Insta360 ONE R App Video Editing & 360 Reframe In-Depth Tutorial – Edit 4K Vlogs On a Phone FREE

This is a hyperlapse / timeshift created by
the Insta360 ONE R AI mobile app. And this is the hyperlapse I created using
my technique which I will teach you in this tutorial. As you see the comparison, in my version,
the subjects, which is me, are always in focus and sharp without motion blur. Besides showing you how to do that, in this
tutorial, I will show you how I edit all my Insta360 ONE R video on the go with only my
old iPhone X, getting a 4K or 2.5K video for both YouTube and Instagram. The result is better than Adobe Rush or LumaFusion,
as you see right here. And it is a Free app on both iOs and Android. I will also show you how to use the AI features
like TimeFlip or AI stop motion on Insta360 ONE X footage, if you decide not to buy ONE
R. This tutorial will be jam-packed with useful
knowledge in a very quick pace, if you are ready, let’s go. What’s up everybody, it is your Boy Hugh here
from CreatorUp. Welcome to the first episode of Insta360 ONE
R tutorial series – where I will teach how to use this camera, how to fly to this camera,
and, most importantly, how to create immersive 360 videos with ONE R. One of the reasons why you should get Insta360
ONE R instead of Qoocam 8K or GoPro MAX, it’s ONE R has a very powerful mobile editing app
in both iOs and Android. It is like having a FREE Adobe Rush in 360
on your phone or iPad. This saves you lots of money of getting Premiere
Pro, Final Cut Pro 10, or Davinci Resolve. And you don’t need to carry your laptop anymore
and you can cut and release your daily vlog directly using your phone on the road. Disclaimer, in CreatorUp, I still highly recommand
anyone serious about 360 content creation to learn and master editing in desktop software
like Premiere Pro. But as a freelance videographer, you also
need to do quick edit and post Instagram Story or TikTok on the run. Your client will love you if you work faster
than your competitors. So that is why this tutorial is also relevant
to you, the video professionals. Edit Insta360 ONE X footage in ONE R App
First, let’s talk about how you can edit your old ONE X footage in the new ONE R AI editing
app – as not everyone wants to upgrade to ONE R just yet. It is actually very easy to get your ONE X
footage into ONE R. If you have ONE R already, just transfer your old one X footage into
a SD card and put it inside ONE R – connect the ONE R using your mobile app and it will
show up. If you don’t have ONE R, just connect your
ONE X with ONE X app. Then Go ahead and open ONE R app. It will say connect your ONE R now. Go ahead and connect it, and it will tell
you the app can not find a ONE R camera. Don’t worry, if you go back to your camera
tap – you see the ONE R app actually can read the ONE X files as well. As you see, this file is capture with the
ONE X. Now just go ahead and download those files
onto your phone and start your edit. All these features should be available to
the next ONE X mobile app update as well. So by the time you watch this video, this
hack might not even be necessary. AI tracking – Vlog Selfie Hyperlapse tutorial
Before we go deep into the phone editing workflow, let’s learn how to create my Vlog Selfie Hyperlapse
first so you can use it immediately in your video. I am using an old iPhone 10 as an example
– but the same technique will work on Android as well. First, go to setting and turn off Insta360
watermark. I don’t like to give Insta360 free advertising. Then, turn on your ONE R. Then open your ONE
R app. Connect your phone to the ONE R. You usually
do not need to go to WiFi to make a manual connection. Then go to ONE R camera album – find the long
footage shot on 360 Mod. Here we have a 3-minute clip with my friend
walking down the Venice boardwalk. Make sure you make your composition into 16:9
instead of 9:16 – this effect usually look better on YouTube than a vertical format like
IGTV or TikTok. Click the three dots icon on the top right
concern and open up advanced settings. I always turn on Chromatic Abberation on all
things shot on ONE R – you can not avoid Chromatic Abberation in a fisheye lens. So don’t forget to turn that on as well. Hit edit icon then hit Trim. Remove the beginning and the tail like so. Hit the back button. Then we are going to AI track myself in the
entire video. Use your finger to hold down on me to start
the AI tracking. The tracking is really good, better than Premiere
or After Effects trackings. Now click the Speed button, choose 16X Hperlapse,
make sure you turn OFF Motion Blur. Yes, turn it off. I will tell you why later. Select the whole clip. Then hit back and hit the check button to
save your edit. Now hit the export button, export FixFrame,
and make sure click custom and get the 100Mpbs render in 2.5K – so you have the best resolution. After the rendering is done, go back into
edit, speed, and this time turn on Motion Blur. Do the same thing, render it out. Now you have two identical hyperlapses. Go ahead and transfer these TWO files onto
