ISO 100 in winter?! * Leica + GoPro POV landscape + street photography

I can’t even breathe before I go up
these stairs! I can do this! Yeah, I can do this! Oh God! [groans] Hi guys! I’ve been meaning to start a
vlog up on the mountain and I think I finally managed! So, today I was actually
trying to finish all the rolls that I have been developing. I only have two more
rolls to develop and then I’m finally done! So, I’m almost done with all my
rolls, but today it was finally a bit sunny, so I decided to actually go out
instead of developing more! And yeah, shooting more when I’m supposed to be
finishing is a bit crazy? I’m almost done, but yeah, I just wanted
to get outside! The weather forecast said that it would be raining for the next
ten days or something like that, so I just needed to use this opportunity!
It smells like autumn, it’s very foresty up here already and
it feels good to be outside and near woods and trees and all that,
I’m happy! I feel some drops! Oh no! I think it might
be starting to rain! Oh God! But it’s actually sunny, so I don’t know
what this is! Okay, I think I’m going to go a bit further and see whether I can
find some pictures! There I am again! There is not much happening photo-wise,
but I’ve been walking around and it’s very nice and it smells so much of autumn and
of wet forest and I love it! I also managed to avoid most of the mud
I think! I think I know the area well enough now that I can find my way around all
the slippery bits! So, trying to stay safe, you know, in the mountains when it’s
been raining! Always a bit, you know, dangerous, a little! But I am doing
my best here to stay safe! And now I just wanted to take a look at my favourite
cliff! Nice no? Since its autumn it’s getting
already quite dark at this hour and I’m probably gonna head back. It was only
supposed to be a short walk and I wasn’t really expecting to take many pictures
or do much at all! I just wanted to get outside before it
starts to rain again! In winter it’s always very, very rainy here and the
weather forecast has been dismal, so I’m glad that there was at least one day
when I could have go outside! I feel myself relaxing whenever I’m up here, I
can breathe a little easier with the forest and all. I’m a forest person! So
yeah, I’m gonna go back now and then maybe edit some more pictures perhaps,
because I still need to do some 3 rolls of the tank I developed yesterday
and then I have one more tank to develop and edit those and then I’m done! I’m so
excited! It’s been a long long time since I’ve been actually up-to-date! I actually
checked the date the other day! The last time I remember actually being up-to-date was sometime at the beginning of 2017? So it’s almost the end of an era!
It’s gonna be very interesting, I’m not even sure yet what I’m gonna do with my
life! So yeah, I’m gonna go back now, see you later! Hey guys! I’m out here to finish a roll
that I have in here! And I made the mistake a
few weeks ago to load my Leica with ISO 100 film and it’s winter, so that’s not
particularly useful! And now I’m trying to finish the roll and the light is
already going, so a bit of a problem! But I will try to finish it now somehow. I’ll try to figure something out! OK, talk to you later! Hi guys! the other day I actually managed
to finish the roll that I was shooting! And I was shooting that roll for quite a
while, like several weeks if not even months! So, the problem was that I loaded
ISO 100 film into my Leica in autumn and the autumn here is very rainy and dark
so every time I wanted to go out and shoot with the Leica there was a
film in there that was of very little use to me! In the end I just had to make
an effort to get it out of there, because we wanted to go on a trip and I wanted
to have the Leica free for some faster film Of course you can shoot ISO 100
film if you’re shooting one of these lenses It’s a Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f/1.1 lens, which means
that it’s very fast, but yeah even at f/1.1 there are limits to that!
At least if you don’t want to shoot with a tripod, right? Also to be honest after
developing all that film I needed a break and I didn’t really shoot all that
much because I didn’t want to develop more! But yeah now I’ve shot a few rolls
and I have more stuff to develop! Not too bad, maybe 5 more rolls or something like that? So I can manage. I think I can survive! Yeah but this is the problem with shooting film. You have
to develop it too and it takes time and it’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it for
the way it looks! But I’m really happy that I’m now up-to-date! I don’t really
have any more rolls to develop, I have to collect rolls to finish up tanks so that
I don’t waste my time and all of that! It’s quite amazing! A
totally different way of working! [laughs] and I don’t dread the mountain of rolls
that I have to develop ,which is a good feeling. Now I just have to be careful
not to collect another mountain of rolls to develop. So I have to keep up-to-date
really! But I think now I can manage! So, yes, I’m still very happy about having
finished this huge backlog. I think in total I edited about 150 rolls of film
last year and I developed another … at least 50 so that was a lot! Now this year I will see how much I shoot and whether I get to develop as much! We’ll see! So I
was in a bit of a rush when I was out shooting, because it was getting a bit
late and it was already getting dark, but in the end I managed to finish the roll
and I’m quite happy with what I got in the end. And this place is a very small
town so shooting Street can be a bit mmmmh?! But I quite liked some of the pictures I
took so that’s great! and maybe you liked them too! Well if you enjoyed this video then please leave a like and subscribe if you haven’t done
so already! It really helps out my channel so I would appreciate it! And of
course you can expect more videos like this one, so if you enjoyed this then
consider sticking around! I would be happy to have you here! Well, I hope to
see you soon for another video ! Bye! I only have two more rolls to d-d-develop. D-d-develop?! (I used to stutter …) I’ve been meaning … [Bird screeches obnoxiously] [tiny sobs:] I can’t do this one-handed …!

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  1. Once I began the digital age 17 years ago I think its been? With my Polaroid 5 megapixel camera I was never turning back to film again. Wish I kept it, became interested in my future wife in Ecuador with it back then. But with all you millennials and generation z just going nuts for film it warms my heart to see it instead of cell phones when I'm street walking. I always like to ask why, and they tell me it's something simpler in a complicated world.

  2. I myself never use any film higher than ISO 100 and I often pull that down to 50 or 25 and I have gone lower… I like slow film ๐Ÿ™‚

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