Is Lightroom Being Replaced? | Q&A with the Director of Adobe Photography

So I’m here with Tom and Sharad And we’re gonna be talking about the new Adobe Lightroom cc as well as Lightroom classic and some of the other features and things of that that you guys have come out with and It’s some exciting stuff so far. Yeah, it’s looking very very nice so the first question I kind of have for you guys is that you know more and more photographers, including myself, were Involved in mobile inside of our photography whether it’s shooting itself with our phones The editing process or posting to things like Instagram and other social media accounts so talk about how Lightroom cc is now kind of identifying that issue and working towards solving some of those stress points as well This is this is a journey we started over three and a half years ago by creating a version of Lightroom that worked on iOS and Android Because we saw how phones are becoming… and tablets were becoming part of the workflow and so we released this Lightroom with a minimal set of editing capabilities and kind of a connection to the desktop that was not all that natural. One of the things we’ve noticed is that you know the Lightroom classic experience is very desktop centric and so we were creating this link to a mobile workflow and helping photographers connect those dots and the big shift his week is that we’re really doubling down on the fact that photographers don’t want to be tied to any one device and Lightroom CC represents that next final piece in the puzzle that says whether you’re going to a tablet a phone or a desktop all of your images and all your edits are just synched seamlessly across devices and that helps those scenarios where I’m on a desktop, but I want to post something to Instagram so there it’s already on my phone and Lightroom. Or I don’t want to take a laptop in the field. I want to use a Tablet, but I don’t want to have to try and reconcile things later with some kind of you know export and then import I just want it to all be in my one library. Very nice. So part of this system is is cloud-based And so we are including 20 gigs of storage as a part of the basic photography package which is $9.99 And so and then you have an additional options for bumping up storage? Yes. So what we wanted to do is we knew because we’re introducing another version of Lightroom on the desktop there would be some Concern and maybe a little confusion given the overlap So the current Creative Cloud photography plan remains as is. We’re just adding more There’s a brand new version of Lightroom classic and we’re adding Lightroom cc. The 20 gigs is to say you know If you want to give this a try give it a go. See what it’s like to sync between the phone and the desktop But if you really want to go all-in on a cloud based photo library You know a terabyte at $10 a month more can be easily added. Ok, so from a naming convention We’ve actually replaced our old version of Lightroom, which is now Lightroom classic with a new Lightroom cc So is Lightroom being replaced There’s a lot of differences inside of the software and that’s kind of the biggest question going Going forward for here is what’s happening to all those features and is all that version with the powerhouse and being able to you know rename files and all kinds of stuff like that is that going anywhere? So part of the decision to rename the existing Lightroom product to Lightroom classic was the fact that it The new version of Lightroom is really making good on our Creative Cloud promise so we thought it deserved the Lightroom Creative Cloud brand Lightroom classic as a traditional desktop workflow Is is different from that then What we do on iOS Android web or Lightroom cc on the desktop, so that’s why we changed that name We don’t want it to be perceived as a lack of investment or a lack of effort with that product It is very good at what it was designed to do which is manage files and folders on disk rename files All of those desktop local workflows that photographers told us during the first life in public beta back in 2006 We’re absolutely going to continue investing in It’s a different team and we have another team that’s building a Lightroom cc that is purely cloud focused And so that’s where you’ll see the difference in investments, but they’re both moving forward So tell me about some of those things that are a part of the new Lightroom classic that were not there before feature number one and feature number two in Lightroom classic are probably performance. That was a heavily requested feature over the last few years, so That’s a subjective topic for a lot of people so we want Customers to give it a try and tell us what’s fast enough for them now and what they want to be faster Fast enough usually never happens, so that’s okay But then editing fidelity the ability to select certain parts of an image and make an adjustment Before was limited to you know a pretty broad Filter that goes across the image or an oval that goes on part of the image Or you could even brush in parts of the image now. We can actually select regions of the image based on the luminosity so saying this I want this lightness value to to be adjusted and no other part of the image or a More common example would be color range masking, which is you know I’ve got an uneven skyline and mountains and trees and I just want the this blue sky to be affected by de-haze and Saturation and so you can select the color range of the sky, and it will automatically create that mask along the uneven edge So it’s really powerful and something customers been asking for for a while I think the great thing is that both are included as a part of the subscription plan so the old version isn’t going anywhere basically just adding a new piece of software But let’s talk about if there’s any integration between the two so if I have some images in Lightroom classic now How do I go about getting those into the other system or going back and forth between those. Is there any Continuity between the edits that I’ve done between of those pieces on? So one thing I would caution is the way we’ve designed the two products Lightroom classic and Lightroom CC is that really you should pick one or the other So me personally I have all my images in Lightroom cc they’re all syncing wonderfully to the cloud I occasionally use Lightroom classic, but I’ve got sync turned off Because I just don’t want it to interact with cloud anymore. I use it for a photo book creation or contact sheet printing But that being said we did know that Some photographers would try Lightroom cc and say hmm. This is interesting, but it’s not ready for me And so those images that have synced up to Creative Cloud when they go back to Lightroom classic will just appear with all the edits So that’s taking care of them for them automatically. If I could just add one thing to that so One of the questions that you had asked are on continuity of edits And so they’re