iPhone Photography: How To Make Small Objects Look BIG

You can make small objects look HUGE using
just your iPhone. Like how I am going to make this tiny little
dinosaur look like he’s roaming the forest. Hi, I’m Maggie Kirkland, and this is my
wife, Lacy. Today we are going to show you how to take
small little objects like this and make them look huge using your iphone 11 or iphone X. So what do you need for this lesson? You’re going to need a small object like this
dinosaur. I recommend choosing something under 2 inches
tall. You’re also going to need a smartphone that
has multiple lenses on the back especially ones that can zoom in like an iPhone 11 or
iPhone X. You’re also going to want to find a nice open
space to give that object some context for your photo. Like in this example, I’m putting the dinosaur
in the woods to make sure he looks like he’s roaming the forest wild. Once you have your object and scene selected,
tap the screen to use the x2 lens. Now compose your shot. Get the camera low and as close to the object
as possible while making sure the camera stays focused. The lower you can get the lens, the bigger
and taller the object will look. Once you have the scene setup, tap the object
to make sure that it’s focused on the right place. There you have it! Now you can have fun making small little objects look
huge using just your iPhone! if you loved this photography tutorial, make sure you follow
me on Instagram at @MaggieKirklandPhoto or on YouTube at Photography Hacker. You can also find more free resources and
some courses on MaggieKirkland.com *OUTTAKES* Dinosaur: “What are you looking at?” Oops! *laughing* I’m here for the fun, folks!

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