11 Replies to “Introducing Aftershot Pro 3 – the world’s fastest RAW photo editor”

  1. Does it take the raw files from the Canon 5Ds and Canon L lenses and Sigma Art lenses and Tamron 70-200 VC for Canon?

  2. I've tried loading raw files from cameras that are on your compatible list, and none of them will import.  There's no preview no way of editing them.  I've tried going into preferences and deselecting the box in the import section.  But that does nothing.  So far I find this to be the number one complaint.  I was planning on buying your product, and switching over from Lightroom.  If you fix this issue I will definitely switch over.  But if I can't edit raw then it's not worth it.

  3. I say just got a pop-up message on the UNIX/Linux workstation for Corel AfterShot Pro 3 upgrade it feels faster no more problems with the Canon raw photos not appearing in the browse. I use it just for photo management browsing the photos keeping what I want. P.S. your looping YouTube music is very annoying like a scratched record. Thank you for the upgrade it is very nice. Other than that you are a very annoying company with lousy promotion.

  4. I have installed the trial version, and just doesn't show the content of any folder with canon raw files (via File System). Also doesn't import or open any Canon RAW…
    Could not find what's wrong ….
    Anyone have the same bad experience ?

  5. I have Aftershot Pro 3 and can not open Raw files. And I even paid $40 bucks for the raw file download and still nothing. Starting to wonder if I made a mistake leaving Adobe for Corel.

  6. It can't open raw files from my Sony a7-III for half of a year. Paid program should get updates for new popular cameras… I am switching to free Darktable and it is looking better overall.

  7. You'll have to add the camera profile for the raw files. On the right tabs (vertical tabs) there is a tab named *Get more. There you'll find most cameras for free.

  8. I like this program BUT my god it seems to be missing something SO needed for this type of program. One of the worst possilbe things for me when I migrated from windows to Mac was that I lost my great corel programs. I was so happy to find aftershot. But as a professional real estate agent that is taking photos every day that I need to use for web and other things it seems incredible that we can not see the size of an individual photo or resize an individual photo. So I need to open another program just to see how big a photo that I have downloaded is?? Also the HDR is not good enough there must be millions of real estate photograpers getting better and better and going over to hdr at the moment , but the hdr options are not good enough they are far oo unnatural for someone who really works with photos. Infact paintshop pro x2 had much better hdr than x7 which is very similar to this. No one likes to be a slave to adobe paying massive amounts every month and im sure if corel can improve the hdr and make it easyy to see the size of an indiviaul image and resize an individual image this program could be the best product mac using for estate agents all over the world.

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