iPhone 12 – CRAZY new camera CONFIRMED!

that’s it it’s real it’s been real the
whole time it’s happening what tech news in a way that doesn’t suck of course you
do there guys I only did it because because it’s sad outside and I feel bad
for all of you hello and greetings welcome back to Fatah front page tech of
course the show that gives you all it is tech news one geek that is me to another
that is you happy Wednesday happy hump day another day another day in
quarantine town before we get started I just want to give a huge shout out a
huge thank you to deity microphones they actually sent us out like a ton of new
audio gear that sounds so much better so much cleaner than the road setup that we
had in our studio they didn’t ask me to do this they didn’t pay me they probably
have no idea this is coming but listen if you’re a creator looking for some
great audio stuff mics and whatnot a link to their website is down in the
description below as well as a link to their YouTube channel which is full of
videos of just free audio knowledge so even if you don’t buy something from
them go subscribe to their Channel seriously I love those guys and as far
as I’m concerned I’m a writer god deity fan for life alright let’s do the news
I’m so first up for the day story numero uno do you guys remember popcorn time
the website you know it was super popular a few years ago it was like
Netflix but free and by free I mean you know full of stuff that is not legal to
download so you know like Netflix but if you were a sneaky sneaky snake pirate harm a
mighty anyway a couple years ago it actually got shut down because of the
sneaky pirates at sea now of course since then it’s been gone never to be
seen from again but of course the thing about pirates is they always come back
for booty yeah that’s right is back at least while I’m recording this hopefully
it’s not gone by the time we put this episode out that would suck anyway if
you follow them on Twitter then you probably saw this tweet it has all of
two hundred and thirty likes good job guys
but when you go there yeah here it is it is actually back each surreal and it’s
back popcorn time for all your pirate needs now that’s the story right but
listen everybody you got listen close piracy is bad right it’s not good it’s
illegal and it’s shameful and you shouldn’t do it and we heared from page
tech do not under any circumstances condone pirating of things that’s
stealing and it’s bad but also there is a pandemic outside we’re all stuck
you’re stuck inside right what were you gonna do we’re bored you’re born you’re
stuck inside I’m not I’m not telling you to pirate anything cuz it’s wrong
understand it’s bad and it’s wrong and shameful remember the shame part I’m
just bringing this to your attention because there’s a pandemic outside and
we’d use desperate times is all ok so next up why am I doing this is my face
I’m not mad nothing in this story makes me I’m looking at myself in the monitor
here I’m not mad I don’t know my face is doing this anyway Apple remember how dad
was gonna remember how Apple close their stores right they closed them all of the
stores outside of the Greater China area I said at that time outside of that area
outside of China they closed all the stores the original plan was to have
them all closed until March 27th 27 that’s that was the date they said but
that has changed apparently they just opened them all back up there all the
stores right now are open if you go to an Apple store I am lying this is not
true it’s worse they’re actually keeping them shut keeping them closed
indefinitely so what was March 27th is now sometime in the future this is a
good thing this is for the best according to my sources within Apple a
lot of the employees when the stores were still open like a few days ago a
lot of the employees were getting freaked out rightfully so because well
everyone is doing this fun thing where states are closing schools right which
is a good thing another thing that is good the kids instead of going to school
sends school was closed they didn’t take that
as a sign of our shinstr home cause to stick this outside nope
they went to Apple stores to hang out and touch phones and tablets and track
with their sticky fingers and coughin everything so this is before the best
until stuff starts looking up people start to get healthy the pandemic that
stick to the south side starts getting better nah just keep sores closed just
stay home everybody wipe your butt wipe your hands stay home that’s my motto
speaking of the stuff going on outside the bap bap Facebook is actually doing
something great I don’t think we’ve ever talked about Facebook doing anything
good on the show before to help their employees in the face of this bap bap
Facebook is actually giving them $1,000 $1,000 to every employee to help them
through this this is real Marta Bergen the gang are given everybody $1,000
bonus because it’s sad out there it’s hard out there for a pimp we’re talking
every one of the almost 45,000 of Facebook’s employees they will also get
a quote unquote exceeds rating for their first six-month review for the year of
2020 which all by itself could lead to even more bonuses down the line you know
what Facebook color me impressed I mean I don’t think I’ve ever stood on this
show and said anything good about you anything good about Facebook but today I
will you did good there champ good job I like seeing stuff like this where
Facebook is going the extra mile giving employees a thousand dollars to help
with this stuff also companies like Apple you know
closing their stores and even though the employees can’t come to work they’re
still getting paid that stuff right now especially is really cool to see to me
though doesn’t matter because I don’t have a job so unemployed and last up for
the day iPhone stuff um we sort of knew this feature was coming within the
camera on the iPhone drop bro but confirmed seemingly yeah why not we’ll
call it confirmed crack it according to nine-to-five Mac who got a
copy of iOS 14 and has been digging through it and
leaking stuff since they’re saying that within the iOS 14 code they found that
the iPhone 12 pro will have a time-of-flight sensor on the back for
generating three models why can’t I talk they’re saying that within the code
itself they see details for a phone codenamed d5x for reference the iPhone
11 lineup has a codename of D 4x so assuming that D 5x is the iPhone 12
lineup and only two of those brand new d5x models has a time-of-flight sensor
so yeah the camera on the back of these things will have a time-of-flight sensor
which brings a couple different benefits but most notably would be they are
features and so yeah even though 95 Mac is like showing this as a leak within
iowa’s 14 and now a lot of people are talking about the time-of-flight sensor
in the back of this I’m pretty sure we already knew like if my memory serves me
correctly we talked about this before I think the original person this came from
was max Weinbach I’m pretty sure he’s the one that said that the cameras were
coming with the time-of-flight sensor so this isn’t this isn’t news new news we
knew this was happening either way it’s still kind of cool to see it confirmed
you guys let us know down in the comments is this something you’re
interested do you want it do y’all want it if you weren’t good let’s say you
weren’t gonna buy it right now that you see that’s time-of-flight sensor are you
go do you want to buy it more now or does it literally not matter to you like
at all and that’s okay too you can tell us be honest tell us the truth
personally yeah okay I’ll be honest I’m excited I’m excited for the
time-of-flight sensor I’m excited for AR stuff I just AM okay call me a pussy I
don’t care as I am excited sue me and that’s the show hopefully like do you
learn something if you did hit the like a button if you hate my stupid face –
just like button that works – a lot of people hate me that’s fine if you’re new
here subscribe again be safe everybody stay inside we’ll see you

