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  1. If Luminar would run with any kind of speed, I would love it. I bought it and almost never use it because it is just so dog slow on a quad core i5 late 2015 iMac. Just using a brush pushes it to beachball and the wait is agonizing whenever it does anything. I intended to use it solely, but cannot until Skylum figures out the speed issue.

  2. It’s not a true DAM without the ability to search keywords. And the masking in Luminar leaves a lot to be desired. It’s still good software, but luminosity masking is rudimentary at best. As a result, I use Luminar as a finishing software and do the raw conversion in Lightroom or ON1.

  3. Still seems a bit buggy. I also tried Affinity for a bit, but it just didn't cut it for me. For the moment, I am sticking with Lightroom

  4. nice presentation. image radiance and golden hour make amazing results !
    Do you intend to "mimic" your signature, zoo, bad weather, b&w,… lightroom presets to Luminar ?
    I am using ON1 but it is awfully slow with latencies,… but luminosity masks are much better than the Luminar ones which are quite poor (no sldier to tune mask)


  5. I’m just down the street from you in Seminole, just below Clearwater. Several months ago I added your 57$ plugins collections to my set of your products, but I can’t get it installed at all. Help, [email protected] I’m perfectly willing to bring my iMac to your location. Joe

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  7. Hi is it still creating big tiff files or is it like lightroom creating small edit files that are linked to the raw file?

  8. But what is the quality of the output from Luminar. Does it extract more detail, is the NR as good is the sharpening as good, and does the sharpening have a mask feature like LR. What about lens profiles, distortion correction etc.

  9. Thanks Sergr. I bought Luminar which is great BUT no colour management. Try exporting your images to ps and the colours change.



  10. Can you do a video on how to edit like @tom_juenemann from instagram? his picture have color yet it has this matte look there's no gloss how do you do that?

  11. One thing that you might miss out… lightroom had a lot of available and useful presets, therefore I dont think I cant trade it for such minor advantages… I will give a try but I dont think it can replace LR.

  12. Well first impressions…after the numerous crashes is that there has been a major slow down, slower than 2018 and a lot slower than lightroom. They really need to get that sorted. As things stand I will be sticking with lightroom and just doing some finishing touches in Luminar.

  13. Runs bad on my 6c/12T brand new pc with 16GB ram. Takes an ages to generate the library and slow to load images not going to work for semi/pro work at all I'm afraid if Luminar spent as much on development as they did marketing we might have a great product. Has potential it's not there at all right now

  14. I own LR (well subscribe), On1PhotoRaw, and Luminar. What they call a DAM in Luminar 3 is really basically a file browser that lets you more quickly load files into Luminar. The editing is powerful in Luminar, and has some nice tools. But how can you call something a DAM when there's no search function, no filtering by filename or extension, no sorting of files by various attributes like LR (or for that matter, anything but date it appears). LR has it's sluggish moments with file management, for example, the current version is very slow to move files from one folder to another. Luminar doesn't do this at all…but in its defense, it does track the files if you move them in Explorer/Finder, so you do have an easy way to move files around.

    It's also buggy. And perhaps some design flaws? Let's say you make some changes in the Quick and Awesome editing layout. Then decide you want to switch to professional. Guess what. All you changes are lost. (Hopefully just a bug.) I've only put 2 hours in on it, and it's crashed more than 3 times as well. Some features don't work at all as far as I can tell, like image compare.

    Also, too few keyboard shortcuts.

    Of the three commercial programs I own with DAMS (LR, On1, and Luminar), LR blows the other two away. But On1 keeps making progress, and it also makes a very nice plugin for LR if you don't find the DAM useful (which I don't so far). The problem is when using On1 or Luminar as plugins to LR, you lose the nondestructive editing aspect (you can't edit RAW files that way…LR converts them to TIF or PSD before calling the editor.

    I would have hoped some of the professional reviewers, like SR here, would point out some of these key flaws. Anyway, that's my "early take", I will stick with LR for now. Though I'm tempted to give DarkTable and RawTherapy another try (both are free).

  15. I have three problems with Luminar 3:

    1. After activating lense correction the software adds ton of noise to my pictures. When zooming in 100 % its gone. When exporting the photo its gone too. But I cannot always edit my photos zoomed in 100 %.
    2. Noise reduction will only show when zoomed in 100 %. Same bug as with in point 1.
    3. Once you finished editing a photo and move to the next photo. When going back to a previously edited photo Luminar 3 editing screen just freezes. It wont load the photo properly, just blury and the editing options are greyed out. No way of editing the photo unless you reset all the changes you did and start over again.

    Bug 1 and 2 were already in Luminar 2018 present. Those 3 problems – I guess there are way more I just havent discovered yet – make the software unusable. How are you supposed to edit your photos like this? Always zoomed in 100 %? Not using lense correction or noise reduction is not an option either. And the library system is broken.

    I love luminar but this just sucks. With bugs like this they will never be a replacement for lightroom. Very sad.

  16. Purchased Luminar 3….No way compares to Lightroom. Wrote Skylum and said it was a waste of money buying their program. They reimbursed me immediately. If Serge Ramelli knew what he was doing in Lightroom he would not of even put this false video out.

