84 Replies to “iPhone 11 Teardown—Ultra Wide Camera Revealed!”

  1. your new videos are garbage compared to your old videos, I don’t understand why are you making such short videos when you clearly have material for more, you barely show anything, you can barely see anything how fast you change scenes and you put fast and tense music in the background like someone is chasing you…

  2. It hurts me to see an iPhone going thru what seems an AUTOPSY!!!!!! I understand why…………….I just really want an iPhone 11 and I can’t see it going thru this🍎📱11💚😳🥺😭

  3. Every phone repair kit for at least the last five years has included a screwdriver for the apple pentalobe screws – this SHOULD NOT still count as a con.

  4. the live one was far too slow now this one is far too fast no wonder you haven't got the subs a channel like this should have guess old zacks the man from jerryrigeverything when you need straight info on how to repair your phone at a decent pace.

  5. I think its time to stop reducing the repair ability due to the "proprietary" screws. They are very easy to come by and included in most sets now.

  6. I think we should split IP68 into two new caritory
    -L-IP68 1 to 2 metter for 30 minutes
    -H-IP68 2,5 to 4 metter for 30 minutes

  7. So, let's conclude:

    1. Apple uses their Shit "Liquid Retina"-Display in the iPhone 11 without marketing it as economy-class device. This thing does not even have FullHD and it's still unbearable expensive.

    2. They use SK Hynix RAM known for it's mainly economy usecases. If you want something true, go with Samsung RAM like everybody else does.

    3. What about heat management? Sandwiching a CPU between two PCBs will not get rid of that heat in any case…

    Apple took that sour bite with last generations iPhone Xr and not getting rid of it because it was marketed as economy line of Apple Products. Now unexperienced people are getting fooled with Display resolutions from far before 5 years ago; This shouldn't be how things work.

    I don't see any things which levitates This Device from other Smartphones in any way… Expect the price of course, which I already mentioned.

  8. Please analyze the metal content of the camera housing, thank you. Is it statinless steel, aluminum, plastic, zirconium-based amorphous metals? Do you have a mass spectrometer handy?

  9. Please attempt to swap the screens from two different iPhone 11's. According to the iOS 13.1 update notes the phone now verifies if the display is a "genuine" Apple display

  10. I work at a repair shop myself and to say that the only way to repair a back glass is a case swap isnt right and shouldnt be on the list. Yes for ordinary people which this channel heavily promotes and why it probably wasnt considered is laser adhesive removal. Its common to have a machine at repair shops to remove back glass and replace it in a matter of 30 minutes. Labor cost and everything at my shop for this is $150 compared to apple ~$500
    I can understand why it probably wasnt an option in the case since this channel is mainly based on self repair and your not gonna have a laser adhesive removal machine unless you have a art with laser etching, in which case you can do by yourself.

  11. I understand that the new iOS will check if u changed the battery or display, and if u changed the battery u will be issued warnings and the battery health will no longer work.

  12. Y’all didn’t take into account that a majority of the components can be easily and individually replaced if necessary.

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