James Catches the Tooth Fairy (on Camera)

It was stinging me, and it was like, hurting
a lot. I’m gonna give you this, this is an ice cube. What for, dad? In case it hurts? In case it does hurt. Pull it forward. It’s like a light switch, if you turn it all
the way off, it’ll come out. Just pull it down and forward. Is that my tooth? That is your tooth, James. Dada! Mommy, I lost my tooth! How many inches is that? Is that one inch? I like my tooth gone. Yeah? Do you think they’ll be very impressed? Do you think when I first say something, they’ll
be like “James, where is your tooth?” [Laughs]
I think the tooth fairy will come and I think she’ll give me something. I’m not exactly sure. How do you call the Tooth Fairy? You just have to say it out loud. Why? Because the Tooth Fairy has very, very, very
many helpers. Birds, little bugs, moths and butterflies. Just one of them needs to hear it. Do you want to be the one who tells her? Mmmhmmm – can I go do it now? Sure. What do I say? Okay, don’t drop it, okay? Can you hold it? I’ll hold it then. Tooth Fairy, I lost my tooth. and I’m five.
and my name is James. So… the Tooth Fairy’s coming ’cause I lost
a tooth. and a camera’s going to be here
here and always right here Nice. And we’re goign to try to catch the tooth
Fairy on cameras. And I’m putting my tooth in here. It’s a crystal holder. Is this a real crystal? Wanna see how you open it? You see this dot right here, Dada? I have a Crystal Holder! You tired? There’s James sleeping
Why is James sleeping? Hush… Do you hear something? Yeah, oh there, look at that! Dad look at her! Dad! That’s her. Did you hear the bell? Bell? Oh my gosh, James! We caught the Tooth Fairy!

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