iPhone X vs DSLR vs Point and Shoot Camera (for Video)

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  1. Hilarious, Pat! 🙂 Cool side-by-side comparison. A bit out of my price range atm. That said, the Sony gets my vote for best out of the bunch.

  2. I personally like the Sony RX100. It makes you look like a real person without having to adjust the exposure. The autofocus was pretty spot on as well.

  3. The iPhone and cannon look great here. The iPhone is great for quick set up or studio work if the lighting is solid. But if I were making a show that was more of a studio set up? Gotta go Canon.

  4. Hi Pat. If you're looking for the best cam for filming in your office with the lighting as is (was), I'd go with the iPhone. That seemed to give the best low-light performance of all of them. If you're able to adjust the lighting, I think the Canon would be the best bet. I do a lot of filming with my Canon 6D and I love it. You're right though, it's a bit heavy so if you're going to get a gimbal for it (yes, they make them for SLRs) you're going to have to hit the gym a little more to pump up those guns! I didn't see much about the Sony that I liked, so that one is a distant 3rd for me.

    Loved the video. More please.

  5. I like the Rebel, clean, crisp picture (probably due to better lens), captures movement better than the iPhone, less software weirdness as well (motion blur, filters and stuff).

    The Sony is good, mostly I really didn't like the flat color capture (besides the red adjustment, which I'm guessing you can adjust).

  6. The Sony way the best at focusing the fastest and if you have the proper lighting it would be perfect. I would get a cheap light for $80 off of Amazon and that would bring up the video quality. All you need to do them is put it 45 degrees left or right of you and your good to go.

  7. Hey Pat, new to this myself so I found this video timely. I found the iPhone x and Canon DSLR colour tone and lighting the best…ditch the Sony for "in office". For talking head do both iPhone and canon lock focus?

  8. I really wanted it to be the Canon, but if I'm honest I think the iPhone was best all round. Great experiment Pat thanks. I'm just starting off so that was really helpful.

  9. If I had to choose just one then I'd go with the SL2. The picture is clear. The focus was good and the colors are better than the other two sampled.

  10. I spot Chris Ducker's London bus on your shelf. Mine's on my desk. Canon's my favourite on you but for the pencil it makes little different

  11. Hey Pat,
    I don't like spiders either.
    Sony was faster, and it has a sharp image, maybe too sharp with a lot of detail.
    Iphone was less sharp, and bit reddish.
    Canon had a good balance but was slower responding to the close up.
    I have been doing a test between a Canon DSLR and a Pixel 2. I can't decide either.

  12. I like the Canon best overall, but when you got up close I think you looked best with the Sony. That said, they all did a great job, and like your friend said, the best one is the one you have! 😉

  13. i'm impressed with the iphone X! just that the workflow is a bit cumbersome for me (i don't have airdrop as a non-Mac user).

    sony is my best bet yet

  14. The Canon Rebel SL2 was the clearest / best color as noted by others below.  I have a fancy-schmancy Nikon that I need to get out and USE!!!  Right now just using my Samsung 8+!  Thanks Pat.  Love your humor and your helpful vids!  I'm one of those 1,000 fans on Team Flynn!  Kitty

  15. Would be good to see them in natural light outdoors too. Impressed by the iPhone – I use the iPhone 7 on my vlogs, I shoot a lot on the fly so it’s great to literally have it in my pocket and you can balance in cool places out and about for interesting shots (and you don’t feel as stupid talking to a phone in public). Definitely don’t need the big DSLR for these kind of videos (if you don’t already have it).

  16. I like the iPhone an Canon the best. I think iPhone is maybe my preference. What editing software are you using to switch between views?

  17. Hi Pat, I have same dilemma on choosing cameras – and like Sean says – I go with the one I have with me in the moment. Have an RX100 MarkIII (like it, but not great for vlogging), have GoPro 4 Black (use primarily for time lapse and action, but iPhone 7 gets the most use – because it's with me nearly all the time. Canon and iPhone both appear "warmer" than the Sony. I'd go with the Canon if you plan to "leave it in the studio" for consistency and use iPhone for mobile "run and gun" work.

  18. If you re using the camera for the studio and looking at the shots you are showing I would go with the iPhone. It gives a decent enough shot and good skin tone.

    The Sony left you with a green tint to your skin. This can be countered by using a warm up filter which will improve your skin tone leaving it much warmer.

    The Canon is a very good camera but I think it may be more then you would need for what you do. It would be great if you are planning to make documentaries or you want to get into photography. But I think, as I say, more then you need.

