Insta360 ONE R: The Ultimate Modular Action Camera?

What’s up guys Ben here from authentech,
and this is the new Insta360 ONE R, now I can finally show you all the sample
photos and videos I really am excited about this product there’s some cool
potential in this video also show some sample footage from the max and the
GoPro 8 and the ONE X, seeing which one shoots the best quality photos and video
so what is the one R well it’s a modular camera system here’s a 360 mod that we
can just snap off click in a 4k wide or a one-inch sensor mod snaps right into
that same brain system it’s reversible so if you need a selfie shot point the
screen right back at yourself and then click the little battery sled right in
very cool the 360 mod records at 5.7 K res this is a 4k wide-angle that one
inch sensor can record up to 5.3 k video so it’s even higher res than 4k very
cool again that screen is reversible it’s waterproof built in up to 16 feet
or about 5 meters it records in h.265 so we’ve got smaller file sizes and it’s a
bump up in quality we can record an HDR video there’s that flow state
stabilization that looks over smooth with time shift mode and AI editing and
the app and so much more and yes this is that 1 inch camera mod now I’ve been
super excited to test it out they partnered with Leica on the lens I’m
still waiting on the firmware to iron out some of the bugs so you’ll have to
come back for my next video where I will definitely deep dive on this thing and
please please leave all your questions comments ideas either down in the
comments or send me a DM on Instagram and I’ll try to get to it in my future
comparison and review videos here from a reviewers perspective this is very
overwhelming you’ve got different camera mods so many things to compare to it’s
an awesome problem to have as a consumer though it’s pretty awesome because then
there’s so many shooting possibilities with all these different mods and future
expansions down the road I’m also finding as their app keeps getting
better and better with this one are there’s so much AI technology and some
auto editing some really cool things I’ll show you in
this video and of course all the links to everything will be down below so my
quick disclosures here all hardware and software our pre-production keep that in
mind no sponsorship here just huge things to insta 360 for sending me the
early unit to test out now at first I didn’t really love the idea or the
design it’s a smaller touchscreen on the back here it’s sort of blocky in hand I
really like the One X it’s comfortable to hold easy to slip into the pocket
it’s just comfortable ergonomics and fun to shoot with so I
was a little bit on the fence with the one arse product design but the more I
shoot with it the more I’m analyzing the photos and videos it’s coming out really
good so they’re really winning me over the more I get to play with it so you’re
some of the things I like about the 1r first its modular and I love all things
modular there’s certain situations where I would need just a wide-angle 4k flat
video camera or maybe even a one inch sensor for some higher quality or low
light shooting and then there’s other times where I love shooting 360 it opens
up this world of creative unique shots I’m out on my scooter around the lake
I’m capturing everything and later in editing I can reframe up the shots so
instead of toss into your camera bag a 360 camera and then a GoPro or whatnot
this is sort of combine it all into one you’d have the same battery pack to
charge a mob it’s all being recorded on one SD card so workflow and efficiency
is gonna be super streamlined believe me I’ve had a juggle between so many
cameras on one shoot it’s sort of a nightmare so some of the other pros I’m
really liking the video quality looks really good so far now I still need to
keep shooting and testing but here’s some sample shots and it looks really
really good of course stabilization is always
incredible with the insta 360 and they’ve stepped it up here again the HDR
video has some good potential it’s usually meant for stationary shots but
even when I was out moving around it looked pretty good and I’m assuming
it’ll only get better with more updates this is video quality with the
lens guards aw this is quality with the lens guards on the new one our app feels even more
polished and there’s way more controls and tools inside it would take all day
to show you all the features in the app but again smooth timeline scrubbing we
can change ratio there’s all the standard trim speed filters and more
giving you keyframe editor that I really like to have to add reframe wide ultra
wide even Dutch tilt tap again you find their mode then here’s some AI can
automatically detect some subjects objects Auto track and maybe suggest
what you might want to follow you can trim these in and out you can select
which ones you want to use if we go under the stories tab there’s the new
shot lab stop-motion Auto time shift basically you load in these clips that
you record and its gonna automatically analyze and then try to output some cool
unique videos like these and then of course there’s my stories where you can
add multiple clips one after another like on a timeline to create a story and
export for your socials one of my favorite new features is the smooth
timeline scrubbing this is so nice to have check this out I’m recording a 4k
video clip on the one-inch mod I’m connected via Wi-Fi as soon as I stop