  17. Luminar still buggy and slow. It took all the night to process my 300 000 photos and it crashed at the end. I was so happy to see direct directory support, but it can't filter out pairs of JPG+RAW files and it is not possible to tell whict folder to exclude from search. As result i have 3-4 prewiew of same photo in library. So i have to add folder to library one by one and still have two previews (jpg+raw). And even with small number of photos it starts sooo looong now. And require internet connection (may be in trial mode only, I hope).

  18. Luminar 3 is a huge disappointment. Slow, buggy, major features missing, and poor customer service and transparency. It is nowhere near competing with On1, let alone Lightroom.
    Seriously a huge disappointment for those wanting an alternative to Lightroom and waited nearly 16 months for the release of Luminar with a DAM.

  19. Serge. I am a fan. But this hurried video’s title is misleading. You barely touched upon the differences between Lightroom and Luminar 3.

  20. Just tried Luminar 3 and it is a dog. It looks like the public is being asked to debug a poor beta version, and pay for the privilege.

  21. Great video. I'm loving Luminar 3 right now, between it and Aurora, Capture One (my current) and LR are quickly becoming irrelevant to my workflow and I'm able to actually shoot more! Thanks!!

  22. I have a moderate specced Macbook with SSD and found Luminar 2018 unusable it was so slow. I ended up using an old Lightroom 5 instead and it ran rings around Luminar. But I really wanted to like it, I wanted it to work. And installed Luminar 3 on my desktop PC, which is an i7 with 16gb of Ram and dedicated SSDs for libraries. And it was so much slower that Lightroom or Luminar 2018 that I have uninstalled it. Given up. I have bought Luminar 2018 and will continue to use it as an occasional editor – but only on the PC as the editing module is really good – but the rest of it – its just not ready. Nowhere near.
    Also I found that the new one will not work as a plugin for Lightroom pre version 7.

  23. What are you talking about ?? EVERYTHING is better than lightroom. Adobe processing sucks BAD !! I switched to capture one a long time ago.

  24. painfully slow to scroll through library. The only thing I like that LR lacks is the ability to import LUTs and make them profiles. I know that you can make that on Photoshop but the idea is to use it on the same software. Lets hopw LR fixes Fuji RAW issues and supports luts.

  25. Not sure why you say LR doesn't allow you to access your folders. It's, you know, in the "folders" palette in the Library Module.

  26. My PC is about 8 years behind in terms of computing power so would expect Luminar 3 to be a bit slow but Lightroom still runs reasonably well. Sound like its running slow for a lot of people. Produced some nice photos on Luminar 2018, and like some of the detail features. Seems to be no options for graphics acceleration atm.

  27. I bought Luminar and love it for really quick edits, i prefer lightroom but find its a bit of a process to sync folders and get going on a photo, luminar i can right click even from the memory card and "open with" luminar and im editing in seconds. still a lot to learn though

  28. I have Luminar 3 on a touchscreen laptop i7 with 8 gigs of RAM. The challenge is that my image files are on an external USB 3 drive so startup does take a round a minute. Once it is loaded it has reasonable speed.

  29. Are you crazy Luminar 3 Sucks like the worst software in the world is so slow and unusable, I don't know how much they paid you to say it was good, but I have no faith for your opinion as its terrible

  30. On the journey of moving away from Adobe, I tried Luminar seriously but trust me, don't waste your time on it. It has very nice photo editing features but in term of DAM it is so limited. It is also slow and buggy (crash for no reason). I moved happily from Photoshop to Affinity Photo, from Premiere Pro to Davinci Resolve. But after trying Darktable and Luminar, I guess I have to stick with Lightroom for a while more.

  31. I purchased Luminar 3 when it was released. But it's bloody awful. It runs very slow, crashes often, they're always releasing updates to fix problems, which then fail to work. I feel they've released it before it's ready and I can see than many people are getting fed up with the product. Back to Lightroom for me.

  32. I purchased Luminar 3 before really using Lightroom. I have always been against Adobe's subscription model. However, I got a free 1 month trial to Creative Cloud and I'm beginning to really like Lightroom better than Luminar. It just seems to get the corrections I like faster than Luminar…Luminar is a very nice software at a great price…but Lightroom just seems to work very well

  33. Serge I would love to see you offer some really nice custom filter sets for black and white architectural photography in luminar

  34. God, it's soooooo slow this Luminar. It takes it forever to react. And I have a great machine. Crap

  35. I haver the Adobe $10 per month plan and what really keeps me there is LR Mobile. Superb photo app on the iPhone plus I import my Fuji raw pics and I can do substantial editing of my camera and phone pics on the iPad Pro while I am on my trip. No one comes close to that integration.

  36. i own luminar and it can do a lot but it is a pain in the ass with all that panels, you dont find anything when you try it the first time and it takes much time to get used to it if you are a lightroom user . in lightroom you have everything with one view.

  37. CameraRAW one love, laggy but stable. LR interface is hell: catalogs, modes, scrollable settings, too many unnecessary things (switchable, but anyway). Found this video is search for alternative, but i see, nothing interesting for now.

  38. hi Serge, thanks for the video – do you have any feedback on the usefulness of luminars catalogging vs. lightroom. i miss lightroom standalone edition!

  39. Sem comparação custo e benefício. Não precisa de uma super maquina para edição das fotos, e com uma bela explicação e edição assim fica muito mais fácil entender cada editor de fotos!
    Meus Parabéns!

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