Is Pixel Stand worth it in 2020?

Ok let’s get started. This should be quick. Today I’m reviewing what I’ve been using I’ve given it some time because I wanted to give it a chance before I finalize my review What I’m talking about is Google Pixel Stand What is it? Ok. Pixel Stand is a wireless fast charger for Google Pixel phones Ok, the Pixel 3 is capable of wireless charging but If you’re using a third-party wireless charger, it won’t fast-charge But with the Pixel Stand Made by Google It becomes a fast-charger It’s as if it’s charging via UCB-C port with a wired fast-charger Google provided Basically, it allows you to fast-charge, but now, wirelessly At least that’s what Google has advertised to us. But … Ok, I will get to that later First, let’s see what Google claims what Pixel Stand can do First, it lets you fast-charge wirelessly Second thing is it turns your Pixel into, When you put it on And of course, when plugged in It will turn your Pixel into something like a Google Home With a visual aid, thanks to the screen So it can show shortcuts, and suggestions and recommendations based on your circumstance Like if you have smart home appliances, you can access the control quickly. The third thing is a pretty big reason why I got the Pixel Stand The Pixel Photo Frame feature. It turns your Pixel into a digital photo frame It also syncs with your Google Photos account Now let’s see the pros and cons Let’s go! First thing I like about it: The Form Factor Because usually Most wireless chargers lie flat horizontally When I get a notification You usually have to pick up your phone to see it Otherwise the phone lays flat, catches glares, etc. Now this is angled so that you can see what’s on the screen While it’s charging And the bottom is a rubberized, grippy texture And smooth too. Won’t scratch your phone The second feature I like is Photo Frame which I’ve already talked about It’s super convenience. Especially, nowadays, we’re overwhelmed by how many digital photos we take We barely attentively look at old photos anymore But thanks to the Pixel Stand propping your phone up when charging I feel like it brings your old photos to your attention effortlessly I finally get a chance to sit down and look at each photos again. Like when I was younger. Where I had to flick through each page of the album. But Pixel Stand play you the slideshows. This is cool and convenient. The third thing I like is It shows a lot of information when standing by (charging) Some of the things it shows include: Shortcut suggestions. Like, creating a new reminder is just one tap away. Or if you have an event coming up It will show you like “Hey! You have an event coming up in 15 minutes. Tap to see directions.” A little plug haha Another example, it might show you a weather forecast button With just one tap away, you can see the weather forecast for the whole week. What time it rains, etc. The fourth thing I like is Sunrise Alarm Clock Let’s say if I use this Pixel Stand at my bedside And set an alarm on my Pixel which is charging with the Pixel Stand When the alarm time is approaching Say, i set an alarm at 6:15 A few minutes before 6:15, the screen will gradually brighten up and warm up the color into orange/yellow to mimic the colors of the sunrise Also, the sound will gradually get louder too This way, you won’t wake up in terror every morning I love this feature Sometimes, when it goes off, I just wake up even without loud noise The orange/yellow light just wakes me up peacefully The next cool thing, is it No. 5 now? Is the media control. When you play music or podcast on your Google Pixel with Spotify, or any player of your choice And you dock your phone It will show the media control So you can scrub through the song, skip songs, and show what song or podcast is playing And shows the album artwork of what’s playing. Pretty! The next cool thing is The ecosystem. Ok, Google has announced Google Home *accidentally triggers Google Assistant* She heard me say the hot words. Ok. Ok … The G company has announced Google Home Hub Is it? Wait. It’s now called Google Nest Hub It’s basically a Google Home with a screen The Max version has bigger screen and a camera. And Nest Doorbell It’s a doorbell with Nest camera If you use both, when someone rings your doorbell, Google Nest Hub will show your the video feed from the Nest Doorbell So you can see who’s at the door And if you don’t have Google Nest Hub You can your Pixel 3 and above with Pixel Stand to get the same benefits It will automatically show the video feed without you having to go look for the app Ok, and very important It’s both a pro and a con Fast-Charging The pro of fast-charging is obvious. It’s fast! But the con, though And it’s not even the con of fast-charging itself But it’s the con of Pixel Stand. It is that Sometimes it doesn’t really fast-charge. It can be extremely slow. It can take up to hours just to charge up a few percents I don’t know why. It’s probably a bug in Pixel Stand software But I can say it’s not reliable at all When it works, it works well. But it doesn’t always work. Sometimes it even overheats your phone Why, Google? I don’t get it. It’s been out for a long time. I’ve been using it for over a year, and been giving it another chances I hoped “It might be fixed next week!” Over and over The problem is presistant It’s still … It’s still … It’s still unreliable. But I feel that Since the release of Android 10, the hit rate of it successfully fast-charge has increased. Back then, I could barely get it to fast-charge Now I can fast-charge almost most of the time Emphasis on “almost most of the time” Another con is the price very expensive for what it is Well If you want it for cheap, maybe look for used ones on eBay I don’t thing the used ones would be degraded that much No moving part. It’s just a stand. Just to dock your phone Oh! One more thing! Another thing I like, included in the box, is a very long USB-C cable I still haven’t unpacked it So you can run it as you wish to fit your house Lastly Who is Pixel Stand suitable for? Honestly I bought this because I got my phone wet I had to charge it. The USB-C port was wet. So, ok, I rushed to order it. I rushed to try it. Boom. Day one, fast-charged. But then again I think the Pixel Stand is for people who work a desk job, or people who work at a desk It’s such a nice flow. Say You get to your desk. Open up your laptop. Dock your phone to keep it juiced up. Oh! You couldn’t see that. Boom. Your phone stays juiced and shows you slideshows, and notifications. At a glance And, also You can set it to automatically turn on Do Not Disturb mode when docked Which is super convenient No need to swipe the control center up and down Also, I can choose to have it on Always On Display when docked or the other way around. And auto dims the screen when ambient light is dark. Like, when you’re going to bed You probably don’t want the screen burning your eyes all night It knows when it’s dark It will turn off the screen And that’s been my review of Pixel Stand I’ve been using it for a long time Sorry this review is a bit late. I wanted to give it time so that I can make high quality reviews I’m not the type of Youtubers who just unbox and read off the spec sheet I ain’t doing it for the views, boy! Thank you for watching! Like and/or subscribe if you want to. It’s optional.

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