73 Replies to “Investigation Continues Into Helicopter Crash That Killed Kobe Bryant, 8 Others”

  1. He's dead let him and all the others rest don't you think reliving it for these families everytime they turn on anything its blasted everywhere let them heal….man

  2. Why the well was that special clearance given? The sheriffs grounded there’s, so if law enforcement did wtf was anyone allowed to?

  3. Wait-a-minute, they say the frickin helicopter first climbed to 2300 feet to avoid the clouds then turned left and began falling 5,000 feet per minute?? What the?? FALLING 5,000 FEET PER MINUTE AT NEARLY 200 MPH?? Do you realize what that means??? At that high rate of descent IT MEANS THE HELICOPTER FELL OUT OF THE SKY!!! It can't mean anything else!!! So the cause had to be either engine failure, ran out of fuel, or it "stalled" for some reason and the pilot put it into a nose dive in an attempt to gain lift under the rotors. What the knuckle head pilot should of done if he had everyone's safety in mind would been to turn back the way he came to avoid the dense fog, instead of circling. That's where this whole thing went array. Wrong decision, extremely poor judgement on the pilot's behalf. Let this be a lesson to everyone. Don't ever fly in fog. It's simply not worth it. You put yourself at extreme risk. This includes commercial airlines, helicopters, boating, and even driving. Why do it when it's NOT necessary?? It's simply NOT worth the risk, period! Safety ALWAYS comes first, does it not??? Personally, whenever I book a commercial airline flight, if there's dense fog, I will NOT get on the airplane!!! Does everyone remember what happen in the Canary Islands on March 27, 1977 with the KLM runway crash where over 500 people were instantly killed?? Remember that?? The cause?? You guessed it, FOG!!! If it was me I WOULD NOT OF BOARDED THAT FLIGHT!!! Extreme risk, too dangerous!!! Now just look at what happened here because of this simple thing that was discounted and ignored. Now 9 people are dead as a result. See what happens when you ignore what should be obvious! If I were Kobe, or any of the other adults on that flight, I would of yelled out to the pilot "hey man LOOK this is scaring all of us with all this fog, so if you don't mind let's just immediately turn around and go back to Irvine." Again, let this be a lesson that will one day save your life or someone you know. In regard to driving, if I encounter dense fog, I immediately turn around and go in the opposite direction. Or, if I go to set out on a drive, if there's fog, I will NOT drive nor get in anyone's car. I'll just stay home or at the office or wherever I am. It's like that!!!

  4. According to the eye witness statement it was so foggy that the fog was like milk that going in thru it and opening your eyes you'll actually see the words Lactaid 2%.

  5. If the accident was like she explained no one knew they were going to crash
    it was A sudden impact And quick at least they all did not have that horrifying feeling knowing they were all going to die
    and that explains why the pilot did not make a mayday call

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  7. What's pissing me off is they give him the okay to fly while it was foggy and you know it was because someone on the ground said they couldn't even see the helicopter but could hear it

  8. The media should stress he was not cleared to fly in fog. He was supposed to remain clear of of in Specisl VFR conditions, he entered IFR illegally

  9. The "pilot" also had no terrain warning system aboard his helicopter to let him know that there was hill in his flight path…the system would of told him that there was terrain in his way and to pull up

  10. The pilot was in a hold pattern for about 15 minutes…the tower told him to follow the highway which would of taken him to the airport..the tower also warned him that he was too low and when the pilot came out of the hold pattern and started flying he flew straight into that hill not knowing it was there…the pilot hit the hill going 162mph

  11. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 RIP Kobe.

  12. This really bothers my stomach. I can't even imagine what the families are going through. If there's foul play, we will all figure it out. Don't worry. I don't even watch basketball. But, this is really making me think day and night about what happened…if something is off… I felt this way about Michael Jackson too. Like literally sick to my stomach. Can't sleep. And I don't even watch sports or own a Michael Jackson album. Some things just doesn't make any sense.

  13. Whomever, gave permission to the pilot from the tower is at fault.
    They had the ability to ground the aircraft. But, trusted instinct over proper judgment.

  14. Just watching their pictures – sets an enormous fire in my heart it fills my eye tear of unlimited sadness, specially 13 years old little girl who use to have very bright future ahead by having her most wonderfull Father at her side. My prayers and my blessings to their Souls and their beloved ones.

  15. Something odd about the husband of passenger going on air so soon after crash crying with no tears. Condolences to all, of course, but just saying….

  16. Give it up , move on…the only thing to learn here is stay the hell off of helicopters and small planes.
    If it doesnt have 3 flight attendants on board ,dont get on it!

  17. A year? Yeah right. It's common sense. There are three possible reasons for the crash. (1) The pilot experienced zero visibility while attempting to fly out of the heavy fog. (2) The pilot was either high or intoxicated. (3) The pilot committed suicide.

  18. May Kobe and his daughter walk directly into gods arms straight to the kingdom but first proper time with Jesus and Kobe's family there JWG

  19. First off i want to say rip kobe and his daughter and the rest of the people who also past rip news is bull shit don't listen thay shit kobe flew his helicopter on a regular basics people fly thru fog every fucking day fog don't make you crash his propella was tampered with that's why he crash secret society no what happened best believe that

  20. Seems like a no brainer to have terrain equipment on any air craft but I guess not. Hopefully this changes that indefinitely πŸ˜”

  21. PAUSE!! Why did the pilot get special fking clearance to fly in fog when everyone else was grounded?? This is the dumb ish that goes on even in 2020!!!!!😑🀬

  22. Another fraudulent scam on YouTube kobe kids screaming for their lives inside helicopter before impact .. terrible thought YouTube censored snuff telemsrketing schenes their platforms

    Sick cry and vomit at the same time they have familes
    Snuff kobe Bryant helicopter images

  23. Need to include TAWS – Terrain Awareness & Warning System in every chopper and small plane. And new rules for flying during fog.

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