JVC Everio Camcorders With Wi-Fi

Everio with Wi-Fi. See what’s possible. Camera
images from Everio can be transmitted using Wi-Fi. You can monitor them on your smartphone,
tablet or PC. Keep an eye on your loved ones. Monitoring through the internet is also possible
while you’re away. When movement is detected Everio automtically takes a still image and
sends it off as an email using Wi-Fi, straight from the camera. Stay updated on your children.
Choose different locations for your style of observation. With the video email mode
you can record a 15-second video clip and have it directly emailed via Wi-Fi. Keep in
touch with people who are far away. Send up to eight recipients simultaneously. With your
smartphone’s GPS, location data can be embedded when recording. You can easily revisit your
memories with Google Earth when viewing on a PC. Everio recorded data can be sent to
a smartphone via Wi-Fi. Then upload to your favorite site right away. You can also operate
Everio remotely.

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  2. Any tips on avoiding the glitches that appear during motion (especially panning) shots upon uploading to youtube? I have tried every compression setting in the book and unless I convert my 1080p videos to 720p and display them at Full quality, Full-screen and wait for them to fully load these motion problems occur. I have seen this on other people's JVC HD footage as well.

  3. i would concentrate on the picture quality first and close an eye for all the other features !! coz what do i do with WI FI if the picture quality sucks !!

  4. When connected to Wifi, does it connect to my router's wifi or does the camera makes its own connection? what is the range? I'm planning on mounting a camcorder to a gocart and remotely view it at the same time record it. if it relies on my own wifi, i can supply it with good enough signal for the distance i'm using it for. Is there any latency from the remote view of your iphone/ipad/computer view?

    thank you,

  5. Great camera … words like network settings change from camera to cell phone which makes it all confusing ..unless your a nerd!

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