Introducing the Canon EOS M200 Mirrorless Camera

What makes a camera one that you’ll
want to carry with you all the time? It’ll need to be stylish,
lightweight, and easy to use. Today, we’ll be talking about
a camera that checks all those boxes, and then some. I’m
Jon Lorentz, and I’m here to introduce Canon’s new mirrorless
camera — the Canon EOS M200. Canon cameras, of course, give
you the ability to create stunning and eye-catching photos,
but some people don’t know that Canon cameras often
create beautiful videos, as well. And the EOS M200 is no exception.
It has a 24 megapixel sensor, which for stills means you’ll get
greater detail and resolution than a typical smartphone, and that’s
even when enlarging or cropping. For video, that sensor means
you’ll be able to shoot 4K movies with that same beautiful image clarity. With a normal ISO speed
up to 25,600, you can prevent camera shake or subject blurring
even when lighting is sparse. Dual Pixel CMOS AF and
Eye Detection AF Servo are available in both still and
video shooting modes. You’ll be able to capture natural expressions and movement while
the camera follows the subject, or subject’s eye, with high
precision — especially helpful when photographing at a shallow
depth of field to optically blur a background and draw even more
attention to your subject. With features like vertical movie
shooting, and the 180-degree tilting LCD screen, the EOS M200
makes it easy to achieve beautiful self portraits, or
record video ready for vertical social media platforms without
the need for any conversion or editing software. The EOS M200 has
built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Simply follow the on-camera
instructions to pair the camera with the Canon Camera Connect App
on your smart device, and start sharing images and movies. Adjustments like ISO, white
balance, f-stop, shutter speed can be intimidating at first. The EOS M200 has Creative Assist to help. It simplifies these features into
more relatable terms like “Brightness” or “Background
Blur,” so you can more easily make your selections and get
the shot just the way you’d like. And Feature Assistant enables
easy-to-understand screens that help demystify camera settings
and functions with visual examples. On top of all of that,
the EOS M200 is an interchangeable lens camera,
so you can use the entire Canon EF-M lens lineup to suit your
needs. This means the EOS M200 can truly grow with you as you
expand your photography. And with the optional
Mount Adapter EF-EOS M, you’ll be able to utilize any of
Canon’s EF and EF-S lenses. When it comes down to it,
the Canon EOS M200 is a lightweight camera with powerful features,
interchangeable lens options, and stunning image and
video results no matter which adventure you take it on. Be sure to subscribe, stay
connected, and comment! For Canon, I’m Jon Lorentz.
Thanks for watching. ♪♪♪

71 Replies to “Introducing the Canon EOS M200 Mirrorless Camera”

  1. 24fps is back??? Thanks for not using Canon Cripple Hammer this time!

    Update: no dual pixel autofocus in 4k. Cropped for 4k. There goes the hammer again 🙁

  2. I want the features on my canon m50 like eye detection in video, 4k dual pixel and other which you are giving in cheaper camera and camera with same sensor and processor . I want firmware update

  3. No Mic input again. There you go again making sure you cripple a new release. It’s sucks Vloging with built in mics, you know this Canon but you don’t listen.

  4. Canon, please make new EF lenses. We need an updated EF 50 1.4 for years !. We need more EF middle-cheap wide angle lenses. We need light lenses. We need lenses without moving front element and etc.

  5. What is the meaning behind it? Why should you buy this camera and not the m50? Same 24mp sensor and not much different. We want more ef -m lenses!!!!

  6. Hi, is there any way to digital zoom in 1080p mode (as the sensor is plenty enough pixels). I.e, can I shoot 1080p, 1.5 time zoomed, Dual Pixel AF? I don't need 4k, but extra zoom is always nice.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks! 🙂

  7. I see it has 24 fps at 4K but I saw specs on B&H Photo and there was no mention of 24 fps in 1080p…only indicated 60/30 fps. Is this true????

  8. No way would I ever buy a camera without an integrated EVF. I dumped Canon in favor of Sony because the face detect of the 6D2 was only good in live view using the LCD…. I am totally happy with my Sony A7iii and A6400… Sold my last piece of Canon gear today with absolutely no regrets…

  9. I don't like to criticize, I really don't. Especially on social media networks where toxic attitudes stylishly run wild. I try to live by the mantra "If you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all" so please take this as constructive criticism…

    You have the resources of literally the world's biggest camera manufacturer at your disposal, with, I would assume, a studio. You can film practically anything, right? You could have put anything in your background, so why you went with a green screen is beyond me, but hey. it's a good clean key, so whatever.

    But why..??? Why THAT background? If this were a low-budget youtuber channel, I wouldn't have said a thing, but…c'mon, Canon…c'mon.

    I'm FAR from an expert…I've made some really BAD videos, and I am an amateur…but, I'm not in the business of selling cameras. You have the opportunity to make every video that you produce a commercial for your products, and this looks really amateurish.

  10. Great, having bought the g7xiii just a under a month ago I’m feeling like Canon has tricked me into buying a camera that can’t focus.

  11. Another crippled Canon Camera, with all the technology from 1997! What a waste of pixels watching this, mind you they probably cropped the 4k by so much that there was only 6 pixels left!

  12. Odd you are trying to pit it against a mobile phone as this is far from a direct comparison, If you think anyone will buy this over a phone if they need a phone, how wrong you are, you might as well sell them a brick as it's as good at making calls as this camera. Canon, really?

  13. Which camera would you recommend for wildlife photography? Take into account that I use super long telephotos (actually tamron 150-600) … I have been using the Canon 5dsr, but it's turning kind of old…. any suggestions?

  14. Does people actually buying this for artificial background blur? Just buy another lens 🤦‍♀️ 🤦‍♂️

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