Iris Mittenaere Photoshoot with Bruce Bernard

So we are here on set today for Iris’ first Miss Universe shoot we were going for kind of like old school couture theme for her shoot Today we are shooting with Miss Universe and I’m proud and glad to say to everybody that she’s French just like me I’m very honored to have the opportunity to work with the Miss Universe Organization the images are amazing Iris looks absolutely gorgeous there’s nothing to trash, every shot is beyond I like it, I hope the pictures are beautiful I don’t see them I’m cold It was my first shooting as Miss Universe so it was very exciting and I think we have a lot of very beautiful photos so I’m excited and I want to see the final pictures

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  1. How the hell did she win Miss Universe. Sorry but she looks like an ordinary girl. Yes I know lots of people are going to say I am talking rubbish but please come on there's nothing fantastic about her. Yes nice personality but that's all

  2. I think the new Miss Universe Organization is no longer looking for someone who has the supermodel face and body. They are looking for someone who people can relate to and I see that in Pia Wurtzbach and Iris Mittenaere.

  3. pretty but not goddess.. i miss Dayana Mendoza, Natalie Glebova, Jennifer Hawkins and Ximenna type of beauty!!


  5. Obviously, some people drank too much HATE-ORADE
    Every heard of a statement, if you can't say something nice, just shut up.

  6. To Wilmer Ausin, What the hell you talking about you dummy. She's either the ugliest or pretty to you, make up your mind. Besides she's beautiful & sexy.

  7. Iris is definitely the Miss Universe we need in the current age. Ten years ago it was an 18-year-old from Puerto Rico, now it's a 24-year-old dental student from France. The contrast is sharp, knowing that before MU was about "bombshell factor" but now MU has to be a voice and positive influence. Iris definitely, is the right girl to start this MU revolution. I can't say the same for the new Miss USA though her win seems to be forcing this MU revolution down our throats instead of allowing us to accept it in time.

  8. Either this was uploaded late or the photo shoot happened late, because usually Miss Universe has her first shoot within the first month after being crowned. Iris looks stunning though.

  9. Actually I am not new to any of the pageants. I just never wrote a commit as for talking rubbish everybody's got a free will to say what they think. Oh and it is not that I do not like her I just think it is a beauty pageant for me I always think that if girl win Miss Universe or any of the other pageants she must be a goddess and when she walks in she must be centre of attention. I do not see it in her.

  10. please remove bikini round or swim suit round from miss universe lot of competitive people participate all around the world in miss universe its my humble request

  11. her chin is way to big. she look like a Men.
    1 of the most ugly MU ever. I dont know why she win. .
    she need chin surgery reducción inmediatly.

  12. I really don't get it, she's not even charming or cute let alone beautiful. Miss universe? what a joke, I can name tens of actress that are wayyyyy more beautiful than this average girl and there are millions of unfamous stunning women around the world; let's be honest

  13. SO BEAUTIFUL> She has so much fun that is why is becomes even more beautiful. What made Iris stands out, even at the competition, is her sense of ease and confidence. Beauty really is within. It glows naturally. We LOVE YOU from the PHILIPPINES! Come back to the Philippines soon.

  14. i luv Iris' beauty its all natural no signs of surgical enhancements from head to foot..Pia on d other hand has hips implants but she didn't catch the judges eyes by those fake hips it's her real big boobs that did that,, and for one Pia is very articulate and replied humbly

  15. Lovely, Stunning, Gorgeous. Those words doesnt enough to describe how wonderful you are. Love from Indonesia ^_^

  16. Yeah its time that Miss Universe Organization look for winners which can people can relate to not just typical beauty just like Iris and Pia Wurtzbach, they are both amazing ladies!

  17. Salut Iris même si c'est plus toi Miss Univers tu resteras toujours ma Miss préférée car non pas que tu sois de France comme moi , c'est que je te trouve très jolie et si sexy ! Je te fais de gros bisous et reste simple comme tu l'ais . 😍😘❤️💘💓💔💖

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