Introducing a New Kind of Audio Recorder

Woman: Remember that time when you took
notes during that meeting and then you couldn’t follow the meeting
’cause you were so busy taking notes? Or when your dad told you all 15
ingredients in his famous chili and then
you promptly forgot 12 of them? Or that time you recorded that two-hour
lecture and it turned into this? And then you couldn’t remember where to
find the part you needed to remember. It was at the beginning, right? Man: A model in which volatility is
inevitable– Woman: No, you know what, maybe it was at
the end of this long, nondescript bar. Man: The basic conceptual framework– Woman: Ugh. Everything would be so much
easier if recording got smarter. Like what if it could recognize and label
sounds as you record them? Wow, how about some applause? No, for real. Could it find applause? [music]

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  1. What if the app uses a lot more CPU just like the live caption thing which itself has a warning that it will consume more power?
    What if I want to record a live music event or just music for hours? It would be nice to have an option to turn the transcribing thing off and just have a recorder. Or maybe give the option to do that and also be able to do the transcribing in post.

  2. Honorable team google
    I think you know that everybody knows your English! I don't understand your video. Pl speak slow.
    Thanks team


  4. Please make it a paid app😝 rather than making it available only for pixel 4 or free too we won't complain… Please will make my college life much easier.

  5. iOS added this YEARS ago. Just download the Dictation app from the AppStore. The API for offline voice recording has been in iOS since many years now and Google can't even make it standard in Android. Such a shame.

  6. Only on the pixel. Any way I don't care. All the transcribers are amateur, only gets 40% of what I talk or sometimes racist (they don't recognize Indian accent properly.)

    May be it would take 30 years more to get a perfect transcriber to get perfect transcription and perfect ai to follow all of my logical commands.

  7. I'm using Huawei Mate 30 Pro and Samsung Note 10 Plus and loving this Google Recorder.
    However, it's limitations are:
    1. It can only transcript 3 minutes of your total recording
    2. Most of the times it doesn't transcribe everything it hears. Especially fast talking people. Or with loud background noises.
    Overall, super handy and I'm loving it! Hope you update this, Google.

  8. Looking through the comments and I think apple and android users want this as an app

    Me personally on iPhone and want it

  9. Google: Only on pixel 4
    Me: I've installed pixel experience on my phone and I have the feature
    Google: Am I a joke to you?
    Me: Well….. Yup

  10. I was getting ready to see how I can try it on my phone until it said "only on Pixel 4" 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  11. Ok, So I Enjoy Reading The Comments Before I View The Video:
    ● 5 Seconds To Read A Couple of Comments
    ● Zero Seconds Wasted On Watching The Video 🏃🏽‍♀️💨

  12. First , Google should Improve Design of pixel smartphone. Suggestions like Give waterdrop notch , Punch hole display, Pop camera , small bezels on top and bottom, etc. Also pricing shouldn't be Overpriced. Pricing should be Fair price.

  13. I have an acoustic model that can make speech recognition better:

    While google is pretty good at speech recognition, my model requires less than 10 * N * F additions and multiplications overall (not just O(N*F)). N denotes number of samples, F – number of frequencies; this can significantly improve battery life. And it is that good.

    And since I didn't ask for permission to copy audio, I'm going to delete it on the first request.

  14. Google, no one bought the 4, please just give it to the people that stay loyal to your ACTUAL OPERATING system, no amount of features on your new phone will make me even consider buying it, just because of the fact it isn't the type of phone I need, so please, just release it to all android users, within reason, I'm not saying releasing it to those behind 4.0 or anything.

  15. If anyone is wondering Google has made this available for pixels other than pixel 4. I've been using it on my pixel 3a, mostly for lecture recordings, and it's not bad. For a couple of my lecturer's it's almost word for word accuracy but it all depends on speed and clarity

  16. Si pues hay muchos usuarios con mi mismo problema con las alicaciones fasmas o cambiadas por ejemplo me di cuenta que galeria era globo otra pagina que sepa de donde salio y no se pueden borrar

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