your computer. Yes, I said phone only. But for this one, since it is my special technique,
we do need to do some works instead of letting the app do everything for you. The price to pay to break Internet, right? Open both video clips in Premiere. Put the one without the motion blur on top
of the one with motion blur. Now go into here, click the pencil tool for
masking. Do a garbage mask around me – in here tho
it is my friends and me. Set the mask feather to like 40. Now play the clip. There you go, that is how to create a Selfie
Hyperlapse. If you use it on your Instagram, don’t forget
to tag me. Also, follow me on Instagram. I will post 1-min quick tutorial on all the
360 techniques which are not available on YouTube. After this tutorial, you will get the basics
down, and all you need is 1-min to learn all the advanced techniques. So follow me on Instagram. 4K video with ONE R app
If you shoot with the 4K Mod or the 1-inch Leica, you can render them out individually
in 4K UHD. Here is a video shot on the 1″ Leica. Even tho the app allows you to edit your clip
without transferring them onto your phone using proxy files – I will recommand to transfer
them first to minimize crashing. This is one of the key reasons why the app
is frozen or crash. Hit this down arrow icon to start your background
downloading. You can continue editing while the download
is progressing. Every reviewer loves this feature. The truth is, your boy edit a lot of ONE R
videos, probably more than anyone else because this is what I do professionally, and I can
tell you, it is a TWO edges sword. Editing while transferring will risk crashing
and you lose everything. Especially you don’t have the latest iPhone
11 Pro MAX – like all the other reviewers have. Do the same trim I just showed you. You can change your filed of view here. I like wide plus. Since I am not allowed to edit this inside
Premiere or Davinci Resolve – which is my preferred ways to do color grading, I use
filter feature, and UN3 is the filter I used a lot to get my signature teal and orange
look. Always keep the filter effects under 50% as
you don’t want to overdo it. Hit the back arrow. Now hit the Adjust button to do some basic
color grading. Usually, I will pull down the highlights as
ONE R tends to blow out your highlights. And lift the shadows a little bit. Again don’t over do it. I will also add a little bit sharpening because
this is shot on 1-inch Leica and 1 inch Leica tend to have a pretty soft look. People think GoPro Hero 8 looks sharper – well,
it is not. It is just GoPro did the sharpening for you
in camera. For ONE R, you have the option to increase
or decrease your sharpening amount. More controls for the creators. Go ahead hit the check icon to save your editing. Then hit the export icon and make sure you
choose custom and 4K UHD as your render setting. After that, you can share this on Instagram
or YouTube directly. Edit multiple videos with ONE R.
The true power comes in when you can mix in 360 over capture videos, tiny planet videos,
hyperlapses, 4K slow motion videos and 5.3K video capture with the 1 inch mod into a same
2.5K video and render it out as a finished Vlog onto IGTV or YouTube – all within your
phone. Yes, even me, as a professional 360 editor,
this is mind-blowing stuff. And now I am going to teach you the best mobile
workflow so you don’t need to watch some long tutorials on their official website and probably
better than their official video anyway – as, well, you will be the judge. Step 1, I will select the clips I need and
favorite them and download them in the background as well. Just like any editing, you should first have
a rough storyboard. And then I find out the best way to edit ONE
R footage is to edit individual clip first like what I just show you. You can bring in all your individual edits
into the final assemble by turning on Free Capture. So I will do some individual edits right now
to show you how it is done. For example, here I have a short clip of Anna
and me talking in front of the ONE R. First, I changed the aspect ratio to 16:9 for YouTube
release. The App already inserts the first keyframe
for us – as you see right here, we can do different FOV and do a Barrel Roll right here. Let’s do a standard over capture animation. At the first keyframe – pan to your starting
point. Go to the end of the clip, long press the
timeline to insert the end keyframe. We slide the rotation degree to 180 – to create
one of my effects called upside-down world. Check this 50 over capture editing tips video
here to learn more about all the creative editing techniques. Then review the animation – and it looks good. Go back and auto-save your edit. Next, we choose an AI edit clip. So this one, as you see this icon, is a long
clip that has been cut down automatically by AI. There is no technique here. Basically, you click this button and the APP
select some key moments for you – like right here, the app has chosen 2 skateboarding moments
from 2 different skateboarders. AI does not color grade your footage yet. So we quickly pick a filter, pull down the