  19. If I needed something easy I would pick the iPhone. I’ve used iPads and a lot of different camera and just like the convenience of having one device that can edit quick videos and live stream. I just feel like the quality is great having more features in one camera prevents you from using excuses for not recording more video.

  20. With the lighting you had here the iPhone was the best.
    But if you will film more often getting an SLR setup and just have it there and ready would be best.
    So if you are only doing this occasionally and won't add light.. etc do the iPhone

  21. Which camera to use?
    Short answer: you use all of them.

    Which one you use entirely depends on what you are shooting and where you are shooting it.

    If you're going to do some action, the light weight point and shoot is your best option.
    If you sitting down to do an interview, then the DSLR is your best option.
    If you're out and about and have neither your point and shoot or DSLR handy and you see something you want to shoot, you pull out your smart phone and start shooting.

    After all, it's not like your getting rid of any of those cameras right?
    So you might as well put them to use in the setting that they are most appropriate with.

    Hm, I think the Vlog Boss Amy Landino did a video on using the iphone and didn't have the lighting issue you had with yours. That might be caused by the bulbs you are using. For best lighting results, make sure they have a light appearance rating of 5000 or above to reduce yellow and other undesirables caused by indoor lighting.

    Don't mix light appearance ratings. Don't use a 5000 with a 6000, make sure they are all 5000 or 6000 which ever you decide on.

    I think the highest Lighting appearance that is available is 8000 which is considered bright sunlight.

  22. Great Video as usual.. Go #teamflynn, The iPhone X has great coloring it gives you a pinkish hew, with a bit of sheen, which makes it seem more natural The Sony RX100 would be my next choice for its clearness. The Canon Rebel SL2 does give a hew as well but doesn't seem as clear/focused as the other 2. #TeamFlynn for the win!!

  23. Hi Pat! I’m going through the same process with my cameras right now. As you can see from my profile pic, I am a huge fan of spiders! In fact, I own 17 tarantulas (that I love filming for the animal community on YouTube). #teamflynn for the win! I think the iPhone footage and the cannon footage looked best on this video. I was surprised to see the iPhone hold up so well compared to a cannon!

  24. I like the CANON it tansmites a more reality picture quality and more relatable, I´m not sure if it makes sense. Thanks Pat, all best as always. Gary vee is also part of Pencils of Promise? PS
    Thinking about unsubscribing to all YouTube channels I currently have and leave you, Neil Pattel and Gary Vee. I have room for a couple more, any people you follow?Cheers Israel

  25. Canon, iphoneX, Sony in that order. I love my Sony for photos but the Canon does better with video. (It is more often recommended for vice in the photography world)

  26. Holy crap, Pat!!!! I mention Charli and then you have her on your show. I make a comment on your reply yesterday asking you what camera you use and like magic the next video is about cameras. Now I'm going to mention that I'm going to win the Powerball or Mega Millions jackpot this week. Let's see if it comes true! 🙂

  27. I was just asking on a FB group about the SL2 this morning. It's on sale at Costco at the moment. It looks really good. I think it looks the best out of the 3 in your video.

  28. The thing I look for is skin tone. The Sony did the worst job there, by far. Both the iPhone and Canon were good. I think the Canon was just a bit more saturated and I preferred the iPhone's reproduction of skin tone, but the Canon wasn't too far gone. The Sony really just didn't look right at all.

  29. iPhone, then Cannon, then Sony for me. The iPhone colours are richer, and it deals with the reflected light from your face better. The Sony looks horribly gray.

  30. Not a spider fan either, Pat. Love how you were able to keep the video flow and still change out your post-its. You should cut together a timelapse of the cut footage.lol The Sony performed best overall and had a great skin tone quality. I am impressed by how well the iPhone performed up until the iris started popping with your movement.

  31. Although I liked the Canon DSLR the most with the iPhone as a close second, I think "the one you have" is still the best rule of thumb. I don't know that the differences in footage are really that severe.

  32. The SL2 gives you the best bang for your buck and camera options. Plus, I've found that once you begin creating you'll want to experiment with other features your camera offers. I'd say go with the SL2 for now. It's a good starter camera.

  33. Hey Pat! I think the iPhone X and the Sony RX-100 V performed the best. Although I'm an iPhone X user, I'd probably choose the RX-100 in this situation since it has the adjustable lcd monitor which you can use to gauge your framing as you shoot (assuming you weren't using the front facing camera on the iPhone X and didn't have a monitor to preview). The Sony also did pretty well in the auto focus test, followed by the iPhone. Not a bad choice either way you decide. Take care!

