Just a Dad with a Camera

[Brent] She is gonna be so excited for her
party today. I cannot wait to see the look on her face Everybody’s gonna be here at
10:30. Your mom is making the cake. It blows my mind that time has gone by so fast that now my little baby is three years old. [Natasya] I know. [Brent] You ready to go wake her up? [Natasya] Yeah. [Brent] All right, let’s go do this. [Natasya] Happy birthday! [Brent] My girl is three! [Natasya] You’re three years old, happy birthday!
[Brent] Hi big girl. What’s important to me?
At the end of the day what really matters, that’s easy, I guess. It’s my family and it’s
the time that I have with them. The tough part is holding onto that time. If there’s one constant, it’s change. And that’s never more apparent than when you watch your children
grow up. Fortunately, we’re given this gift of technology of photography and video. [Natasya] Okay, flip it, okay. Pictures help us reconnect and crystallize moments in our lives. I find that I bond with my children more when I can look at them over and over again, memorizing their face and their smile and all the little pieces of their
character. My family inspires me to capture as many moments of their lives as I can. The
extraordinary and the ordinary, the momentous and the mundane. Because not every day is a party, not every day is a photo shoot. It’s the little things, it’s a look, or a mood,
ice cream dripping down their face. The things that you don’t plan, seem to be the most magical. And to anyone else, these pics may not mean a whole lot, but to my wife and I, they mean everything. My mother was my family’s historian when I was a kid. She captured every important and not so important moments in our lives. I cherish the photos she took, that she collected, and she organized. When she died, I was 20 but not before leaving behind this gift. I
guess in my own way, I’m honoring and continuing my mother’s legacy of documenting and preserving
my family’s history. [Voiceover] Are you ready to sing happy birthday?
♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ [Brent] I think that documenting my family
will be one of the most important things I do in my life. ♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ And I hope one day my children will
carry on this legacy because it’s our lives, it’s our connections. The generations before
us, [Grandmother] It’s a necklace. And the ones to come. I’m Brent Gilmore, and I’m not a photographer. I’m a dad with a camera, who loves capturing the most important, the most interesting, and the most beautiful people in my life. My family.

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  1. Such sn inspiring movie!!! Great work SmugMug and even greater work from Brent. Thanks for sharing your memories with the world Brent.

  2. I alway carry a camera to all of my kids games (basketball,soccer,volleyball), most of the time I serve as the team photo/video grapher. Everytime I am asked if I shoot for a living, I always reply "I'm just a dad with a camera".   I love  the video.

  3. great post and film Brent. As a Father and Grandfather who caught the same bug you have from my Dad keep up the good work.

  4. Nice piece! I am 60 and have been shooting either for my profession or myself for almost 50 years. I have thousands of pictures of my children who are grown now, much of that is on Kodachrome or B&W negs and prints. Now I have 18 grandchildren so am busy shooting them but digitally. When my dad died at age 93 I kept all his work and much of his father's from the turn of the last century.

    I wish more parents would think to document the daily lives of their kids. Smart phones are ok but I'm a big believer in cameras with a bit more capability. Funny thing is out of my 5 children and 3 step children none are interested much in taking pictures so maybe I just inherited it from my father and his dad.

  5. just luv this bro.. tears come to my eyes. in proud of ur line ' m nt a photographer , m a dad with a camera… capturing most beautiful people my family"

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