Instagram Photoshoot (Part 2) **what we do for instagram

– So we just kinda got in trouble for taking pictures with the cars. They’re like you can’t do that. (laughing) So, we’re sorry, we’re so sorry. We’re gonna leave. Hi guys! (rewind sound effect) – [Ellie] Whoa, you are far away. I need to zoom this in. – [Marissa] Oh I got my pinkies, I got it. – [Ellie] Oh yeah, Ellie, innovative. Yas, queen. (camera shutter clicks) – Hey guys, what’s up? Welcome back to my channel. So today, we’re at– – [Ellie] Okay, stop it. – Okay. – [Ellie] (laughs) (camera shutter clicks) (camera shutter clicks) – [Marissa] This is a fun shot! What is this hair doing? What? – Wanna play truth or dare? – Yeah. – I dare you to go do five jumping jacks. – Oh my gosh, okay. – [Ellie] Bye! Where’d she go? – Wait, go really slow. ♪ Kiki, do you love me, are you riding ♪ – [Ellie] (laughs) – ♪ Never ever leave from beside me, ♪ ♪ Cause I want you, and I need you ♪ – [Ellie] Ooh! – That was a really bad demonstration, but it was improv so I
think I did really good. – [Ellie] Improv. (laughs) – Seatbelt. We were going two miles
per hour, it’s fine guys. (both laughing) Okay, we just got to a random car lot, and there’s some old cars here, like look at that, and we’re gonna take one in front of it. I changed my shirt again, so, here we go! We’re gonna take it in front of this car. Isn’t this cool, guys? (light cheerful music) Oh, Ellie. (laughing) There’s a car coming. – [Ellie] “Oh, Ellie!” You scared me. (car engine rumble) – [Marissa] Sorry! – [Ellie] Sorry. – Ah! Guys, I’m ashamed. – [Ellie] They were
watching us, full-time. – Yeah. – [Ellie] They were watching us! – Like “Ellie, it’s fine!” – [Ellie] I’m like, “Just hop up!” – So, we just kind of got in trouble for taking pictures with the cars. We may have got on the hood of it, and they’re like, “You can’t do that.” – [Ellie] (laughs) – So, we’re like, “We’re
sorry! We’re so sorry! We’re gonna leave!” – We may have gotten on the hood. – Yeah, so, we’re gonna
go to another location. We never get in trouble taking pictures! – Ever! Like at school, or– – That’s like the first time. – Yeah. – So, there’s a first for anything. For everything. Wow. (laughs) If you guys want to learn how
to do a magic shirt trick, I’m changing into this camo– – [Ellie] Oh my heck,
we’re not watching this. Marissa’s changing in front of the camera! – It’s a magic shirt trick, so you put it over your original shirt, I have actually two shirts under this cause it’s gonna see through,
so it’s a black shirt under. And then you grab two shirts, it’s a little bit of effort, through the first shirt, and just make your heart beat out of your chest. (laughing) Wooo! – [Ellie] Then you take it off! – I haven’t been looking at
your eyes this whole time. We’re gonna go take a dumpster pic. Let’s go. This is our location. (laughs) Flip this over. Oh! How? – [Ellie] Let’s get it before we roll. – [Marissa] Oh, you smartie! – [Ellie] I can say I
moved a garbage today. – Hee hee hee! – That was so smoothly, actually. (jazzy piano music) – We got it! ♪ Who’s that sexy thing I see over there ♪ ♪ That’s me ♪ ♪ Standing in the mirror ♪ ♪ What’s that thing
hanging round my neck ♪ ♪ That’s gold ♪ ♪ Show me some respect ♪ ♪ Oh I, I thank ♪ (car door shuts) ♪ Every day ♪ (laughing) ♪ If I was you, I’d wanna be me too ♪ ♪ I’d wanna be me too,
I’d wanna be me too ♪ ♪ If I was you, I’d wanna be me too ♪ ♪ I’d wanna be me too, I’d wanna be me ♪ I look good. ♪ Too! ♪ (laughing) Did you think we forgot? What if I vlogged like this, and I looked at your cheek though That one’s our favorite! – [Ellie] That one’s good.
I like her long legs. – We’re literally laughing for no reason. (bell tolls) We just walked past the stairs. It’s like the Rocky stairs. Anybody got that joke? So, we have some gold doors. Gonna take some pictures. We’ve got the city. Yeet! Whoa! Can you do this, Ellie? Whoa! Do it with me. – Whoa! – Hold, get up. – Marissa? – [Marissa] Camera’s on you this time. (calm electronic music) Sorry. – [Man] It’s alright.
Did a family go inside? – [Marissa] Oh, yeah, it’s uh… (electronic music) – [Ellie] Pretty! – [Marissa] Pretty! – Should we just get one from below? – [Ellie] Yeah. Cute. That one’s cute. – Yeah. – Marissa’s in the bathroom. I miss her. I miss her. Love you! I miss you. – Now we’re gonna do some
stuff on the stairwell. Let’s do it! Oh, sorry! – No you’re good, you’re good, sorry. – [Ellie] ♪ Girl, put your records on ♪ – [Marissa] ♪ give me your favorite song ♪ (electronic music continues) – We feel like such bloggers. But we’re like 16 and we
don’t know what we’re doing. But we’re doing what they do. – We’re walking around in the city. – In the city. – In the city. – [Marissa] This would actually be cool. – Yeah. Let’s actually try it. – Yeah? – [Ellie] Girl, I just don’t
like it when you do that. – What do you mean? – Stop it, you’re doing it right now. – What the heck? – Ellie, stop! – Stop acting innocent. (laughing) – We’re trying to have
a real argument here but you guys are just making it worse. – [Ellie] You guys are so nice. – And I’m holding the camera down here. We are going to a record shop. They have lots of records and
cute little picture places. – [Ellie] Thank you. – [Marissa] Whoa. So many. – [Ellie] And the famous spot. – [Marissa] Records. It’s the famous spot where everybody here takes their photos. Like, out? (indistinct music plays in store) Bye! (electronic music) – I’m gonna take this jacket off. It’s too much. – I hope you guys enjoyed this video, make sure to give it a thumbs up. We had so much fun doing this whole day, it’s like 1:30 right now, we’ve been going for like 7 hours! – Woo! – We’re kind of delusional, we’ve been laughing about everything. Hopefully you guys know us a bit better, and see you next time! – See ya! – Bye! Also go follow us on Instagram! (electronic music fades)

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