Instalare camera de bord Junsun S590

Hello, my dears! Today I finally managed to install the back camera of my dash cam and I’ll show you how I did it It can be adjusted, to have a perfect angle I decided to put it exactely in the center of the rear window I chose to mask the cable as best I could do but I did not use this rubber tube to insert the data cable through it because it was much easier for me to choose this option and to do it like this it is not the most elegant and beautiful, but it was the fastest I managed to make a small spaec between this plastic and the glass and push the cable through I do not know if it is visible but I used a rubber tube to protect the data cable in time same thing here … I am trying to focus, but it takes a bit of time. it’s from a plastic tube I basically masked the cable all over this part here I passed it on the outside and now I choosed this option where the cable passes below this plastic ornament I had to remove a screw from here to allow me to make a small gap now I’m going to get all this cable over there masked beautifully, going down to the bottom, and to the door further now this whole portion is accessible going to cross the cable here I’ll go down with it and from here I would somehow pass under this plastic to the front I’m almost finished with the installation in this part I have to carry the cable around here, to the front If the access will be difficult, you can force it a little bit with a screwdriver as much as to allow you to put the cable under the ornament I passed it thorugh and from here, I came with it on the outside and put it in this part because it seemed more difficult for me to get past the rubber band it comes through here through this whole portion and goes back there to insert the cable below this ornament you will need to remove this cover with AIRBAG, which hides that screw It has some very simple clips, I would say you must have something very thin to get behind (it will be very close) as much as you can pull it a little so you have access to push these bumpers with the tip of a screwdriver I used a cutter blade and I removed it, then I pressed the two plastic bumpers with the tip of a screwdriver I passed the cable under this whole portion (it is very well fitted) It took me a lot to be able to hide it and here I forced it and lifted the plastic and I passed the cable from this side to the other side we have reached the point where we must bring the power supply to the dash cam above the mirror, the front/main cam we have a port here, where we have to connect the back cam i will try to cross the cable here, through the ornament for this I had to remove the AIRBAG lid from the top it is the same system (same lid) as the one from the back I will remove the main screw, pull off this mask and try to insert the cable behind the mask You have to keep in mind that when the car wiper is in use you need to make sure it cleans the windscreen in front of the car lens and in the same time consider having access to the camera buttons. I had the windshield cracked, they replaced it and when they mounted the camera it was too much on the right I had it around here… and I was having access to buttons, it didn’t block my view and the wipper was doing his job basically what you should do is make sure it cleans the windscreen but in my case there is no problem because the right wipper, does his job This is how the final process will look like if you notice the cable is inserted there and it goes to the left and now by removing this cover I can go with the cables masked below the ornament and not as I had it initially placed I will go with it to the bottom and continue from where is it now Yes, I will go with the cable below the ornament, I will pass it through here, on the edge of the windscreen to the main camera.

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