all actually built on the same Camera Raw. I’m branded today. The technology and so the edits that you’re doing and either Camera Raw has a plug-in in Photoshop and Lightroom classic Lightroom cc Lightroom on your iOS or Android It’s the same edits so the same image that you edit in one if you Import it in any other system all those edits will transfer and carry over. Okay, so it’s the same Technology it’s the same camera RAW pipeline. Okay. We tend… you know we can nerd out on that topic for days because that Editing pipeline was started in 2003 by Thomas Knoll. It’s part of the Camera Raw plugin And over the last fourteen years. It’s just grown in power and sophistication and quality And to me it’s it’s one of another one of those moments when to see it work on a phone to see it work on A tablet and a web browser and on the desktop It’s really exciting. Now for photographers that have any presets of select styles that they’ve been using for a while in Lightroom How… is there any way of making those available for mobile? Not yet, so I mean that’s something that we’ve heard as a highly requested feature It’s something that we’re working on. We don’t have a timetable for when it’s going to come out But we know it’s something that people care about and we’re working on it. Do we have any options for Creating our own presets or possibly downloading other people’s presets for that I know the ones from lightroom classic don’t exactly import in but are there some options for that as well Yeah, so you can create your own presets You can actually copy your presets from Lightroom classic on disk to the preset folder and Lightroom cc So you can bring those over and we’re looking at ways to make downloadable presets and kind of make that experience a lot easier So that’s something that we’re still building out, and you know we’re continuing to invest in It’s one of the most requested features when we introduce Lightroom on iOS and Android years ago was presets available synced across all platforms And I still hear that every day, so that should give you an indication of how important we think it is. Okay And I know that lightroom classic does support video files to a certain degree as well is there any availability for video Inside of Lightroom cc It’s pretty similar inside of Lightroom cc in terms of you can import your videos you can play your videos But that’s pretty much the limit of what you can do with them so I want to talk a little bit about A.I. It’s something that’s been discussed a little bit here. You know your sensei That’s a big part of this some of those features are kind of translating into automatic tagging and things like that so Talk about kind of the machine learning aspects of this and how that integrates into the new lightroom cc and some of the power that we’re able to get From from a lot of that. Sure. I mean I think this is probably one of the most exciting areas of Lightroom cc and so One of the benefits of having your photos up in the cloud is that we can do things like machine learning And you know we’re calling that Adobe sensei So right now. We’re doing auto tagging that’s kind of the first manifestation of Sensei inside of Lightroom. We’ve got a long list of things that we want to do We’re basically looking at all aspects of the photography experience whether it’s capture Organizing editing sharing and trying to find ways to help you become a better photographer through you know smarter ways of doing things and so One of the things that we’re doing on our website so is we have a tech preview Around best photos so the general concept is that you come back from a shoot or from a trip, but you’ve got hundreds of photos Sometimes it’s hard to figure out which ones are the best ones right so we’re gonna We’re leveraging Adobe sensei to help people identify the best photos And you know you can quickly share them out or edit them at that point and so It’s kind of the first of many other features in the same vein that are kind of Designed to make you and help you become a better photographer, and this is just going to be a part of Lightroom cc Just part of Lightroom cc right now. Yep. Okay, let’s talk I wanted to get into a little bit of storage because this is this is always something that we’re dealing with both local storage on a computer and then cloud storage requirements, so Locally and know that you have some features built into Lightroom cc to help us kind of manage that actually way more Effectively than it was before with sliders. so so run me by some of those kind of interesting features on that Well when I look at the difference between Lightroom classic and Lightroom cc The classic was about managing files folders on disk and putting them wherever you explicitly wanted them Lightroom cc Is more about managing how much storage your photo solution is taking up on your hard drive and trying to be as efficient as possible So when I look at it, I see you know you tell Lightroom cc How much of your hard drive you wanted to use up? if you say very little will use things like smart previews which are Representations of the original that it’s in the cloud Or I can go the other way and say you know what I want this whole group of images to always be available Locally because I’m gonna hop on a plane for eight hours And I need to have the full res original available to me and so the innovation are in file management managing disk space Is going to be really interesting with Lightroom cc and this applies to the phone as well because again phones Limited storage space, so what do you want to keep locally how much cache do you want it to use? Giving you know by default being very efficient, but also giving customers control when they want it And part of that too is cloud storage, so Data limits and things like that are kind of something that we’re continually dealing with Most people have them to some degree that we’re Exposed to and then most of our cameras are now extremely high-resolution. If we’re shooting RAW files and working in Lightroom How is that transfer being taking place. For every image is that potentially a 40mb raw file That’s being transferred back and forth from the desktop to the mobile? So that that’s what I love about this system And the fact that we’ve built it as this Common editing platform. Once the original is uploaded from the phone the tablet the desktop to the cloud We can be as efficient as possible. We’re not pushing 40 megabyte files back and forth between these devices Will default to a smart preview, which is one megabyte And then once a smart preview happens to be on a device Any edits made to it. We’re not saving a copy and then uploading another version of it. It’s just Text information about the edits that flows seamlessly across all clients so syncing happens very efficiently and very fast Thank you very much for talking with me It’s been a pleasure and can’t wait to see some of the new stuff that you guys have been doing Thank you

