic RGB instead of Base Curve, will there be camera presets or are we expected to start with "nothing" and edit from there. Not being critical, just want to know.

  8. Hi Aurélien, nice informative video. Question on the input matrix: Is this fixed or camera dependent? Or maybe taken from the EXIF data?

  9. Great video, helped me a lot. It just wasn't clear for me if filmic RGB is a replacement for filmic, or how they relate to each other

  10. Hi bro!
    Let me ask you a question! I am using Darktable your latest version of Git … my question is: Should I install, as root user, sudo, or as a normal user?

  11. Avant tout un grand merci aux traducteurs sans qui je n'aurais pu comprendre les explications d'AurĂ©lien; faisant partie de la 3iĂ©me catĂ©gorie je peux te dire que ton talent de pĂ©dagogue a atteint le but annoncĂ© en dĂ©but de vidĂ©o pour ce qui me concerne.. Merci et encore bravo aux traducteurs sans eux je serais perdu, beau cadeau de NoĂ«l…

  12. Bonjour Aurélien et merci pour cette vidéo trÚs explicite concernant l'organisation du pipeline dans darktable et les aspects théoriques qui le motivent. On apprécie la clarté des références théoriques à la portée de tous, le rythme et la clarté des traductions. Bref, du trÚs bon travail que tout utilisateur de darktable se doit de visionner. Nous nous sommes un peu frottés sur le forum de darktable, mais c'était toujours sur la forme des propos. J'apprécie ton travail de fond sur darktable, la pédagogie mise en oeuvre dans tes tutos. Pour ma part, je n'ai pas publié de tutos, pris par des activités et problÚmes personnels. Encore merci.
    Jacky, Alias JaCo sur le forum.

  13. Bonjour, j utilise darktable avec un Fujifilm xt2. Je n arrive pas a comprendre comment me servir du profil de couleur d entree. Peut-ĂȘtre pourrez vous m aider. Merci pour vos tutos. David

  14. Aurélien, un grand merci pour ce contenu limpide, indispensable au profane qui souhaite comprendre comment l'image fonctionne sous le capot. Cette vidéo répond aussi à toutes mes questions sur l''ordre du pixel pipe. Un immense merci, également, aux intervenants de darktable.fr pour la réalisation de son sous-titrage francophone efficace et précis.

  15. Thanks immensely AurĂ©lien – this was a great thing to watch, I learned so much. Do you have more videos like this planned? I would love to learn more about dynamic ranges and their conversions, and how it relates to my eyes, my camera, and my screen – how EV values relate to bit depth – and how all of that can make me a better photographer and editor (using darktable of course). Also, if you have any pointers to other valuable resources, then please let me know. Thanks again!

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