Importing Files Into Lightroom CC – Lightroom CC for Beginners FREE Course – 01

Hi, everyone! Welcome to this free Lightroom CC training
Course. My name is Jesus Ramirez, and you can find
me on Instagram @JRfromPTC. As you know, usually, this channel does video
tutorials on Photoshop. But Adobe just released this new completely
redesign version of Lightroom called Lightroom CC. Actually, the full name is Adobe Photoshop
Lightroom CC, so it still has Photoshop in the title. Before we get started, I would like to point
out a few things. First, you can watch this course in one of
two ways. By watching the single video that contains
all the chapters. Or you can go into my video playlist on YouTube
and watch each chapter on its own video. The link to the playlist in on the description. Also, the only payment that I ask from you
is that you hit that subscribe button and notification bell. And to please share this course with your
friends. Ok, let’s get started! I would like to start out this course by first
explaining that there are two versions of Lightroom. There’s Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC. That is new photography service designed to
be a cloud-based ecosystem of apps that are deeply integrated and work together seamlessly
across desktop, mobile, and web. That means that they all have pretty much
the same layout. And if you make an adjustment to a photo on
one of these apps, it will automatically get upgraded across the entire ecosystem. The Lightroom that you know from before has
now been rebranded as Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC. And Lightroom Classic is exactly as you remember
it. It’s the old file-to-folder based workflow
that many photographers are using. As opposed to the cloud-native service of
Lightroom CC. In this course, we will focus on the cloud-based
service, Lightroom CC. The first step is to import the raw files
that we will use in this training video. To import the files. You can click on this Plus icon then click
on Browse. I’m going to load these files into Lightroom. you can hold Shift and click on the first
and last photo to select them all, then click on the review for import button. In the review import window, make sure that
all files are selected. The photos should have this blue circle with
a white checkmark. Also, the “Add to album” option, should
be set to “None.” We will discuss Albums in a moment. Then, Press the blue button. The photos will be imported into Lightroom,
and you will see them in the Filmstrip on the bottom part of the application frame. Also, these files are currently being uploaded
to the cloud. So, you could also edit them on your Lightroom
Mobile App, and in Lightroom Web. Before we go any further, I would like to
explain to you, how these files are organized inside of Lightroom. Click on the “My Photos” icon. This panel will expand, and it contains your
albums, folders, and all the photos that are synched to your Lightroom CC account. You can see the photos we just imported, here
in the recently added tab. Lightroom organizes photos using albums and
folders. Currently, I have four albums. Including one that has all my photos shot
with the Lightroom Mobile app. I don’t have any folders yet,
but I’m going to explain what they are in a moment. First, let’s create a new album where we
will keep the photos for this training video. Click on this plus icon .
The select “Create Album.” Name this album “Lightroom CC Training.” Check this box to include any selected photos. In this case, I only have one photo selected. Click on “Create,” and Lightroom will
create the new album and include the selected photo. Then you can you can simply select and drag
the other photos into the Lightroom CC Training album. When you see blue highlight, you can release,
and those photos will be added into to that album. An Album is a collection of Photos, and it
cannot contain other albums. Lightroom CC also has folders. I don’t have any yet, so I will make one
now. Click on the plus icon, and select “Create
Folder.” I’m going to name this folder, “Vacation.” Tap on the “Create” button. You can now use this folder to organize your
albums by simply dragging albums into it. For example, you can drag the England, Mexico
City, and Sydney albums into it. Now I have a folder called “Vacation,”
that contain three albums inside of it. You cannot add an album inside of another
album, and you cannot add photo into folders without an album. However, you can add a folder inside of a
folder. If I create a new folder and name it 2017,
representing the year where I took those vacations, Then click on create
you can drag the 2017 folder into the vacation folder. Then I can drag the England album into it. Because I took that vacation in 2017. As you can see you can have multiple nested
folders inside of a single folder. You can drag a folder out, and it will no
longer be a nested folder. And you can drag albums out of folders. You can delete a folder, by right-clicking
on it and selecting “Delete Folder.” Anything that we do inside of the Lightroom
CC desktop app will be synchronized to Lightroom mobile and Lightroom web. So, you can work with these folders, albums,
and photos from anywhere. that is what this blue icon is indicating. the synch and backup icon is letting us know
that changes are currently being uploaded to the cloud. In the next video, we’re going to talk about
the Lightroom CC interface. If this is the first video that you watch,
remember that we have a complete series. There is a link to the playlist in the description. Also, if this is your time at the Photoshop
Training Channel, don’t forget to click on that subscribe button and the notification
bell. Thank you so much for watching, and I will
talk to you again in the next video.

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