  34. Love the Pencils of Promise Pencil…big…huge…note taker… Sony RX-100v seems to have a darker or softer default setting that smooths out shine and skin color distortions. I can see how it may need extra light or post production alteration in certian situations.

    For a newbie the iphone x gets it done tho….

    Love the sticky note message!

    What travel tripod were you using in that shot?

  35. Overall the Canon is the best all around. Looks great on most vids on YouTube, plus it allows for more diverse options on the dslr. Iphone is great and Sony is snappy quick. The drawbacks are color on them seem a bit dull. You can have someone color grade before uploading to YouTube. Good stuff a clever post it notes. Team Flynn

  36. iPhone x looks better than the rest. The YouTube Algorithm prefers 4k video so the sony RX and the iPhone can do the job. The Cannon AF is awesome but you will get 1080p at best.

  37. Canon Rebel SL2 all the way Pat! The iPhone X did a very good job of focusing on the pencil, but Canon are the best, by far, for autofocus and face tracking. Your videos are great Pat, please keep posting 👍 Oh, loved the Post-It's. What's that spider all about?!?

  38. Go with the Sony every time if you're using it for blogging it has everything you need and more winner winner chicken dinner

  39. Hi Pat, For me viewing on an iMac 27" screen, the Canon SL2 has the best color balance. Foreground and background are illuminated perfectly. Picture is clear without being super duper sharpawama (you know, that 'digital look' thing). Only drawback seemed to be focus on the pencil close up, but that righted itself when you pulled back a little. If I were buying a camera for video I'd go with this one. Cheers!

  40. The sony looks the most natural and the iPhone X to me looks best but they are all pretty cool. The Canon with adjustment may actually be the best

  41. Since the differences are relatively minor and difficult To differentiate, probably makes sense to start with whatever you got. You can always upgrade later 🙂

  42. Great video Pat. As you know, I am INTO this. We won’t discuss how MANY cameras I have… so I was fascinated to see your video on this subject. Now, I feel pretty sure that, purely based on the robustness of technical specs, the SL2 is the winner; the RX100 next; the iPhone last. Some will quibble between the Canon and the Sony, arguing abut 4K and such – but that is NOT my point and only serves to UNDERLINE my main point: as a viewer… IT DOESN’T MATTER. What I care about is YOU and what you have to say, or show me, And the iPhone does just fine. Frankly I think very few people NEED anything more. There are YouTube Channels with a million subs that are shot on phones. If SIMPLICITY and COST-EFFECTIVENESS are important to you, it’s tough to do better than the iPhone X. (And BTW, that changing exposure thing with the iPhone? Just press and hold the screen until you see “AE Lock” on the screen – no more shifting auto-exposure.) One last thing – with an app like filmic pro, your Iphone can do 90% of what the SL2 can. And most YouTubers don’t really know how to get the most out of their DSLR, and would actually get BETTER results from their iPhone. IMHBAO.

  43. Hey Pat sir ,I feel according to your interest and the camera you want for you should take a look after the dji osmo camera.Search this on Amazon if you are interested in

  44. Wow, this was an awesome experiment! I really liked the Sony the most. For the iPhone X, were you using the front facing camera?

    Love the shaka 🤙 I’m from Hawaii and I almost wanted to shaka you right back hahaha!

    Spiders… #nope

  45. I find the canon and the iPhone X are fairly comparable but I’d say the canon is probably the best 😊

  46. I've been struggling to answer this question myself for such a long time now. It amazes me what my Note 8 can shoot compared to my RX100 V. I've come to conclude that if I want to shoot something cinematic or low light, I'll shoot with the RX100V. If it's just travel videos or vlogs, I'll shoot with the Note 8. And the two perform more than well enough to have the need for an entry level DSLR in the mix.

    Now the next question is. Which gimbal do I get to accommodate all of these? I need sleep.

  47. Great video! Nice to see all three at once. I thought the Sony made your face a normal color. I've seen in two other videos where the vloggers were using Canons, that the Canon makes your face a little red. This video makes it three for three. But Canon usually did better with sudden changes in lighting. The iPhone in this video seemed to focus on the pencil the fastest.

  48. You are more attractive in coloration in the Canon one (iPhone looks almost identical). Sony took most of the red tent out of your skin.

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