recording Ben it shows up and then I can smooth the timeline scrub it’s so sweet
so check this out I am a wirelessly connected over to my 1r while it’s
charging over there and I can scroll through my clips preview any of them the
new timeline scrubbing is super smooth and helpful this is all over Wi-Fi I
think they’re using the 5 gigahertz band so it’s a lot faster and the next best
part is we can add it straight from here so I can add keyframes I can do my
viewfinder mode which is one of my favorites
then after editing that’s still without copying the files over we can export
this video fixed frame or 360 color plus on or off we have some custom controls
here as betray max-frame ray and boom it’s
exporting right now wirelessly not ever needing to copy the files over to the
phone first then edit and then re export that’s gonna save a ton of time plus
gonna save a lot of file space on our phones or computer we can also shoot at
1080p at 200 frames per second and the quality looks really good here as well
so let’s say I’m filming on the 4k wide lens in the camera settings we can set
different field of view ultra wide wide narrow well it’s kind of cool is it’s
capturing at all no matter which one you select for preview so when we copy it
over let’s say you didn’t capture wide enough well we can still punch out or in
after the fact with this 4k wide lens we can record 4k 60fps that’s really nice
durability was a big question from people and I’m finding that feels pre
rugged now yes there’s moving parts and it splits apart but they say when it’s
connected together correctly it’s gonna be waterproof built in as is up to 5
meters or 16 feet down which is super awesome the 1x was not waterproof so
it’s awesome to see the 1r now is battery life so far seems pretty good I
also saw that they’re gonna have an extended extra thick battery pack
that’ll be really sweet plus it has the GoPro fingers for mounting built right
in that’s really sweet there’s this drone attachment that I saw I’m trying
to get my hands on one for you guys you attach it to your Mavic Pro and it’s got
a lens on the bottom and the top with the main brains off to the side and then
it’s basically stitching out that whole middle section of the drone so we’ve got
an invisible flying drone we can reposition the camera anywhere
looks like awesome impossible shots so I can’t wait to test that out another
awesome feature is wireless audio I’ve actually been asking for this for years
but it looks like if you have some air pods or maybe some other wireless
bluetooth mics you’ll be able to connect it up and have wireless audio they also
sell for only 10 bucks so it’s pretty cheap I appreciate that feels GoPro
would probably be like $70 plugs in via USB see has three and a half mic jacks
you can use any microphone that you can imagine I’m adding the best behind
got a little something for this video test and then I’m also gonna grab a
coffee from an alchemy to come along right now I’m filming an HDR video so
how does the dynamic range look can you see out the bright Sun roof and the
front windshield what about can you see my exposure and
everything around the car is my Pringles is this the perfect dashcam well that’s
pretty expensive but 360 we’re recording all possible angles you’ll never miss
the shot that’s pretty cool look at that if you want to hear a black for 50 plus
you want the maxed another 500 it’s not even modular great influence blog that’s
pretty funny this is what I’m looking for that Wireless it go thing as they
sweet wireless mic option we got the goods thanks out commands oh it’s so good power of the one arm got our receiver
here and I get that thing it shows the microphone up there
alright what’s up guys so this is an audio test shooting with the road
wireless go now what’s so cool is I can be looking at the camera or looking this
way and walking backwards or I can even just set this out like this and go
walking around close or far and I should be able to reframe the camera anywhere I
want and be maintaining wireless clear high-quality audio no this is actually
working is super exciting and I think I’ll be using the setup a
ton in the future and of course it kind of goes without mentioning I’m just
using the rode wireless go snapped on right here a little bit janky it’s fine
but if I wanted a wireless lav I could hide that under here slip this low guy
into my pocket I’m not sure where the best hiding spot for the receiver is for
the road wireless go but I’ll keep experimenting with that so yeah I tried
it on the road go system and it works really well now I haven’t been able to
figure out our smooth convenient way to mount it so that it’s in that invisible
stitch line and it is thin enough that it could be hidden if all these wireless
audio options come to fruition well that’s gonna be a huge deal for moto
vloggers I get messages and comments from those guys all the time and they’re
looking for the perfect camera you can shoot 360 or 4k wide up there if you
need low-light maybe the one in a sensor and then you’ve got your wireless mic
solution that’s pretty cool there’s night shot and that’s another example of
some great potential again once that one-inch sensor gets that firmware
update I can’t wait to film with this thing it should look really good in
low-light conditions so here’s a little video sample of the 1r 360 mod versus
the max versus the 1x this is the instant 361 R this is an audio test
