Install Android 11 on Your Google Pixel Right Now [How-to]

Hey what’s up everybody it’s Dallas with Gadget
Hacks. And today I’m gonna show you how to manually
flash Android 11 on your Google Pixel. Now at the time of this video, Google just
dropped the first developer preview build of Android 11. Thing is, this isn’t the beta, so you can’t
just opt in on Google’s website and get the update like a regular OTA. What you have to do instead is flash the Android
11 images in fastboot. So first things first, your Pixel’s bootloader
will need to be unlocked if you want to do this. If you haven’t unlocked your bootloader yet,
it’s pretty easy. Just head to the full tutorial linked out
in the description below for help with that part. But as long as you have an unlocked bootloader,
a USB cable, and a computer, you’re good to go. First, head to Scroll down a bit and find your device’s download
link in this little table. You’re gonna have to agree to the terms of
service, but then just hit the download button. It’s a big file, so it will take a little
while to download. Once it’s finished, go ahead and extract the
contents of the ZIP with your favorite archive utility. I’m using 7 Zip if you need a rec. When you’re done there, just take note of
where that folder is since you’ll need it later. But now, head to Google’s SDK platform tools
download page. You can just google that, or you can use the
full tutorial where I have all the links set up for you. What you want to do here is scroll down and
click the link for your operating system. This one’s a much smaller file, so it should
only take a second to download. Now, extract that ZIP just like you did with
the other one. Open the folder it creates….. then highlight
all the files in here and press control-X. Now, head to the folder where you extracted
those firmware files and press control-v to paste all that stuff in here. Here’s where it gets really simple. If you want to do things by the book, all
you’d have to do now is double click this “flash-all.bat” file and hook your phone up
in fastboot mode. BUT, that would wipe all your data. You’d lose your apps and files and have to
start over. It does that because you’re upgrading from
one major OS version to another, and it’s a really early version too, so having leftover
app data and other files from Android 10 might cause a bug here and there. But the thing is, it probably won’t. And even if you change your mind, you can
always just factory reset the phone after you update to Android 11. So to avoid that data wipe, right-click the
flash-all.bat file and choose “Edit” from the context menu. This will open it in a text editor, and this
might look a little intimidating, but all you need to worry about in here is this “hyphen-W”
towards the bottom. Delete that, then just close the bat file
and click save when prompted. Now you can go ahead and double click the
flash-all.bat file. A command window will open up and it should
say “Waiting for any device.” So let’s get the phone hooked up. Okay, so on the phone side of things, start
by shutting your Pixel down completely. Then, hold down the volume down button, and
while you’re still holding it down, long-press the power button. Kinda like you’re taking a screenshot. This will boot your phone into bootloader
mode eventually, and you’ll know you’re good when you see a menu like this. Don’t press anything, though. Instead, just hook your phone up to your computer
with a USB cable, and that Waiting for Any Device prompt should start flashing the update
automatically. It’ll take about 10 minutes in total, but
the phone will automatically reboot when it’s done. That first time booting up will probably take
a lot longer than usual, but don’t freak out. Give it another 10 minutes if needed. But at this point, you should be all set to
try out Android 10. If you need any help with any bumps in the
road, be sure to check out the full tutorial over on Gadget Hacks dot com. And as always, we’d appreciate it if you would
like and comment on this video and subscribe to our channel. So we’ll see you again next time folks, but
until then… happy gadget hacking.

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