highlights and rise up the shadows to have a more teal and orange popular Instagram look. Then, we are going to pick an old Insta360
ONE X footage right here. It is me on the Holy Ship with DJ Green Velvet
– I was a music festival videographer. That is how I make money btw, so you can watch
and learn everything free here on CreatorUp. So if you want to show some appreciation,
give this video a thumb up and share it on your social media. Here as you see, I am just using AI tracking
to do reframing automatically for me – as I am lazy and going to use the app to its
full potential – even on ONE X footage. Let’s move on. Here I have a 360 drone shot capture with
the Insta360 ONE R drone mod. As the 360 drone mod remove the drone automatically,
as you see, we can not see the drone. I did some simple barrel roll from ground
to sky and back to ground to have this very cool vertigo effect. Also, hide some imperfection of the current
beta drone Mod. The Drone Mod review is coming next. And it is not what you think. You def don’t want to miss that video, hit
the subscribe button and the bell if you have not. Okay. now let’s do a live editing session
together to put all those clips in a single sequence, or a story – that is what GoPro
or Insta360 call it. Go ahead and open the ONE R app. Then go ahead and pick stories. Go ahead my stories and create a story. From ONE R album right here. Now let’s go ahead and pick the clips we want. I already have a rough storyboard in my head
I want to open the scene with a crazy barrel drone shot and then bring me into the party
and then after the party we gonna have some talk and then we gonna go check out some right
here a Venice Skatepark scene and then we are going to end the shot with a nice 5.7K
video sunset shot in the 1 inch Leica mod right here. So mix in like 1 inch Leica 4K with 360 mod
with a ONE X camera right here so mix in everything together so go ahead and hit the check mark
right here Look at that! It just crashed. So does happen but don’t worry my phone is
just old but everything is actually save in my story is the one I just created. It is actually saved so it is good. So everything put together in a nice timeline
it is 1 min 28 second long. So if you go ahead the next thing we like
pick your aspect ratio if you for IGTV or TikTok you want the 16:9 9:16 vertical format. If you are in Instagram you want 1:1. But for this one we gonna go for YouTube so
we go for 16:9 format. And next thing you do is to pick a music right
here. So Insta360 provide lots of free music to
use already which is great. Better than YouTube right? Go ahead and pick a tripocal house. Okay it is really cool. Let’s turn down the volume a little bit so
it is not like super annoying. Other problem is if you look at the video
the edit is actually not bring in what is going on? Well don’t worry. Hit the individual clip now you have full
control of each individual clip so when you hit Free Capture will bring in everything
you did on individual clip in to the main timeline. If you check it out right now and this crazy
barrel shot fly tho the hole 360 mod is cool you guys should just get it. Love it. So from here, go straight to the party. Again the party scene is also did not bring
in the free capture. So go ahead pick free capture. And then it should bring in the full edit
we go from that girl right there as you see track shot and then pan to a different group
of girls Okay Another track shot right there. Great. And then to the talking video. And then I want to add some transition between
the drone shot and the party shot. So ahead and hit in between them. And go ahead and hit the blur zoom 2 effect. Get like a second long. Boom! That is cool. The drone shot then go straight into the party
shot. Very cool effect. Gonna do the same thing on actually all the
clips. So keep the consistency. This is too fast same as this one. Go ahead and hit the effect same as this one. So every clip now has transition. Great! And then this clip also pick free capture. So bring in that crazy rotation shot right
there. Look kinda trippy. And then the next one. Okay Hold on the next one does not have any
free capture. So if you clip free capture it actually gonna
do a entire free capture within the own app so here is the thing if you decide to bring
in new clip that you have not done anything yet. You can actually do the entire free capture
within whole type of story timeline, which is cool. So we gonna do a live capture right here. Go ahead and hit plug sign and hold it. And then we gonna do a live capture right
here. Gonna hold the phone. You might be get out of focus I want to start
with the skateboarder right here. So go ahead and hit track it. Cool skateboard doing skateboarding action. Right there. Zoom in a little bit punch in a little bit. Wow that is super cool. Then other skater come in. Checking out the other side. So you can see it. See this crazy zoom right here. She did a crazy flip right there. Really cool. Okay that is good. So go ahead and hit the check mark to save. So one thing I did the free capture but I
