iPhone 11 Pro: Night Mode Camera Review

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  1. Thanks for watching! I’ll be posting more comparison shots this week on Twitter if you’re interested in seeing more 👍

  2. The detail gain is pretty huge in comparison but at least in raw form the brightness of these night mode shots kinda ruins them IMO. In almost all of the XS vs 11 Pro shots you have I prefer the lighting in the XS or the non-night mode shots.

  3. That's pretty impressive. Can't wait until my customers start coming on tour with these phones and I can take their photos with them.

  4. I'm glad to see that the noise around the edges on the Ultra Wide lens aren't just me! I was about to return my iPhone 11, but this gave me an ease of mind.

  5. Hmm nice you compared it with NeuralCam on the old one, but know I wondered coud you use NeuralCam on the 11 (Pro) to get Night Mode with the wide angle?

  6. I like wide angle shot as thats how the scene is actually. With night mode its bright n reality is diferent. And iphone user always fuss about camera being nature n real to life right 🤔

  7. I don’t think some people know you can get up to 30 seconds of night mode. Need it to be really dark/have tripod and set duration manually in some cases.

  8. Pls have a video showcasing the neural cam capabilities in 11’s ultra wide and a general comparison of night mode of 11 to XS Max on Neural Cam. Awesome work though. Keep it up 👍

  9. Hey my dude, I dont know why everyone always misses out on Cortex Cam. Please download Cortex Cam and compare that. Do not do a further review of Neural cam. DO NOT compare neural cam to iPhone 11 because you would be wasting your time making that video. Neural cam is exactly what many other apps already do, which is almost nothing. Just some brightening up and alignment and smoothing tricks. I’m always stressing it to developers and YouTube reviewers. Cortex Cam has been out for multiple years and it lets you take genuine 27 megapixel photos. It’s the only app that does what it does. It’s literally the only app. Nothing comes even close to it. Neural cam is literally just like pro cam and hydra and all the other BS low light apps. None of them actually deliver.

    Cortex Cam is miles miles miles ahead of Neural cam, and it’s cheaper. Please review it, recommend it, spread the word because everyone is just being fooled into downloading gimmicky night mode apps. Again, Cortex Cam is the only one that does what it does. Yes ive spend hundreds of dollars on apps already. It’s the only one trust me. And it even somehow bypasses Apple’s stupid smart HDR system. It’s crazy good and I dont know how or why nobody else made an app like it.

    And I dont know why youtubers always miss out on reviewing it. Instead they review these gimmicky apps which dont deserve the spotlight. Meanwhile Cortex Cam is far more advanced and cheaper and its not even in the top 100 camera apps. It’s just unknown.

  10. Can the telephoto camera be used in the dark with night mode, or the phone makes a digital zoom with normal wide camera like in the XS?

  11. Then, the "moment" guys come with their overpriced 18mm lenses and beats the native iPhone 11 pro night mode, when is all these never-ending competition going to end? you get us all so confused, some of us just want decent videos & photos not follow your consumerism trend crap

  12. Nice video btw but unfortunately, I have a negative remark. Much more challenges we all may experience when we shoot a movie clip. In this case I could say that iPhone 11 Pro camera is a piece of crap. It is hard to say by me because one of my reasons I upgraded was a camera night mode. When you have a source of light in front of you, you are getting light reflection, white spots. You cannot get rid of them. Check it out man. You don’t want to mislead people I am sure about that.


  13. You can;t take out your phone and snap a bunch of shots quickly anymore if the light is dim? You have to turn nightmode off eachtime? Who wants to stay still for 5-30 seconds for spur of the moment shots?

  14. Talk about the camera reflection issue a little bit more in-depth. The Camera glare / flare problem is a real deal breaker for people who are upgrading to iPhone 11 for the camera

  15. Why do you talk so fast, I tried watching this while eating, I ended up chewing my food for 5 minutes before I remembered to breathe!

  16. I returned my 11 pro because of the reflections/ghosting, I don't have the issue with my iPhone X when I lower my exposure (which will ofcourse leave some spots under exposed, but still looks much better)

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