Improve your Photos with Basic Photo Editing in Lightroom CC

Welcome to today’s video, today I’m gonna be
covering how you can change your photo from looking like, this to this colorful
amazing photo. Alright so the first thing you wanna do, I am in Lightroom cc it’s
roughly the same process depending on what kind of photo editing software you
use but it usually is the same kind of concept of how you editing things. So going into
my settings panel over here we are going to go into the light section so let’s
cover all these well unfold them later but just for now we’re gonna leave them
only on the light so we’re gonna up the exposure just a little bit we’re gonna
up the contrast just a tad again the highlights bring them up we’re gonna
bring up the shadows just a little bit we might play around those later on once
we get more color into the photo but as you can see it’s already looking much
better than before so we actually have the optics probably–enabled nope okay I
don’t know why it changed like that but, oh it’s this right
here that see it’s like that I changed it I just made some guides over here
some simple guides over here but we are not going to do that we’re just gonna
turn those off for now and back in the light section we are going to just raise
the whites up a little bit and we’re gonna bring down the blacks a little bit.
Now we’re gonna open up the color panel and we’re gonna make this a little bit
warmer(cooler) just a tad bit warmer(cooler) maybe that’s a little too much – 15 should be alright and then we’re gonna do +10 on the tint is a little more pinkish, you
don’t go too overboard because you are gonna make it look a little ugly in my
opinion. But you want to raise up the vibrance just a little bit the
saturation just a little bit as well. You don’t wanna go overboard. We can
adjust little colors individually so you can go up to the purple we can show that
more purple is more saturated making sure that the blue is a little bit more
saturated or less saturated more illuminance – it’ll make it a
brighter color I think we can go to the pink and make the pink a little darker
and more saturated and a little more towards the red and then we can have
also the red a little more saturated there’s before the color change and
after let’s bring down the color. Refold the light and the color panel go to
effects one go light on the clarity you do not want to go overboard see it’s a
little weird so just like bring it up to like a 10 or so for this image at least
just like bring a little bit detail you know that was out of focus just a little
bit detail dehaze just a little bit up. We’re gonna go down on the vignette just
kind of close those corners off and focus more on the center of the image
where that is the best looking and we can do split tones here so let’s go the
highlights. Have the highlights more of a little reddish kind of color maybe we
can do a blue on the highlights I think that would look cool a little blue on
the highlights maybe a little purple. Shadows we can make those little blue as
well and you can see that before and after so that’s after the tinting with
the color tone and then this is before and this is after so you can just leave
those details we want to reduce that noise. As you can see me focused in on
this train there’s a little bit of noise so you want to do decrease that with the
noise reduction and the color noise reduction will actually do a lot here so
do that raise that up to like a 15 and a 20 or so you do not want to make your
image way too smooth and you just want to sharpen that up by like a 6 and that
should be good so we’re not going to do any of the optics or the geometry the
image looks good without it. But like I said before we will go back to the
shadows over here and we will maybe tweak them around maybe make
darker may make them later now I think a little bit darker,
lighter to what I was but darker from before so like a 10 looks
fine and then from here we can go to this tone curve add a little more
contrast just at a basic s-curve like that, a little… just contrast
and that’s it so that’s before the contrast and that’s a little bit with
more of the contrast. So now let’s check out the image before and after there are
normal basic editing. So let’s check this is the before image and then now this is
what the image looks like so it looks way better than before already so now we
can just go into Auto and there you go the crop did it by itself or you can do
it manually but it just depends on what camera shooting if you shot raw if it’s
a JPEG and if there’s more information in it or if there’s less it all depends
for the straighten, if you want to do auto and then here you can also change
it to something else so if you want to do it a square Instagram post you can do
that or if you want to have a four by five stretch it to the corners like that
you can make it all sorts of fun things. Let’s actually reset it maybe we can
do a 5×7, straighten that out automatically there we go there’s our crop
now we don’t have that white anymore we eliminated that and now we have no more
of that. So we can go into this linear gradient over here and we can just add
one more final touch we can add just a little bit underexposed here just bring
down the exposure maybe – 5 bring up the contrast to like a 30,
highlights down shadows down so just a little hint of that you do not want to
go overboard but that should be fine now just a little hint of it you do not want
to make it too big we can stretch it I like that, if you just
make it like that that looks just fine so that is pretty much how you
converted this image into looking way better and turning it into something
like this. This is the final outcome of this image it could be a little dark for
some people’s taste it I would maybe play around with the shadows and blacks
in the light panel if you do want to mess around with all this stuff maybe
you can bring up the blacks just a little bit more so maybe do -10 and it
looks a little better or you can do the shadows we can do 20 percent(+20)
and that will make it much difference so this is again before and this is after
the editing some basic Lightroom editing will change up your photo and make it
even better on the spice scale so yeah hope you guys enjoyed this video and I
hope you guys learned a little bit about how you make an image transformation
like this from here all the way to here. Hope you guys enjoy it again see you
guys in another video bye guys, also before you guys leave leave comment
down below and what kind of videos you guys want to see more of alright bye

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