did not use the full clip so go ahead hit tweak right there. Go ahead and hit trim make sure go to the
end get rid of the part I did not want to use. Great. Hit the confirm icon. Great. And now we have a new clip. If you see the plus icon between clip hit
here you can also bring in new media. And then you can bring in more new clip and
let’s say I want to bring in a timelapse. Right here. It is a 5.7K timelapse. And bring a new timelapse right here. Add straight into the time line. It is that easy. And we go ahead and reframe the timelapse. Because it is not reframe yet. So I am just gonna hit it. I am gonna just hit tinyplanet and bring this
into a tiny planet. like so. Start with the stage build. Right here. And then we go to the end go ahead and hit
that continue tiny planet but we gonna do some barrel shot turning turn around that
side it will be cool. And then go ahead make sure it look good. It looks good. But this clip it is too long. Let’s hit confirm and make sure it save the
footage. And then go ahead and tweak and then go ahead
and select speed. Just make it as 16X hyperlapse. Add motion blur right there. So this clip now has this crazy fast action
timelapse. With panning action happening. Great. So again go ahead and make sure here we also
add new transition. Let’s use something fun cheese but it is fun. Something different right? And then we end with the shot with the 5.7k
1 inch leica. But let’s say you change your mind and don’t
want to have a wide+ fov you just want wide you can just change it right here. That is that easy. So we have a wider shot. There you go. So last step is go ahead and rend this entire
video on social media. So go ahead and hit right here. hit custom. make sure you are in 2.5K 100Mpbs and 30fps. And save. Go back now start render. Make sue you hit color plus right here. Hit it again will start re-rendering. But make sure you choose it. And that it. That is how you edit the video it is very
easy as you see. Here is the final rendered video 100% created
with just my old iPhone. [Cheesy tropical house music] What makes Insta360 ONE R mobile app so powerful
is the fact that it can completely replace Adobe Rush. Adobe Rush or Premiere Pro will cost you $19
a month subscription fee, and ONE R mobile app is completely free if you have ONE X or
ONE R. Let me show you how I bring in other video footage into the same story we just
did. Go back to My Stories and pick the story we
just worked on. Scroll to the second to last clip, tap on
it. You see the plus icons show up in front and
after the skateboard clip. Clip the plus icon after it. Instead of picking a transition effect, we
scroll all the way to the beginning. We choose the Add media button – then choose
Phone album instead of ONE R album to select clip that is NOT shot by ONE R. Like footage
captured with GoPro Hero8, Osmo Action, Qoocam 8K, or just your phone camera. In here, I will choose a render of a TimeFlip
I did last week on my Instagram to make the story look more dynamic. Right now, Shot Lab, which is the AI-generated
cool clips I have been posting on my Instagram, is not directly integrated inside the story
editing yet. So, effects like AI stop motion and TimeFlip,
you need to render them first as a finished mp4 video and save on your phone album – follow
these 1-minute tutorials on my Instagram to learn how to create them. Select this TimeFlip and hit confirm to bring
it in directly onto the current story. Here choose the blur pivot transition effect
to connect the new clip to the last clip. Also, you can tweak this clip like any other
clip to add filters and color grading. So your story look consistent and has a professional
polished. Now go to the end and tap the plus icon again. Tap phone album and choose one of the video
clips captured with my iPhone camera. This is just a picture. And you can insert any media, photos or videos. I will pick this trippy video right here. Look at that, it is so cool. This is me faking Adobe After Effects to create
some CG elements in my story to stay out. Go ahead and hit confirm and bring that clip
in as well. Add a transition and do a playback. As you see, we can also use video or phone
not captured with the ONE R. On the Android version, it is even more powerful. You can add text, transitional graphics, and
all kinds of elements like Essential Graphics Panels inside Adobe Premiere Pro for free. So if you are Android users, you are lucky,
you are even ahead of us. Thank you for watching this tutorial. The App is really cool, but if you want to
have the best quality video, in 5.3K if you Then next video will be a review of the 360
drone mod and then the VR180 mod. If you are new here, don’t forget to subscribe
and hit the notification bell. It will help me a lot to continue to offer
my time to help others in the 360 community. So your subscription is not only helping me,
also everyone else on this channel, and the 360 community at large. Until next time, stay creative my friend.

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