iPhone 11 Pro vs iPhone XS Max: In-Depth Camera Test Comparison

Hi everyone, it’s KJ the MiTechGuy here, and
I’m back today with another camera comparison. I’m really loving the cameras on the iPhone
11 Pro and it seems like there’s a lot of hype surrounding the cameras, but something
that I was curious about was just how much better the cameras were than the iPhone XS’s? So in this video, I’ll be comparing the two
camera systems in various lighting conditions, both indoors and outdoors, and I’ll also take
a look at the video and audio quality of both phones. Make sure to stick around to the end of the
video to see how the new night mode on the iPhone 11 Pro stacks up against its predecessor. Let’s get right into it. So the iPhone 11 Pro has the same main and
telephoto sensors that were on board the XS’s released last year. However, as you know, there is now this third
ultrawide camera now on the 11’s. Aside from the physical changes, Apple has
made significant improvements with its image processing by layering multiple pictures together
to create each image. Both phones are able to record 4K video from
their rear cameras, while only the iPhone 11s can shoot 4K from their selfie cameras. This year, Apple also increased the overall
resolution of its selfie cameras from 7 megapixels to 12 megapixels. As I get into the side-by-sides, keep in mind
that I will start with images and video shot in great lighting conditions, then I’ll look
at images shot in progressively worse lighting conditions until I get to night time. When looking at this first image, it’s clear
that the iPhone XS already takes some great pictures. To nitpick a little bit, I’d say that the
11 pro does have the slightly less saturated, more natural looking colors than the XS, but
again that’s nitpicking. When looking at the telephoto shots from both
phones, we can see a little more clearly the slight differences in color reproduction. But it isn’t until we switch to the iPhone
11 Pro’s ultrawide camera that we see how valuable that third perspective can be. From the same vantage point, I am simply able
to capture so much more. Here in this next image, we can see that again
both phones produced some great images. However, if we zoom in to take a closer look
at the details, we can see how much more detail the iPhone 11 Pro was actually able to pickup. I think the amount of detail the 11 Pro is
able to pickup throughout this busy image is really impressive. In this picture of a bench, we can again see
the improved color science on the 11s. When looking at the pictures side by side,
the colors of things like the wood on the bench just seems slightly off. Either way, both pictures look great and I
don’t think we will start to see too many differences until we look at pictures shot
in less than ideal lighting scenarios. Now shifting to some portrait pictures, we
can see that the XS already produced some of the best portrait pictures on any phone,
but the 11 Pro did make some key improvements. First off, the 11 Pro does the better job
of keeping me properly exposed and not too dark, and also the skin tones were tweaked
slightly to not make me look as orange as it used to. Also, now with that ultrawide camera, the
11 Pro is able to take some wider angled portrait shots that the XS just can’t take from the
same vantage point. Before we get into the lower light images,
let’s take a look at the 4K video qualities of both phones. The XS Max was my favorite smartphone video
camera to date, so let’s see if Apple made any improvements to the 4K video. When taking a closer look at the 4K video,
I noticed three main things. 1st of all, I used to call out the fact that
the XS produced video that was ever so slightly over saturated, and that seemed to be addressed
with the 11 Pro. 2nd, the 11 Pro does seem to really smooth out both my walking and my
panning. The XS was already smooth, but at least for
me there was a clear improvement with how smooth everything looked, and I think it is
due in part to the extra information the phone gets from the ultrawide camera. Speaking of that ultrawide camera, the 11
Pro’s third new perspective will be something that I will use often I think. It is also incredibly stable and just gives
you that GoPro feel and experience straight from your phone. It actually looks incredible. In terms of the front video qualities of both
phones, again the XS Max was already pretty great in my opinion. They both had similar image stabilization
capabilities here and the audio qualities also sounded almost identical. However, the 11 Pro now has the wider angled
picture, which will actually enable me to actually vlog with the 11 Pro. Also I noticed a clear difference in the 1080p
quality of the XS Max and the 4K quality of the 11 Pro. Details on my face and shirt are just clearer
in the 11 Pro’s video. Also, the 11 Pro seems to do the better job
with keeping my face properly exposed and not too dark as I walk around and have the
sun behind me. Let me know in the comment section whether
or not you think the 11 Pro actually made a noticeable jump from the already great video
quality of the XS from last year. So yeah it has come to nobody’s surprise that
both of these phones did a terrific job when shooting pictures in ideal lighting scenarios. However, I have a sneaky suspicion that we’re
going to start to see more clear differences when we look at images shot in less than ideal
lighting scenarios, so that’s what we’ll be looking at for the rest of this video. This first image is a challenging scenario
because of the windows in the back. I will say that the XS Max did do a better
