100 Replies to “insta360 GO | Finally an Action Camera that’s actually wearable!”

  1. Not only it has your saliva, the magnet touched your nipples. lol! Well, beggars can’t be choosers. Is there really a giveaway? But seriously, I like it. But for $200, I’m not running to the store to get it immediately. Probably at $150. It’s a good supplement to the One X.

  2. Perfect intro for Insta360! Insta wouldn't have asked for a better intro 🤮 😀 hahaha!!! By the way, my brother wants you to upload 360 views of your mouth! lol! he is a dentist. Must-Have accessory for a dentist! 😀

  3. That camera seems awesome. I’m interested in it’s low light capability… Anyways, I hope you get this man, hit me back, just to chat, truly yours, your biggest fan. This is Stan.

  4. I was just looking at this camera the other day. At first I was excited about but like you, I was turned off by the 30 second record time 🙁

  5. Not worthy for the price. Not high quality video, not removable battery, only 30s recording time that means you’ll miss a lot of precious moments.

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  7. Just be careful with this toy. I had to rush my dad to the hospital. He has a peacemaker and using this camera. Please, please, please, do not use it if you have a peacemaker!

  8. I am really wondering why nobody bothered to know what is this cam's minimal focal length…
    Have search through the whole world wide web with no luck : (

  9. I’m getting jet lag because I’m across the world cause I had to go to a funeral but we were gonna go anyway for vacation but then the funeral had to get planned 💔 I’m going back in 3-4 days and it’s gonna be TIRING

  10. The concept is quite cool. Its very easy to activate and record instantly but the video quality is awful. I would have prefered a bit bigger if it improves considerably the quality. But whats the point to have a tiny action camera if my webcam from 2000s records better than that.

  11. Ordered two, and it was a 6 weeks delivery time, and they got damaged and i was refunded. Not sure where i can get them yet, obviously not from the manufacturer without waiting an additional 6 weeks.

  12. From mobile filmmakers this may be good for b-roll footage. Also handy when you want to record without taking yourself out of the moment

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