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  1. this goof (from Adobe) says "desktop centric" AS IF thats something only a few people do. BUY A CLUE ~~ 95% of pros are doin' the "desktop centric"
    Tell me goof, how many are editing their photos "in the field" on a damn IPAD????? 0.0005% ?

  2. Damn I was hoping you were going to have the guts to ask him about switching to a sleazy greed based system of subscription and killing standalone. Even after he claimed just not to long ago that their would be a standalone LR indefinitely.
    Maybe ask about why we should trust adobe with data when they have proven its not secure. I mean it was ONLY 38 MILLION passwords and accounts that got hacked.
    The guy is a lying piece of crap . They will kill LR "classic" within 2 years and after that force everybody to be on their bullshit cloud. The whole time lying his ass off saying this is what the customers want. Just like when the piece of crap said they dropped standalone because its what the customers have said they wanted.

    This is more of advertisement for them, a 13 minute infomercial. I thought better of you Dan.

  3. The Future of Lightroom CC…. so you give out the name of a program people are used to and change the name to classic? that sounds like your phasing it out.

  4. Just follow the money. Cloud and subscription and casuals. That is the goal. That is where the money is. Its easier to satisfy casuals, they pay the same subscription as pros in most cases but are far more numerous. Off course additionally. By being subscription service, Adobe gets money in advance, and so payed users become beta testers and pay for the privilege. Adobe is the new Apple. Casuals overs pros. Buy smaller companies and add them to your company, don't innovate much in house. And off course you know something is rotten in state of California when marketing done by Adobe is so confusing that non marketers on youtube have to explain to users what it means. lol Lightroom Classic. All I remember is CocaCola Classic fiasco. Sorry guys, but decisions are made by some lawyer and accountant looking at quarterly spread sheet in excel to calculate profits, its not made by product managers and developers, who might in fact care for product, but have no power to steer and overall strategy.

  5. A lot of people are unhappy with this move, but I feel like they clarified the point that LR Classic is here to stay, it just no longer represents the original vision of what they want the creative cloud to be.

  6. I love how unapologetic Adobe is about going back on their word. Now they expect us to trust them again. Fool me once…

    Also could Dan be anymore complimentary of Adobe? Is this an interview or a promotional video?

  7. Did I just watch a 13 minute lightroom cc commercial , Is it me or are his questions hella staged , Adobe is slacking #subliminaladvertising

  8. Lightroom CC is only going to be of interest in the social blogging market. 20GB of cloud storage is fine for cellphone jpg's, as is 1TB for big users. There is no way a professional shooting RAW is going to get by with 20GB of cloud storage nor 1TB. I shoot headshots tethered to C1. In order to manage my clients files, I have a 5bay NAS box with 16TB of storage space. I would have chewed through 1 TB of storage the second I installed LRCC.

    I think Adobe may be focusing on the social blogger market with LRCC. It's as if they've accepted the fact they've lost control of the professional RAW conversion market to C1. They never could get tethering to work stable. Either that or they are deluding themselves if they think this is the direction of professional usage.

  9. As far as Sensei helping choose the best pictures from your trip (again, they are a focussing on home users, not professionals) How is an automated system that picks out the best photos FOR YOU, going to make you a better photographer? The moment it's done for you, people stop trying to learn.

  10. Lightroom Classic CC only for $5 per month is ok with me but I don't want to be paying for PS or extra storage per month because I don't need either of those. I hope they do keep the 'classic' around. I don't really need/want to store my images in their cloud. Why should I, when I have plenty of storage for cheap locally and a good online backup solution for cheap already?

  11. What a 💩 interview homie. You could have asked some hard questions but you just let them lead the convo. Way to go wimp.

  12. Hi, please advise if the Adobe Photography Suite includes the Lightroom Classic CC, as well as Lightroom Cloud, does this mean that images can still be on external hard-drives, with at 20gb, a minimal amount in the Cloud, eg a photo session back up or Wifi transfer of same, please?

  13. And Apple Aperture proves that Apple are deeply committed to their professional segment. Tell me another one Adobe.

  14. I'm torn. On one hand all they did was create a new free product and change a name of the old one…on the other hand I'm not sure I believe they are fully committed for the longterm given the name

  15. Whenever you hear someone answer using upspeak it is a sign of a lack of confidence. This guy isn't sold on what he's selling

  16. Thank you Dan. This is really helpful and informative. I sincerely appreciate the work you are doing to make us better informed.

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