Insane TESLA Photoshoot Behind the Scene: NORTH BORDERS Best Car Photography TIPS

Okay guys, today I’m with some friends, and I have some different than usual for you. Even though the heart of my photographic work
is portraiture, I don’t like to be attached to a particular genre, so I’ve tried many
different things in my career. But there’s one I’ve never done and it’s car
photography. That’s why today it’s going to be different,
I’m not taking you with me to teach you things, I’m taking you with me so we can learn things
together. And luckily, today we are with a pro. I don’t know if you remember, I met 7Th Era
and North Borders at the Vidcon last September. Mike sent me a message a few days ago asking
me for a little help on After Effects to create a special effect for a cinemagraph. Mike, if you don’t know, does a lot of car
photography, and today he has a Tesla in his hands. Personally, I’m not into cars at all, for me
it’s not a beautiful object in particular, it’s just a machine that makes you go from
a point A to a point B. But the Tesla, besides the ecological aspect, hummm… I must admit, yeah, I’m psyched. You know that here I’m mostly interested in
the creative process, so today it’s a little behind the scene to understand a little bit
what’s going on in Mike’s head when he take pictures. Okay, after Mike and Limon picked me up, we
drove across town to Footscray to meet Liam and get ready for the photoshoot. Cause we are pros. It fucking put your head right back into the seat! Okay, Okay, that’s enough! What? We are not having fun, we call that creating
content. One might think that in product photography,
in this case a car, only the product counts. Well, it doesn’t. A product alone can’t convey a story, and
in a picture, the most important thing is what it tells. Storytelling is something you can only create with the environment, that’s why the place where you shoot is what has the most powerful and persuasive impact on your image. I have a few ideas about where to go, and there’s also a spot near here that could be good as well. Actually, you know… Where we parked the WRX Limon fo the Google Pixel photo and we should run onto the bridge there, I think this car there could be cool to with the all city in the background. You can use Google Map to find interesting
shooting locations, with the satellite view, you can spot long, slightly off-center roads,
or accessible industrial areas. Street View even allows you to virtually walk
around the chosen location and even start thinking about composition. It’s also easy to determine the position of
light sources, especially the sun. Okay, this is the place Mike finally chose. On the one hand the road is narrow and not
very crowded, but in top of that, behind the car there are trains that can pass by and
leave beautiful light streaks. And, finally, in the background, we have the
Melbourne skyline with its beautiful lights. Yeah, we have a great spot. Okay, I know, I made a twenty-minute video
about it, and I’ve already said it a million times, but sorry, expect me to say it in every
video: the most important thing in a picture is the composition. It’s really interesting to follow the creative
process of other photographers because you see how obsessed we all are with it. Mike is super meticulous and manages to find
a balance between testing a lot of things, but still managing to focus on the essential. Okay, remember the last video about food Photography? You create your composition and you adjust
the elements bit by bit. Now… it’s pretty much the same thing. It’s gonna very annoying when a car comes through, Not, “if”, “when”, because it will happen, so we’ll try to get the shot quickly. Okay, well, at least I learned one thing,
and that’s that I’m not sure this kind of photography is for me. Clearly, I don’t have the patience! Mike, any final tips on car photography? What’s a good tip? Great question! you know what? Limon is really good at answering that kind of question. Telephoto lenses work well for car photography. So you get a nice compression, otherwise, if you use a too wide angle lens Everything will look very warped. Okay, lens compression. When you shoot with a wide angle, you’re going
to extend the background in the depth direction, the wider the angle, the more distant the
background elements will appear. With a telephoto, it’s the opposite effect. You will have a compression effect of the
distance between the background and the subject, which will give a much more immersive feeling,
also because you will increase the depth of field. If you want more precision, I’ll let you watch
the video I made about lenses. Use a Polarizer, to cut off reflexions Polarizing filters, CPL. The most useful filters in photography with
ND filters. First advantage, if you make landscape, with
a CPL you will get a slightly more contrasted image, and therefore more contrast means more
saturation, the colors will be a little more vibrant. But above all, it’s an anti-reflection filter,
on water, reflections in the eyes, on reflective surfaces such as the windows of buildings
or the car body. It will reduce or even eliminate certain reflections
and improve the quality of your image. What else? Do what Mike does and Mike can tell you about it! Oh yeah, so all about car photography. Oh yeah, if you’re shooting at night, remember to take three photos! When you press the shutter once, that’s one photo, which is gonna be underexposed. And you take another shot, that’s two photos! That one is gonna be an exposed shot of the car with the lights off. And you gonna be like… Take a third photo which is gonna be a shot exposed of the car like you just took of the lights on, and you merged all together in Photoshop using the Lighten blend mode Well, if you want to know more about that, if you want
to see us test the Tesla and if you want to know why Mike asked me for a little help,
well, I invite you to check it out on his channel. If you’re interested in becoming a car photographer,
you will learn a lot. A big thanks to North Borders, 7Th Era, LimonFan,
it’s awesome to be able to hang out with a team like that, to be able to observe their
creative process, how they work together and how real, nice and super professional they
are. You have all the links in the description
to go and see their work, what they do is really inspiring. By the way, it was Liam who pushed me to transform
my format to make this kind of video instead of basic face cam tutorials. The creative vlogs, it’s thanks to him. If you liked this one, it means you’ll like
the others, don’t hesitate to subscribe, ring this little bell and then well in addition
to a little like don’t hesitate to give me a feedback, every time I read your comments
it warms my little heart. SEE U MATE, KEEP ON CREATING

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  1. Hey Nicolas, Great that you're collaborating with other talented videographers …. Thank you for bringing Photographing Automobiles to us….

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