audio test one two three or this is the GoPro max audio test one
two three four this is the insta 360 1x are your test one two three four in my
first impressions it looks like the 1r is the clear winner
the GoPro Max is just way too contrast II and honestly I look pitch-black it
looks terrible between the One X and the one R I think
the 1 R takes it I can definitely notice a bit of that quality improvement now a
lot of people were concerned about the stitch line so was I the one X is super
thin and it was so good with that invisible selfie stick and you can never
really see that merged line between the two lenses
well so far again beta firmwares and software but it looks pretty good in
this shot I’m holding out the invisible selfie stick and it looks invisible you
really can’t see it unless you look for the shadow and then as for the stitch
line blur well it looked like it was a little apparent here and there but you
have to be really looking for it another small but appreciated update it looks
like we can quick charge the battery up to 80% in half an hour and it’s USB
type-c so that’s really nice so now on to some of the cons I’ve found so far I
don’t love the shape it just still feels a little bulky and heavy and design
again this one could easily slide into my pocket this it can but it’s just a
little bit less comfortable one of my favorite features of the One X was that
quarter-twenty tripod mount built right in and there’s not one here on the one
arm they give us this little cage that we can snap it in and then mount from
there but to go in and out and then swapping out the mods is just that extra
step that I don’t really love I heard some people say that they’re stripped
out but I’ve had it two of these worked on pretty heavy over the past year and a
half and I’ve never had it stripped out so maybe some people were just over
tightening I’m not sure I just wish that they had fit one of these maybe into
this battery or into the brain somewhere that will been really convenient again I
saw that extended battery pack has those fingers mounted right into it it looks
like so for me that might be a have maybe if they put a little USB port
on the battery pack to charge it itself separately if you have a few of these
lying around and be kind of nice and then probably my biggest wishlist items
I was really hoping for a 360 lens of higher resolution of 5.7 K which is the
same as the One X which means our exports from this are still limited at
1080p I was really hoping we could export in 4k video but that doesn’t seem
to be here just yet now I’m not sure if this is a pricing or cost issue or
sizing I’m hoping to get my hands on that Koo cam 8k which is like a bigger
1x version so make sure you subscribe and stick around for that video coming
soon a lot of people are saying was this may be a good idea in concept but
realistically they don’t want to be swapping mods and lenses in and out
especially if it’s mounted in a case most people were just hoping for a new
and improved 1x model with higher resolution like I said exporting that
video files 4k better sound with external mic support waterproofing and a
built in screen well what do you know as I say those things out loud this sort of
checks the boxes on almost all of those things now do I think I’ll be going out
on every shoe with all these mods in my pocket probably not but what’s nice is
for each use case scenario I’m thinking oh well do I need 360 well I’ll just
grab this one and go maybe if I’m going out on a trip well then yeah I’ll toss
them all in my camera bag it’s not a big deal
and they don’t take up much space or wait maybe a future proofs the purchase
a little bit since they can always come out with more mods and add-ons down the
road and then instead of buying a whole new camera system you’re just buying
that one or two new mod which is kind of cool so yeah if I had two or three
different cameras all juggling on one project that’s three different SD cards
having a juggle and copy them over to the computer and try to keep it
organized it’s a bit of a nightmare to have it all sort on one micro SD card as
super sweet it makes it easier for copying files over to let’s say my phone
while editing on the go trimming exporting for some social posts less
batteries to carry around is one battery system one charging cable it’s pretty
sweet and I think I’m loving it born the more I get a play with it it’s sort
of fun to compare the pricing on the GoPro eight we’re around four hundred
dollars the max we’re at five hundred so we’re at nine hundred bucks now if you
get the one our twin Edition two plus the one-inch mod you’re at seven hundred
and eighty so that’s quite a bit cheaper than packaging those three other cameras
together so this is the insta 361 R and some comparisons versus some of the top
competition now thank you guys so much for watching and again I’m sorry for all
the other little details I might have missed make sure you comment below on
what you want to see in my next video I’ll be sure to update you on this one
inch sensor as soon as I can all links to the cameras and mods will be down
below don’t forget to add me on Instagram where I post all my behind the
scenes and sneak peeks of upcoming projects and of course if you’re new
around here consider hitting that subscribe I con to stay notified of my
upcoming tech videos I post every single week until I see you next time guys
let’s live off

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