iPhone 11 Pro vs Samsung Note 10+: In-Depth Camera Test Comparison

Hi guys, it’s KJ the MiTechGuy here, and
today I’m going to be comparing the cameras found on the iPhone 11 Pro and the Samsung
Galaxy Note 10+. The iPhone 11 Pro has a lot of hype right
now because of its new triple camera setup, so let’s see how it compares to the camera
setup on the Note 10+. In this video, I’ll compare the cameras
in various lighting conditions, both indoors and outdoors, and I’ll also take a look
at the video and audio qualities of both phones. Both phones were set to automatic, let’s
get right into it. Both smartphones have high-quality triple
camera setups with a main wide-angle camera, a 2x telephoto, and an ultra wide camera. The Note 10’s cameras optimize for different
scenes and has a dual-aperture system that helps in lower light, while the iPhone 11
Pro has new image layering techniques to process its images. The cameras allow both phones to take both
wide and zoomed portrait pictures. They can both record 4K video on all of its
cameras including the front cameras. Both phones’ selfie cameras also support
HDR and can take portrait style pictures. As I get into the side-by-sides, know that
I’m going to start off with pictures and video shot in ideal lighting scenarios, and
then I’ll look at images shot in progressively worse lighting. Make sure to stick around to the end of the
video to see how the night modes of both phones compare. This first picture shows how great both camera
systems are. Details are clear on both. When we look at the pictures shot by the ultra
wide cameras of both phones, we can see that the iPhone will tend to take the warmer-toned
images whereas the Note 10 will take the cooler images. The telephoto cameras again are right on par
with each other. Of course it is great lighting so its hard
to differentiate in this case. In this next image, The Note 10 showed one
of the downfalls of Samsung flagships recently which is overexposure. The Note 10 is just slightly overexposed,
and when seeing it next to the iPhone’s picture, we can see that the Note 10’s picture’s
colors just look slightly washed out because of the exposure. This next image shows what the Note 10 is
capable of when it does get the exposure right. This scenario isn’t quite ideal because
of all of the shadows, but both phones’ HDR capabilities did a terrific job. Outside of some of the color processing, there
isn’t much differentiating these too pictures. In terms of the portrait pictures of both
phones, I think the iPhone 11 Pro just takes the much better picture. Both did a fine job with edges, but the level
of detail and the color accuracy of the iPhone 11 Pro just makes the Note 10’s image not
look that good at all. Both can also take portrait pictures with
their wide cameras, and again the iPhone 11 Pro just took the much better picture with
better exposure, colors and details. Before I get into the lower light images,
let’s take a look at the 4K video qualities of both phones, as both Samsung and Apple
made a point to show their new video capabilities. After looking at the 4K video shot by both,
I will say that I am thoroughly impressed by both cameras, and these might very well
be the two best smartphone video cameras out right now. Phones have come a long way in terms of video
quality and both are great in terms of detail and stability. And the different focal lengths give the creator
more versatility. I’d say that, overall, the iPhone did the
slightly better job with stabilizing the video without making the video look jittery. At moments when I was panning and walking
with the Note 10, there were very slight jitters, and at other moments, the Note 10 was slightly
overexposed. The consistency was also better on the iPhone
11 Pro as I switched between the different cameras. Overall, both take phenomenal video. In terms of the front video qualities of both
phones, they both produce some very impressive 4K video from their front cameras. They both pick up a lot of detail and produce
some really stable video as I talked and walked. There are noticeable differences though. The Note 10’s video seems slightly more washed
out when put side-by-side the iPhone 11 Pro. I’d say the colors just look a bit more natural
in the iPhone’s video. In regards to the audio, the Note 10+ did
do the better job with eliminating background noise whereas the iPhone 11 did keep my voice
sounding more true to life and less processed. Let me know what you think in the comments. So the images we looked at up to this point
were shot in great lighting. But when we’re paying for phones that cost
more than a thousand dollars, they better be able to perform well even when the lighting
isn’t ideal. So for the rest of this video, we will be
looking at images in not as ideal conditions. This image is challenging because it is a
dimly lit hallway with exposed light fixtures, and honestly both phones did a terrific job. They both maintained the colors throughout
the image while maintaining a consistent exposure level throughout as well. This next image has been challenging to phones
in the past because of the bright light source in an otherwise dim image. I’d say the Note 10 actually did a better
job of dispersing the light coming from the fixture, while maintaining the details throughout
the image. That being said, the iPhone still produced
a terrific picture and it also did a great job with exposing the rest of the image in
a natural way. Here is a challenging lighting scenario because
there is direct sunlight peeking in through the trees. Both phones did a great job with maintaining
the details and colors of the foreground of images. However, I will say that the Note 10+ was
able to maintain more of the blues in the sky around where the sun is. When we switch to the telephoto camera, the
Note 10 is still able to maintain the colors in the sky better than the iPhone. But when I switched to the ultra wide cameras,
the iPhone was then able to stay on par with the Note 10 in regards to capturing the blues
in the sky. This next image is another very challenging
one because of the windows across the back. The iPhone 11 Pro was able to keep the foreground
a bit brighter, however the Note 10 did the much better job with the windows. We can still see the blues of the sky outside
and in the reflection on the floor on the Note 10’s image, whereas the iPhone 11 Pro
seemed to overexpose those areas. Here, we can see portrait images shot in a
dimmer environment, and again the iPhone 11 Pro was simply able to take the better picture. It just does a better job picking up the details
on Kevin’s face and shirt, while also maintaining a more accurate skin tone. And the same trend held when I used both phones’
wide portrait modes. That being said, the Note 10+ still takes
great portrait pictures, they just aren’t as good as the iPhone 11’s. Both phone manufacturers made an emphasis
on both of their phones’ night modes, so for the rest of this video, I’m going to
see how the night modes of both phones stack up against each other. Something that I noticed right away when using
both phones’ night modes is the face that Samsung seems to want to just brighten the
picture as much as possible, much like the Pixel phones do. However, with the iPhone 11 Pro, Apple seems
to just want to brighten the picture enough to bring up relevant details. As a result, most of the time the Note 10
is able to produce the overall brighter picture, while the iPhone’s pictures seem to be more
close to what I actually saw. And in some instances like this, the iPhone
is able to do the better job with maintaining colors. B ut in this case, we can see that the Note
10 did the better job with exposing little details like the lighting fixtures on either
side of the door, which got blown out in the iPhone’s picture. But really the look that you prefer will come
down to personal preference. We can see that the Note 10 does produce the
objectively brighter picture here, but on the other hand, the iPhone is able to maintain
details in the asphalt of the road. Also, on the Note 10, you can turn on night
mode whenever, whereas on the iPhone the phone has to detect it to be dark enough. As you can see, both of these phones have
phenomenal cameras. And while the iPhone 11 Pro did shine in some
cases, the Note 10 actually held its ground more than I would’ve expected. Both phones produce really high quality photos
and video, and at the end of the day, the camera you prefer depends on the scenarios
you’re more likely to shoot in. I love the Note 10+. It was my daily driver, but at this point,
I use my phones’ cameras mainly for portrait pictures and video, and in those cases, the
iPhone 11 Pro just does a better job. Let me know which camera you prefer in the
comments section down below. Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter
to see what I’m up to and to ask me questions. As for this channel, I have a lot of cool
videos in the works, so make sure you’re subscribed and have the notification bell clicked to
stay up to date on my latest videos. As always, thanks for watching and I will
see you in the next video.

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