100 Replies to “iPhone 12 – CRAZY new camera CONFIRMED!”

  1. If you would have been following me on Twitter, you would have had a heads up LAST NIGHT about the new Apple products today 😏 https://twitter.com/jon_prosser/status/1240113340715851776?s=21

  2. I have an 11 Pro so I was probably going to skip the 12 but the ToF sensor makes me excited. I'll probably upgrade now

  3. 😂 I’m watching with my bt headphones 🎧 on. They are colorful and sort of 👧🏾 y but idc. I didn’t want black and my bae picked out the colors, so I 💭 y not.

  4. 2:05 you know there was an download app for your computer (in which you download all your movies easily) for the past 5 years right? it wasnt gone, it never disappeared

  5. I hate to say this but I'm in the toilet watching your vid , something that I thought was dumb and now it's happened to me

  6. Well if multinational entertainment companies like Disney had any sense or patriotism, they would at least release their movies online rather than in movie 🍿.

  7. Time of flight makes no difference to me. I will be getting it anyway. Apple upgrade program member so why not.

  8. Jern, you've been tripping on your words, I think you have the viral dude, you're everywhere on my TL dawg!

  9. iPad Pros are out….. 299 for the new case with trackpad..wowwwww way to much….iPad is basically the same as 2018 just 3 cameras ….im glad I didn’t wait for this release

  10. No what would make me buy it is a bigger battery, a little more RAM, smaller or no notch at all would be great!

  11. because you didnt explain what a "time of flight" sensor is, idk if i wanna buy it. you coulda had more watch time had you just told me what a Time of Flight Sensor is!!!!

  12. John I been using popcorn time for 5 years now and it still work it never stop working I have it in my computer and in my phone's iOS and android as well 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  13. I know it’s entirely subjective, but that camera nodule design on the iPhone 12/11 Pro is just way too busy and kinda hideous. I wish it could be more neatly aligned and not that triangular alien sea creature thing happening

  14. God damn it. I have to subscribe. You are just too funny.

    And I am shameful. Just shameful. Now where is my popcorn.

  15. 4 the last story, my answer will be no, I’m not excited at all, plus I do have a iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

  16. Also, in other surprisingly positive Facebook news, it's getting ready to do $100m grant for small businesses. Might be worth looking into for tomorrow's show!

  17. The biggest change I want to see with the iPhone is for them to remove the notch, 3 years in a row with a huge notch would just be pathetic.
    You look at the Samsung’s with just a tiny camera dot on top and then seeing the iphones huge notch just makes it feel so outdated.

  18. Hey, I hit the like button and I do like your technology news and also as for your past other YouTube video. Remember about the grided that was made for that was from your kitchen? ( It's the cheese greater and even the monitor of the back is also a cheese greater ) 😂 Yea same I can't and I am pretty sure that the other people have a good laugh. Also by the way if your interested if you have time. Check out my technology videos. Only if interested and maybe hit me back with a comment. But replying back one of my videos your interested in. ( By the way just a joke about the cheese eater thing and might be powerful enough to play wizard101. ) But anyway I will still go with Windows 10 Acer laptop for now. Because, there expensive. [ Also to confirm I do not use apple iPhones too expensive and will go with the Android team and also just my opinion not harming or forcing anyone just too switch ] But anyway just not a good experience to deal with in my budget.

  19. Watchu mean, I’ve never stopped using it (popcorn time). I also have Netflix, but their movie selection is kinda shit

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