Infinix S5 Pro : The Pop-up Camera phone | Official Launch date revealed.

Infinix has been making some amazing phones
in entry-level and budget level and is now planning to launch the Infinix S5 Pro smartphone
in India next month. the company has confirmed through a teaser
posted on its official twitter account that Infinix S5 Pro will see the lights on 6th
March and will be Flipkart exclusive. Interestingly, the brand is planning to launch
its upcoming device S5 pro with a pop-up selfie camera. To be honest, the pop-up style selfie mechanism
didn’t stay for too long, even though people all around the world liked it, the pop-up
was replaced with punch hole cutout very soon. Now infinix want’s to bring back the pop-up
camera and The interesting part is that the device will be priced under the Rs 10,000
price segment, as per rumors.. So are you interested to know what it packs,
Stay tuned I’ll be back right after this. So first let’s start with the display. The device will come with a 6.6-inch display
which is similar to other infinix S5 series phones like S5 and S5 lite. But what’s changed is the resolution, yes
this time the phone will be an FHD+ display which means you are getting a 1080+p IPS LCD
panel in under 10k price tag and the cherry on top is the full view display with a pop-up
camera. Now if we talk about its processor. What do you think? Which processor will be used by the company. No its not from Qualcomm, it’s a MediaTek
chipset. To be frank, even I don’t know which processor
will be used but rumors have it, they will use either MediaTek Helio P35 or P70. But most likely it’ll be helio P35. Because if you take to look at the other S5
series phones like S5 lite or S5 both use Helio P22 chipset. So the probability of using P35 seems more. As for Ram there is possibility of multiple
ram and storage options, 6 64GB and probably 6 128GB might also be available, also its
said there will be a dedicated micro sd card slot present On camera front, there is a confirmed 48mp
lens on the rear, additionally, there are two other cameras present but we don’t know
the MP or the functionality. But rest assured we can be sure that its gonna
be some low MP count sensor. Front it can feature either 16 or 32MP lens As for the battery, there is a 4000mah cell
but I don’t think there will be any fast charging supported
There are rumors that it will come with micro USB port which is disappointing. although It’s confirmed to come with a 3.5mm
headphone jack and a rear-mounted fp scanner. So overall the phone looks like a compelling
option, with a pop-up camera, full view display, triple rear camera, and the price So that’s Infinix S5 pro,
Hope you liked it, see you in the next one Peace out

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