Introducción a Adobe Photoshop Lightroom – Domestika Basics de Juan Achiaga

Hi, I’m Juan Achiaga,
fashion photographer. I’ve been in the photo and editing
industry for over 10 years working on all kinds of projects
related to the world of fashion. I use Lightroom
to organize my photos and for the highest quality
developed photos. Lightroom is a program designed
to help professionals and enthusiasts with image treatment
and post-production. In just one program,
you’ll organize material for the display, management,
and editing of your digital photos. This Domestika Basic Lightroom series
has five courses to help you master the program. In the first, we’ll look at Lightroom
and its catalog, its modules,
interface, library module and how to import photos. I’ll teach you quick development,
adding key words and metadata and creating
simple and intelligent collections. In the second, I’ll teach you
classification methods to aid image selection. We’ll look at stack groupings
and virtual copies. I’ll teach you to retrieve photos
that aren’t in the catalog, to add your logo or watermark,
to geolocalize your images and we’ll look at different options
for exporting your photos. In the third course, we’ll
look at lens adjustment, use the Cut tool and the histogram. We’ll look at calibration
and the camera profile, presets and basic settings. I’ll show you Tone Curve,
one of the most comprehensive tools. We’ll look at how to change color
with the HSL color tab and split tones. In the fourth,
we’ll explore development, we’ll look at focus
and noise reduction, I’ll teach you vignetting effects
and adding grain to your images. We’ll look at quick development
with masks and brushes and the red-eye tool. We’ll look at removing blemishes
with the Clone and Correct tools. Then, how to create panoramic
and HDR shots with the Transform tool, and the Synchronize tool to copy settings
from one photo to another. In the fifth, I’ll teach you
to create a book, a slide show, and to add music. We’ll look at settings
for printing images and will create a gallery
for your web page. You don’t need prior knowledge
of Lightroom, but basic photography knowledge
will be an advantage. You’ll need a computer with Lightroom
and some photos. This course
is for amateurs and professionals who want to explore one of the most
comprehensive photography programs. You’ll learn Lightroom easily to get the professional results
your photos deserve. Introduction
to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Learn to edit, organize, store
and share your photos like an expert Create. Share. Learn.

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