Karl Taylor’s FREE Photography Course (NEW for 2020)

This week we celebrate 12 years in the
photography education business so I’ve decided to give something back! Welcome
to our new and totally FREE photography course so to celebrate 12 years in
education and over 20 years in professional photography. We’ve
completely refilmed and remastered our ‘Introduction to Photography’ course. It
includes great new chapters, new photography examples with clear
explanations, graphics and information. This course was the benchmark for
learning photography 12 years ago and now I’ve made it even better and
it’s totally FREE. There’s no signup required for you to watch the course.
There are 10 solid chapters, with tons of extra information on each page and
you can watch them all right away. All you have to do is click Play. This is a
thorough and in-depth course for anyone new to photography, or anyone wanting to
brush up on their skills.This course is far more advanced and in-depth than any
other starter course out there and it’s totally FREE. So if you want to brush up
your skills or you have friends starting out in photography then the link is
below or you just need to head to KarlTaylorEducation.com/Free-Photography-Course
The course is broken down into easy-to-understand
sections that are designed around my tried and tested 6 essentials to
understanding photography and I teach you how to easily master your camera in
manual mode and produce great results with any camera. I have in-depth
explanations on exposure and the basics on items such as focus but also covering
in-depth techniques for long exposures, panning, landscapes, portraits, color
balance, fast and slow shutter speeds, as well as great examples for understanding
depth of field, apertures, understanding light and how to put all of these things
into practice with a number of great real-world
examples to help you shoot better pictures. I also show you the
fundamentals of how DSLRs and mirrorless cameras work and we even take a look at
various camera formats and their capabilities. Lenses are also covered
with great explanations and I explain file formats including raw versus JPEG
and we look at megapixels, camera formats and ISO. Another great new chapter is
composition where I demonstrate a variety of compositional theories and I
give you my thoughts as a professional photographer on which of these are best
to use. We’ve also created a 90-page eBook to accompany the course and that’s
FREE to you just need to join our mailing list if you want that eBook but
you don’t need to join our mailing list to watch the course you can do that
right away without any restrictions or any advertising. Now the accompanying
eBook is incredible. It’s an in-depth standalone guide that’s 90 pages long
and is packed with great illustrations and diagrams and we’ve added a section
of useful highlights that you can print out and put in your camera bag. I’m sure
a few of you are asking ‘Well what’s the catch, why would you give away something
so awesome for free?’ and it’s a good question so here’s the answer… we’ve done
it for several reasons. The first is simply to celebrate 12 years of
providing the very best photography education and we decided it would be
great to give something back. The second thing is we believe it’s good for
business. It lets people see what we’re about and what it’s like to learn with
Karl Taylor Education and to experience the quality of what we produce and how
we make learning simple by combining the most valuable information with great
entertainment. Finally, we thought that this would be good for the industry
and the art of photography as a whole. Recently we’ve been seeing and hearing
endless stories about slowing camera sales, a lack of interest in the subject,
or people just not engaging with photography as much as they
used to. So we thought what better way to help people develop their passion for
photography than giving them those key skills and setting them on the right
path to success after all if we can keep people’s passion for photography alive
then it’s better for the camera manufacturers, it’s better for the
associated photography brands and it’s better for us too. So I really hope you
enjoy the free course, the team and I have put a lot of work into it and we
made it for you and we’re sure you’re going to love it. So please share this
video and tell your friends so everyone can discover this new free course and
enjoy it too. you

37 Replies to “Karl Taylor’s FREE Photography Course (NEW for 2020)”

  1. thx Karl ! if you have time more about, temperatures of light(natural ,flash, continuous light ,when and why for food( raw meet ,portret,products , cri light quality,infrared light ,mpx of lens vs mpx of cameras, contamination of colors

  2. Hello There… OMG this is amazing!… but I'm still looking for the mailing list option… haven't seen it… any help to get it? thank you very very much.

  3. Absolutely a smart business move, watch the sign ups for Karl Taylor education increase dramatically. Well done Sir!

    I've been around 45 years and your program is the best that I have ever seen and the easiest to follow wIth proper explanations, I for one have already learnt new things I was not aware of. I especially enjoy your talks with other photographers from around the world. You have been able to bring out much knowledge by doing this and exposure for these photographers. Its my guess that some books have increased in sales eh! I bought one so far. Loved watching Tommy Oldman Thanks you and continued success. From Canada Merci!

  4. Hi Karl i have signed to the mailing list but i didn't get the ebook, i am waiting about half hour now. btw great videos as always

  5. Namaste 🙏 & Thanks karl sir… you are doing a good job for our photography society…i m a small town photographer from india & we people don't afford big institutions 😔 for photography education…so i hope your free course was really help me to improve my photography skills in future…god bless & thank you once again 🙏🙂🙏

  6. Hi guys, the link to the course is below this video. Please watch the chapters in the correct order 1 to 10 and you will get so much more out of the course. The e-book is a supplementary guide but the main substance and best learning opportunity is from watching the videos and putting into practise what you see. Enjoy and PLEASE SHARE!

  7. Congratulations Karl and thank you very much for the decision to give such a wonderful course for free. You are an amazing photographer and an exceptional teacher and I am sure that anyone who will take the course will second that enthusiastically!

  8. That's how I first got to know about Karl Taylor. Years back the free course. Also on a Dutch forum I would send all the newbies to their first, because it was such a well put together comprehensive basis to start your photography from. Great stuff bringing that back! Cheers for that!

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