Interfit Badger Unleashed – BTS Photoshoot – Bombshell Tattoo Artist Keira

let’s explain or setup yes we have we
have the brand-new honey badger Unleased which are performing so one thing that
we’re using as our main key light here we’ve got it on a 28 inch beauty dish
gritted right so we’ve got that nice sharp tone and then the back we’ve got
another honey badger set of exact same power on a snoot and that’s focusing
that light right on the background in a focus pattern so it’s not spilling wide
and it’s just giving us that pure luck yeah it’s perfect for the look that
we’re going for yeah so two honey badgers is all did one
for the background and the background is just more of an aesthetic choice right
yeah we just wanted a dark kind of textured background that saves us from
hanging in a texture later on but makes it super easy to shoot I mean like we’re
just testing light actually right then when I look at the back of the camera
just on the light test like the lighting pattern I’m like I don’t think we even
need to go see farther so no it’s looking great all right so let me tell you the thought
process what we have going on here right now we actually are subtracting light we
use a basically a flag just again what we’re using just a black reflector it’s
subtracting light to give it kind of that dark and grungy look that we’re
looking for and also we’ve been using another flag covering part of the top of
the beauty dish to actually cut something light back from that as well
it’s worked really really well yes so Steve what you’re saying without this
flagging that light off which is just a lot of reflector that we put up onto a
stand it just cuts off and it creates a nice modeling here and then as you’re
shooting I’m actually holding this blocking off half of that beauty dish so
that just like half the light it’s almost like a Halfmoon beauty dish and
it just creates a really nice fall off that we find and then again the snoot
right above here we forgot to bring our seven inch cone Steve went I got a I got
snoot in my bag and so we pulled that out and it works perfect just give it
just enough light on this background to give a little separation for the air and
I mean this is literally a beauty dish over the subject right just straight on
your lenses right when Steve shooting his lens is right here underneath that
beauty dish and we’re getting fabulous results so here’s the one thing I don’t
understand about tattoos Wow there I don’t know how people handle them
no I don’t know so all we should get rid of them

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