19 Replies to “Introducing PaintShop Pro 2018 – your better, faster photo editor”

  1. ОБОЖАЮ PAINT SHOP PRO! Еще с тех времен, когда он был Jasc. Замечательный фоторедактор! Рад, что не застрял на Адоби фотошопе

  2. This advertising video is moving too fast between cuts and does not allow anyone that might be interested in purchasing very much idea to see what the program is all about.

  3. Lots of references to stuff already on my current version of paint. Terrible video, told me nothing. Must do better if I am to upgrade. Answered none of my questions.

  4. Is this the same as Paintshop Pro 9 ? cos i only bought 9 about 4 months ago. ??? whats the difference. Is this number 10????????

  5. It Sounds like Corel tries to pass the Buck to someone else when they do not fulfill their part of their bargain. They Promised as part of a special offer that I will be getting a Full version of Winzip when I ordered PaintShop Pro 2018 Ultimate. I only received a trial version. That's unacceptable. This will result into losing future bussiness. I am still waiting for the full version or give me a refund. Please beware before you buy!!!!!!!!!

  6. What with the dislikes? This is an amazing affordable software and it does things easier to figure out than Photoshop also it has features Photoshop doesn't have like seamless pattern creator, I also find the results of automatic fix much better here

  7. Think this will be my last upgrade w/Corel. They show all these cool effects in the ads to get you to buy but they can't seem to teach us how to do any of it. Tutorials are just advertisements w/no teaching. Look at this video. Ok great, now how do I create these effects? What's the point? I'm seeing there's a reason Photoshop is the go to. Corel, no one has time for your bait and sell tactics. GET IT TOGETHER!

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