Instagram export settings (Adobe Lightroom)

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let me ask you a question have you ever gone on vacation or just out and about
you took your camera with you and you took some awesome pictures you took the
time to you know get those settings just right you put that picture on your
computer and once you’re done with the edit it looks awesome
so you know you put it on your phone you upload it to Instagram and I just
doesn’t look that great well in this video I’m going to share with you my
export settings for Instagram photos to get those sharp awesome looking photos
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appreciate it alright so you’ve gone out and you’ve taken some amazing pictures
and now you’re done with the edit and Lightroom and you want to export that
photo for Instagram so what do you need to do well my recommendation is the very
first thing you need to do is right-click on that picture and create a
virtual copy why do you want to do this well for me sometimes I go back to these
photos for prints or for future use and I don’t want to have to go and uncropped
so I like to have the original edit and then one that’s cropped for Instagram so
make a virtual copy once you’re done with that you’re gonna want to crop the
photo into a 4 by 5 aspect ratio the reason you want to do this is because
that’s the largest photo that Instagram allows you to post and it takes up the
most real estate on the feed when someone’s scrolling so we’re gonna go up
to crop and we’re gonna click on that and then we’re gonna click 4 by 5 now
when you’re in the vertical setting it’s automatically gonna crop to that 4 by 5
vertical but what if you have a horizontal landscape you’ve taken you’ve
taken a really beautiful landscape and but you don’t want to post a horizontal
picture you want to take out the most real estate on Instagram well again
you’re gonna click 4 by 5 but it’s going to default to that horizontal 4 by 5 so
to get it to the vertical just click X and then you can adjust that to Center
it just the way you want it but another recommendation I have for
you is if you’re taking landscape photos the best way is to do it in that
horizontal setting but if you know ahead of time you’re going to go ahead and
post that picture on Instagram what I recommend is knowing that shoot vertical
just for a few shots so you can have that perfect vertical shot for Instagram
now that you’re done with the Edit and you’ve cropped it for Instagram let’s go
ahead and export that photo so right click and hit export now you need to
choose the destination of where you want that photo to end up I
just go ahead and choose desktop for now for this example now we need to choose a
custom name go ahead and hit custom name and then if you’re exporting numerous
photos for Instagram go ahead and hit edit and then I like to go underscore IG
that way if I’m exporting multiple photos for instagrams
when they export they all say IG at the end so I know what they’re for
so go ahead and hit done let’s scroll down now and take a look at the file
settings for our export you want to make sure you choose JPEG and then now
there’s some difference in opinion here I like to keep the quality at a hundred
percent some people say lower it so around
seventy five seventy six percent but you know you’re just gonna have to mess
around to see what works best for you I always leave it a hundred percent but
let me know what you do down in the comments section below now for color
space you want to make sure you choose srgb that’s the default color settings
for all monitors whether it’s a phone or computer so make sure you’re choosing
srgb next we want to look at image sizing this is the most important part
of our export for our Instagram image we want to choose a short edge and then we
want to make sure that short edge is a hundred and eighty pixels okay guys
future Jarrod ear editing the video and I notice I kept saying a hundred and
eighty pixels I don’t know why I kept saying that it’s supposed to be 1080
pixels so every time I say a hundred and eighty pixels just no I meant 1080
pixels so when you’re resizing the short edge and needs to be 1080 or if it’s
horizontal it needs to be the long edge at 1080 just whatever the width is needs
to be 1080 pixels not a hundred and eighty stupid I don’t know why I kept
saying that anyway back to the video the reason for this is right on instagrams
website it tells us it allows us to upload photos from anywhere from 320 to
180 pixels in width so a hundred and eighty pixels in width is the max width
we can upload to Instagram so because we’re doing that vertical and we want
that short edge the width of that vertical to be a hundred and eighty
pixels now on the flip side if you are doing a horizontal
picture we want to make sure the long edge because it’s a horizontal picture
the width is the lone edge we want to make sure that long edge is a hundred
and eighty pixels again this is so important that you do this when you’re
exporting images for Instagram because again right on their website
they tell us that if we upload images larger than a hundred and eighty pixels
and width they will downsize it and we want to
limit Instagram messing with our image after that we can mess around with the
pixels per inch I keep mine at 100 pixels per inch
again this is personal preference let me know down in the comments what you do
but there’s really no need to go higher than a hundred pixels per inch since
we’re not printing now after that we go down to image sharpening some people
don’t sharpen I do I sharpen for screen and I leave it at high again this is
personal preference and let me know down in the comments what you do alright now
that we’re done with all our export settings we can go ahead and export that
image onto our computer but now we need to get that image from our computer to
our phones so how do we do that it’s super easy if you’re on a Mac you can go
ahead and airdrop it to your phone it’s gonna airdrop the full resolution export
you just did on your phone whatever you do do not text it to yourself do not
email it to yourself because it’s going to compress that image and then when you
go to upload that image onto Instagram you’re gonna be uploading a compressed
image and we do not want to do that so airdrop it to your phone if you’re on a
Mac but what if you’re not on a Mac what if you’re on a PC well the best way to
do this I recommend uploading it to Dropbox and then downloading it from
Dropbox on your phone because it will download the full resolution image so
you can upload it to Instagram alright guys so those are my export settings in
Lightroom for Instagram photos I know there’s a ton of different opinions and
different ways to do this let me know down in the comments section how you
export your photos for Instagram but if you got some value out of this video do
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