I passed my certified cowboy test hello hello everybody it’s hard to
believe well it’s hard to believe for me that it’s been one year now since I was
last in Tonquin Valley here in Jasper National Park this is my fourth trip
into Tonquin Valley and on this trip
this is a workshop that I put together so I have six other clients with me
three of them have decided to take horses into the lodge and the other four
have decided to hike the 23 kilometres in with me
and I’ve got to say the hike in is just absolutely stunning right now the
weather is perfect it’s quite cool out and the weather is quite variable so
moment it will be sunny and then we might get a little bit of hail or drizzle the
only thing that’s a bit of a pain with hiking in is that the trail is extremely
muddy so it’s a bit of a quagmire of mud but other than that it’s absolutely
gorgeous the the autumn color in here with the peaks behind me is just just
fantastic so I’m really looking forward to getting into Tonquin Valley we are
forecast to have 10 centimetres or more of snow and then perhaps some clearing
after so it could be a bust or it could be a really good trip anyway so far it’s
it’s been really quite something we have about a eight or so six kilometers
left to go and then it’s coffee and cake time so I’m looking forward to that all
right onward all right so this is our first day in
Tonquin Valley for real every seems to be rested up and we’ve come out to this
little pond here which I I came to last year and it has some beautiful golden
sedges along the edge of the of the pond with these reeds and then when it’s clear
out you get a great view of the ramparts which is kind of the predominant feature
of this area but as you can see unfortunately there isn’t any mountain
to be seen this morning so everybody’s been concentrating on kind of the the
edge of the little lake here and the fog in the trees but you know without
without a little bit of light or something a little bit more interesting
it’s it’s a bit of a challenge we’re gonna hang out here everybody is pretty
optimistic so that’s a good thing hang out here for a little bit longer
and hopefully the mountain will show day three of our Tonquin valley
adventure and as you can see the weather has imp not improved we got the got the snow
that we desired more than we desired but we haven’t got the light that we were
hoping for so we still have a day or so left so there’s still hope behind me
here believe it or not there’s some pretty majestic looking Peaks but of
course you can’t see them today so you’ll just have to take my word for
that everybody seems to be in pretty high spirits so that’s good for me and
fingers crossed for good light this afternoon the conditions are just
absolutely fantastic it’s just a matter of waiting for the light and that’s one
of the things about landscape photography I mean it’s this past three
or four weeks I’ve I’ve been on several trips and the light has not been
friendly to me at all except for the the Bugaboos so that’s one of the things
about landscape photography you need an awful lot of patience to get the shots
that you want but with enough patience eventually you will get the images that
you’re looking for so just going to wander around the area see if we can
find some more compositions and then hopefully we’ll get the light that we
want all right the conditions are absolutely fantastic
so just going in to have a little bit of lunch with a group that I’m with and the
Sun is trying to come out now and it’s trying to clear and you can see the
ramparts so with all this snow it really is quite beautiful it’s kind of what I
was hoping for hopefully hopefully hopefully we’ll get some nice evening
light and if we do then perhaps I can go over a composition or two with you
guys and kind of give you an idea of what I’m thinking but of course the you
know the group kind of comes first anyway
onward to a good hearty lunch I hope right okay so this pond is quite exceptional
because we get a great 300 more or less 360 degree view of all the mountains
around the whole area so it’s a great place to come early in the morning or
late in the afternoon so it’s getting later in the afternoon and the
conditions have really improved considerably and we’re just waiting for
the light to more or less hit this peak it keeps hitting parts of it but not the
whole whole peak and it’s quite beautiful because we have these grasses
down in the foreground here and this little snow kind of peninsula so I’ve
got that in the foreground with the grasses and then my tripod is kind of
precariously it’s quite wobbly here have to be quite careful but I’ve managed
to get it high enough so I can just get a reflection of the tip of the peak in
here so it’s just an absolutely spectacular scene just a matter of
waiting for a little bit of the light to kind of you know give it a bit of depth
and a make it a bit more exciting the blue sky really helps a lot
gives the the sky and the reflection a lot of texture and color so everybody’s
kind of spread out around the lake here and I think everybody’s pretty happy with
the conditions seeing as we’ve been waiting for a little while now so we’re out here on the on the third
morning and had a lot of fog well it was quite clear last night where we have
a lot of fog and it’s quite cold this morning and the fog is slowly lifting
and it’s just absolutely incredible the if you can see this but the ramparts are
just revealing themselves now we don’t have Alpine glow but it’s still
spectacular and then the the grass is here are rimmed with frost and then we
kind of have to be careful that we don’t um you know kind of put footprints in
these they say like the little snow hummocks I guess you would call them
they make a really nice foreground but yeah it’s absolutely just beautiful just
beautiful and then you can just see the fog just kind of rising over the back
here so I just have these snow hummocks in the foreground here and then you have
the frosty grasses and of course the ramparts in the background okay move that camera to the right a
little bit and that one to the left a little bit that’s good
composition looks good okay I I’m sad to say that this is our last day in Tonquin
and as usual it’s been a really great trip the weather wasn’t so great when
we first started but as the as the weeks gone on the weather seems to get better and
better we just get these fantastic conditions lots of clouds but a bit of
Sun coming through and of course the Sun I mean the snow and the trees is just
just fantastic I mean behind me here it’s just just lovely so we’ve got a bit
of a hike going back it’s 20 23 kilometers but there’s not an awful lot
of elevation gain so it’s just a long a long a long haul there’s three of us or
four of us hiking out as we hiked in and three people are taking a horse back but
it yeah it’s hard not to stop and want to take photographs every couple of
minutes right I’m just gonna keep plodding along and I think the hike
takes about five hours I think actually took us six hours to to get to get into
Tonquin so probably about the same getting out alright you

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  13. A big thanks go out to Guy Raymond, Norm Kanwisher, Francis Roy-Moreau, Doug Varvil, Robert DeRepentigny and Raymond Page (Raymondo) a great group of guys that made the trip possible. If anyone is interested in joining me for next years September 2019 workshop please visit for details and prices.

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