Instagram Seamless MULTI-PHOTO EDITING the RIGHT Way!

– What is up y’all? Taylor Moore here. It is great to see you on
this beautiful morning. This weekend I was shooting
some photos for Instagram for a company called MVMT, not a sponsor of this
video but maybe soon. MVMT, possibly? And I thought it might be fun to spice up my Instagram posts a little bit by taking a product photography shot and applying more of
a panorama multi-photo approach to it on Instagram. It’s pretty cool right? Something different,
something you don’t see every day in product photography. Well after doing this I thought, I could take this to the next level if I were to use the optimal Instagram 5:4 aspect ratio. But it is a little bit more complicated in the editing process. So today, we’re moving fast, and we’re gonna see if we
can knock out a tutorial on how to do this in
just under a few minutes. Let’s dive right in. So first thing’s first, we of course need to edit the photo. And then we need to size it properly to chop it up into the total number of photos we want. I personally like to do
all of my photo edits in Lightroom Classic. So jumping in there, I’m
using a preset as my base. In this case, from Peter
McKinnon’s latest collection, and editing it to fit the project. So after quite a number of tweaks and adjustments and hue shifts, that’s right about where I want it. So now that the main photo is done, we need to lock in that
correct aspect ratio to set it up to be chopped up for this multi-photo post. The optimal ratio to take up
as much of that real estate on the Instagram timeline as possible, is going to be 5:4. That’s five tall by four wide, which equates to 1350 by 1080. So if you wanna use two photos to create this sliding
Instagram photo effect, we’re going to need two 5:4 photos next to each other. So the five of that aspect
ratio isn’t changing, the height’s gonna remain the same, but the width is going to change because we’re now doubling it. So instead of four, it’s now going to be doubled to eight. If you wanted to do three photos, it would now be four times three, so it would be twelve. It would then be five by twelve. In this case, we’re just
doing a two photo set up. So it’s going to be five by eight. So go ahead and go to the crop tool, click on the aspect
ratio and select custom. From there, because this
is a two image post. We’re going to enter five by eight. Now if it ends up showing
the crop vertically just hit the X on your keyboard and it’ll rotate that crop. So now stretch that crop
all the way to the edges, make sure it’s centered properly, and there you go. This is what your photo
is ultimately going to look like when you post it. So we’re now done with the basic edit, the next step is going to be to chop it up into it’s different pieces. So head up to the menu bar, you’re gonna hit photo, edit in, and edit in Photoshop. This is also a great time to use Photoshop’s spot healing
brush tool to remove any imperfections or
blemishes in your photo before we go ahead and
chop it up and export. Now for the easiest part, in the left-hand bar,
you’ll see the crop tool. Click on that, hold it to
reveal the drop-down menu, and choose the slice tool. We’re now clicking and dragging over the entire image. So you’ll see a yellow box show up around the entire photo with some small icons
in the top left corner. Right-click on those icons
and click divide slice. We’re dividing this vertically, so go ahead and check the
divide vertically into box and type the number two
for the number of slices. Now if you’ve prepped
your photo’s aspect ratio for three photos, go ahead
and enter three here, if you prepped it for four, enter four, and so on and so forth. The slicer tool is now going to automatically divide your photo vertically into that number of sections. So making sure you get that aspect ratio correct at the beginning
is going to be crucial. Go ahead and click okay and look at that, divides your photo equally into the number of sections needed to create your Instagram post. So we’re pretty much all wrapped up now. Now all we need to do is export each of those individual slices. So go ahead and go to file, export, save for web, this is going to be the most straightforward
slice export method, set your file type to JPEG, I reduce the quality to 80%
just to reduce the file size and we’re going to set the height to 1350. We know the height’s
always going to be 1350 and when you edit it, the width dimension is automatically going to adjust properly. Click save and at the bottom
you’re going to see slices. Make sure that it is set to all slices and click save again. You get this beautiful little folder, wherever you chose to save it, and if you open that, look at that, you’ve got
all your photos chopped up ready to go for Instagram. Now you just need to get those photos to your phone. So I personally do this via Airdrop. It’s super easy going
from my iMac to my iPhone, using Airdrop but you
can use dropbox, email, whatever works best for you. Now just the posting process. In Instagram, create a new post, now before you do anything else, make sure you hit the expand button in the middle left of the screen, this is going to ensure that you take full advantage of that
five by four aspect ratio. And hit the multi-photo icon. Select the photos in the correct order, from left to right, make sure they’re numbered correctly. Hit next, make sure they’re flowing in the correct order and also make sure that
there’s no filters applied. This is really, of
course, going to screw up your look if one of the photos ends up having a filter on it. Hit next again, add all the info you want, maybe even throw in a few hashtags to make it discoverable by the world. You can check it just one more time to make sure it looks as it should. And if you see almost
a weird black vignette or discoloration of one of the two photos right at the dividing point, this does happen sometimes. I’m not sure why, it
happened to me only once, but it wasn’t visible when I
ended up actually posting it. And that is it y’all. Seamless multi-photo post optimized for the the five by four aspect ratio. And it’s scalable if you
wanna use three photos, four photos or even more than that. Get out there and give it a try. Use the hashtag #TM4KTUTORIAL, so I can see what you guys create. Coming out with me and
follow me on Instagram, I’d love to see you guys out there. And I’ll catch you in the next video.

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