job with exposing the trees and the sky on the other side of the window, but we can see
how much more detail and colors and light the 11 Pro is able to maintain in the foreground
of the image that the XS is simply not able to capture. In this next image, they may look pretty similar
in terms of quality, but if we zoom into the actual board, we can see just how much more
detailed the iPhone 11’s image is. The difference in quality becomes more apparent
when we look at the pictures shot by the telephoto lens, and again the ultrawide camera is just
able to give a new perspective that you just wouldn’t have been able to capture with the
XS’s camera system. This is a challenging lighting scenarios because
of all of the light sources, and I admit that the 11 Pro doesn’t do as good of a job with
dealing with those light sources as I’d expect. But overall, I still think the 11 Pro has
the slight edge because of the more balanced exposure and colors throughout the image. The XS Max does a good job with dealing with
the light sources and also does a great job overall. When looking at the initial side-by-sides
like this, we can see that there is honestly little room for improvement in terms of exposure
and colors, and up until this point I have been a real stickler just to find any differences. But I have noticed that the level of detail
in all of these pictures is significantly higher on the 11 Pro. If I zoom into any portion of this image,
the 11 Pro will simply have the more detailed, and less noisy result. So I guess a lot of the differences are coming
in the details. Something new that Apple added this year is
Night Mode on the iPhone 11 Pro. The mode only comes on when the phone thinks
it is dark enough, and when it does come on, the pictures take one to three seconds to
shoot. So let’s look at how it stacks up against
the XS’s images. Once again, the differences are subtle when
looking at the bigger picture. We can see that the 11 Pro is able to take
more light in from the sky, and wherever light is exposed in the image, the 11 Pro does the
much better job of handling those parts. If we zoom in to take a closer look, we can
also see just how much more detail the 11 Pro is able to pick up because of its night
mode. The differences become very drastic when we
zoom in this close. Here, we can see the differences even more
clearly. The entire image simply looks much better
on the 11 Pro’s image. You can even make out stars in the sky in
the 11 Pro’s image, whereas all details in the XS’s image seem smeared and not very clear. Once again, the advantages of night mode are
just so clear. Everything from the exposure to the details
to the colors to the image noise is simply better in the 11 Pro’s image. Night mode has really rounded out the 11 Pro’s
camera system in a way that we just haven’t seen in any iPhone to date. In this last image that we’ll look at, the
differences are blaring once again. Night mode does take those extra seconds to
shoot, but in my opinion, I think the added clarity and detail is very much worth the
wait. You will be happy with the result coming out
of the 11 Pro’s camera regardless of the lighting condition, and you’ll probably never need
to use the flash for pictures again. As you can see, the XS Max was already produced
some great pictures and video. Where the iPhone 11 Pro shined was in portrait
shots, overall color accuracy in pictures and video, and then ultimately night mode. Also, that third ultrawide camera gives a
new perspective that I think a lot of people will actually end up using and enjoying on
their phones now that the 11 Pro made it so that basically every flagship has one now. All that being said, the jump in the camera
department wasn’t as drastic as I actually expected it to be. Let me know in the comment section if you
think the camera improvements are worth an upgrade. Also, make sure to follow me on Instagram
and Twitter to see what I’m up to. In terms of this channel, I actually plan
on making a vlog that will be shot entirely on the iPhone 11 Pro so subscribe and stay
tuned for that. As always, thanks for watching, and I will
see you in the next video.

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  1. Hi Everyone! It's been a while, but here is a camera comparison that I had in the pipe line and thought you'd appreciate! Check out my Insta at MiTechGuy to see what I'm up to. I have a lot of MIT content and Google Pixel 4 XL and iPad Pro content on the way as I think I solidified what classes I am taking this semester. Make sure to give this video a like, subscribe, and comment down below the types of videos that you want to see on this channel! Also,

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  3. It's worth upgrading to iPhone 11 Pro from XS Max if you've got money burn. I always love your videos no matter what the topic!!❤️💯

  4. Wide angle was enough for me! The video quality is absolutely outstanding!! I love shooting video on Ultra Wide lense! It’s super smooth!

  5. Always love your videos. I’m currently testing out the iPhone 11 Pro Max with my iPhone XS and I don’t think that the differences are worth it especially because of what’s in store for the iPhone 12. Also it’s too bad that they didn’t include low light capability with their portrait mode like the pixel does and also the ultra wide-angle lens is just not that clear and is quite pixelated when using it for video even in indoor scenarios with ample light. I use moment lenses, ND filters and filmic pro Which evens put the playing field for my iPhone XS. 😉

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