Instagram Video Editing Apps (2019!)

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  1. These were very helpful. I'm a newbie to film making. I'm starting off with sharing the travel experiences of myself and my friends. Check out our IG at @gobrowswhotravel

  2. This is very good info!! Thank you so much! I am @EverywhereNYC on Instagram and I am just learning how to edit. THANK U

  3. Hello. This is helpful. BUT, precisely, Which 2 apps do you recommend that will enable me to take a YouTube video, edit it for Instagram / IGTV on both layout and speed?

  4. Justin, the beauty about inShot (at least on Android) is the one-click to change/fit the canvas/format and add vertical or horizontal bars to make your video 1:1 or 9:16 and add some text to those bars. The video is ready for Instagram in just one or two minutes.

  5. You have help me alot during the past years omg and I'm glad u look out for we the Android ……
    I will always support u ❤️ definitely ❤️ 💗

  6. Please suggest android alternative to

    I can't find it on android
    Please help me
    I cannot auto subtitle video & make progress bar video on my android

  7. Hey Justin. Have you tried Kapwing? Do you have a tutorial on it?

    PS. I have a new Instagram account where I'm following you @colinjclapp

  8. You do a great job explaining kinemaster and video director that I did both!! 🙈 And before finding video director I got frustrated with the other free apps bc I couldn't do everything that I wanted (thanks to you showing and explaining how easy these were)
    Do you know of an app for Android (specifically) that has similar concept and functions as the cleaner app that iPhone users can use for IG?? 🤷

  9. Hi Justin,
    For Cute Cut or Luma can you slow down and speed up the video or parts of the video? Like for working out, when doing the reps can I slow down that part then speed up the resting time?

  10. I really want to drag and drop clips in the order i want. Do you know of a free app that does this for Android plus adding my own soundtrack. Thanks

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